Incremental Steps Forward in Your Evolution

Cosmic Insider | Incremental Steps Forward in Your Evolution



After last week’s potent Full Moon in Aquarius, we have a lot of powerful energy moving us forward.


And this week, Astrologer Michelle Dench joined me on the Weekly Weather to share the profound ways you can be integrating and stepping into alignment in the coming days.


Michelle says, “This whole week will contain so many different moments of challenge, tenderness, growth, waking and stretching yourself to be more of who you are.”


She added that you may feel like you’re taking 2 steps forward and 4 steps back, but to keep in mind that this is necessary “course correction.” Any backward movement is designed to help you make an evolutionary leap in the direction you want to go.


Here are some additional tips from Michelle to work with the energy of the days ahead…


💪 Tuesday: Have courage & face what comes up. 

The Moon moves into the late degrees of Aries, conjoins Eris, and then squares Pluto. This can be intense energy that brings things up to the surface but there is an opportunity for courage and healing. Take pauses when you need to.


❤️ Wednesday: Rest & Take care.

This is a break from the intense energy earlier in the week so take care of yourself and rest. Try Michelle’s practice of imagining that there is a cave inside your heart filled with peace, safety, and a warm glow emanating from the center. Remember your deepest self from the inside.


🚪 Thursday: Show up & grow.

The Moon conjuncts the North Node, allowing you to align your will with divine will. The Moon will also square Saturn which may have you facing the things that hold you back. If you feel stuck, look at what you are doing behind closed doors, where you don’t feel seen or connected. Ask yourself where those habits are coming from.


🌬️ Friday: Ride the winds of change.

The Moon conjoins Mars at the last degree of Taurus then moves into Gemini giving you the first indication of the change that Mars in Gemini will bring. This could feel like a breath of fresh air, with new ideas and fresh insight that comes in.


🤫 Saturday: Turn down the noise & take things day by day.

Mars moves into Gemini marking the beginning of your path in the long journey that Mars will have in the sign. Remember that everything can’t be done in one day. Tone down the noise and pay attention to the tone of your thoughts.


🤝 Sunday: Find cooperation & call in support.

Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune inviting a push and pull between what your mind thinks you need to do right now and what your divine will calls for. Find the place between surrender and resistance and call in the friends and networks that support your evolution.


It was such a joy to receive Michelle’s deep well of wisdom and experience in her reading of the week ahead and I highly encourage you to check out the full episode.


Michelle said that the week ends with the Moon moving into Cancer and gave a beautiful reminder for us to hold… 


It doesn’t hurt anyone for you to love a little bit more. Connect to what is tender.


With love,



P.S. We got a LOT of positive feedback from last week’s Cosmic Insider which went through the energies of each day of the week, so we’re trying that again! But we’d love to hear from you… 

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