“Conflict brings out strength.

– Rick Levine, The Cosmic Connection



This month we’re invited to dance with some extremely polarizing energy.


On the Cosmic Connection, Rick emphasized 2021's theme of conflict between the old and the new, thanks to the second Saturn Uranus Square of 2021…


Christopher Renstrom highlighted the Mars Pluto opposition which brings irreconcilable differences to the foreground…


Barbara Hand Clow emphasized the “elephant in the room”, Neptune in Pisces, adding some confusion, delusion, saviors and martyrs to the party…


And yet, while potentially tense and disorienting, both Rick and Barbara emphasized that there is an opportunity to find new ways to cure old wounds during this time.


It's been fascinating to see how these energies have played out in our own community.


While all of the astrologers look up at the same sky, and often emphasize the same configurations, they all come from different points of view.


They have different backgrounds and belief systems, they even use different types of astrology, but they ALL offer tangible and practical tools for you to engage with these energies.


At Astrology Hub, we're here to offer those varied perspectives – different ways of seeing things and different ways of interpreting and applying the astrology.


And it is our golden rule to allow you choice. Not to tell you which perspective is right or wrong, but to give you the choice of multiple perspectives so you can choose what resonates with you.


Not everyone agrees, our astrologers and audience members alike. We sometimes see it in the comments and the feedback we receive.


And you know what? That’s okay!


These conflicts, these opposites, these irreconcilable differences are all a part of the dance of the moment.


You're probably experiencing this clash of “irreconcilable differences” in your own life right now, but just remember what Rick so wisely stated…


Conflict has the opportunity to bring out your STRENGTH.  


So, here are some tools, offerings and guidance for navigating this potentially polarizing, triggering, and wondrously transformative time.


Choose only what resonates with you.


Sending my best,
CEO & Founder


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