Supporting Your Leo Child

Who is a Leo Child? A “Leo child” is considered to be anyone with their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign (Ascendant) in Leo, or if multiple planets (3 or more) are in the sign of Leo.


Your Leo Child


Leo ChildIf you are the parent or guardian of a Leo child, you probably already know how warm and full of life they are. 


Leo is the Zodiac sign that is ruled by the Sun, giving Leo children an exceptionally warm demeanor and ability to light up a room simply by being present.


The Sun has the ability to keep our entire solar system together and nurture everything on our planet through its warmth…


And with some encouragement and awareness, so can your Leo child!


Leo – Key Attributes


Leo children are known for their innate love of performance, the arts, and creative play. They are often extremely artful and love to have an audience. 


They are also known for their natural qualities of warmth, generosity, and ownership. As with all Zodiac signs, there are certain qualities you’ll want to encourage, and others that you will need to support them on. 


Key Challenges for Leo Children


With Leo children, they may have a strong sense of ownership over what they have, so it’s important to remind them to be generous and use their greatness to support the community, not just themselves. 


Cultivating an awareness around how your child positively contributes to their community or environment is a great way to prevent them from developing any selfish behavior while showing them how amazing it can feel to contribute to something larger than themselves. 


In order for them to be successful at this, it’s extremely important that Leo children develop something called Object Constancy, which is a healthy concept of self and the feeling that they are safe to be and share themselves with the world.


As a parent, you can encourage this in your child by making your child feel seen and understanding that their ability to be warm and generous is directly tied to their ability to love themselves.


Parent of a Leo Child

How To Support Your Leo Child


If your child is struggling with this, encourage them to look at themselves in the mirror and say positive things about themselves so they recognize the bright light within them. Be sure to stand there with them to model this behavior.


“Teach them how to recognize in themselves what it is they’re really looking for.”

– Astrologer, Herbalist & Collumnist for Yoga Journal, Cameron Allen


By being able to recognize their own light, you can begin to avoid what is sometimes referred to as “Bottomless Pit Syndrome”, where you may feel like your child needs more attention than you’re able to give.


If this sounds like your child, it’s important to release any judgment you may have towards yourself for not being able to give enough attention to your child. This is very common in Leo children and does not mean you aren’t doing enough.

Leo Child Personality


It will benefit both you and your child to learn to set loving boundaries. You will be doing a disservice to your child by letting them believe they can get attention whenever they want or need it. 


Try talking through it with them. “I see that you really want my attention right now, but I can’t give it to you because I’m cooking dinner.”


If they are acting out in order to get attention, it’s important to be direct and teach them the difference between being seen and getting attention. Let them know that you see them and their need for attention, but teach them alternate and more appropriate ways to go about getting it. 


Cultivating these kinds of boundaries is a process that happens over time, and will help your child grow into a confident and self-reliant adult.


In order for your child to feel secure in their ability to get attention, consider scheduling a dedicated time where you are entirely focused on them. 


“Even if you cannot give as much as your child is asking, it’s about the quality of what you’re giving.”

-Ana Zaharia, Chief Creative Officer of Astrology Hub & Host of Seeds of Light


This should be a time where you are just offering your presence as they are doing whatever they want to be witnessed doing and felt loved for doing. This can be watching and recording them doing a performance, simply watching them play, letting them tell you a story, or whatever it is they want your attention on. 


And lastly, eye contact is important for Leo children. Ultimately, they want to be seen and acknowledged for who they are. Making a point to give them eye contact when you speak to them fulfills this need and shows them that being seen and seeking attention are two different things. 


We all want to be seen, and recognizing this within yourself as a parent will help you identify with your child while helping them recognize their own warmth and special talent.


After all, a Leo child’s ability to be warm, generous, and contribute positively to their larger community is directly related to their ability to love themselves and bring that forth into the world. 


As a parent to a Leo child, you have an important role in helping them recognize their own light, which in turn, helps them encourage others to do the same. 


So if you’re raising Leo Child…


  • Recognize they will likely need a lot of attention, but learn to set healthy boundaries and expectations around this. 


  • Encourage them to be creative and unique. Be their audience and reflect just how amazing they are back to them. 


  • Remember to remind them that since they are so amazing, they should use that greatness to contribute to their community in some positive way


  • Encourage them to recognize their own light to build their confidence to avoid the need for external validation. Consider affirmations in the mirror and teach them healthy ways to seek attention.


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This article was written by Astrology Hub's resident Shadow Fairy, Laura Orcutt.

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