Gifts From Venus Coming Your Way

Cosmic Insider | Gifts From Venus Coming Your Way



While the hustle and bustle in the sky isn’t slowing down anytime soon, the upcoming energy comes with a refreshing assignment….


Devote yourself to what feels fun and follow the path of joy and excitement!


And this week, Astrologer Gemini Brett joined me on the Weekly Weather to share his poetic insights on how you can integrate those cosmic offerings in the days ahead.


As the Sun shifts from the sign of Leo into Virgo, Brett says there is wisdom in listening to the messages of both signs on either side of the neighboring wall (in this case it would be taking the energy of Leo, into the lessons of Virgo, so you can express in a Libra way).


I was able to teach this concept to my daughter, who was disappointed she didn’t get selected for an upcoming dance performance… “I just want to be on stage,” she said! This is Leo energy speaking…


I told her to integrate that desire with Virgo energy… “Focus on practicing your craft and honing your skills everyday…


And soon you’ll be creating art and beauty!” (qualities Libra energy values highly!)


Remember that you are a divine being meant to shine your light AND that nothing comes without work or dedication. After all, “practice makes purrrfect”.


Here are some additional tips from Brett to work with the energy of the days ahead…


🌾 Monday: Welcome to Virgo season.

The week kicks off with the Sun shifting into the sign of Virgo. Brett’s advice as you enter Virgo season is to put time in your daily calendar to PLAY. 


🖼️ Tuesday: Keep the dream alive. 

A mystic rectangle crosses between the visible and the invisible and offers you the opportunity to keep your dream alive. This is a reminder to keep the faith.


🌀 Wednesday: Go back to the future.

This is a big day as Uranus stations retrograde (until January of 2023) bringing up any unfinished business. You may feel the tension between a vision for a new world and the reluctance to leave the old one. 


💃 Thursday: Dance on your own stage.

Mercury enters the sign of Libra and can help you start actualizing and sharing your art. And Venus square the Lunar Nodes says that if you can’t dance on stage then dance for the stars. You don’t need permission to express yourself.


🎨 Friday: Release & create.

Friday is Venus’s day and “there’s a lot of Venus going down”. As she squares Uranus and makes an aspect to Neptune, this could be an opportunity for your artistic spirit to play through the collective hurts and steer yourself into a place of creation.


🌅 Saturday: Rise before the Sun & shine.

The New Moon in Virgo asks you to consider: Who is your chosen family? Where do you feel free? Who do you want to share your creations with? And as Venus goes “under the beams” of the Sun, Brett strongly encourages you to wake up before sunrise today so you can see Venus and receive her light and guidance.


🧱 Sunday: Building new foundations for living love in your life.

Venus opposes Saturn and reminds you that it takes courage to share your creations with the world but when you feel safe and seen, you can flourish. What are the community structures you want to build that allow you to build a joyful life?


If you want to hear more of Brett’s guidance (and Gemini wordplay) then be sure to check out the full episode.


And as we move into this week full of Venusian gifts, remember his beautiful advice…


“We will change this world if we choose to follow our joy.”


With love,



P.S. This week, I also had the chance to chat with Adam Gainsburg and Katherine Zorensky about The Truth about Tantra, Desire & Astrology.

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