COSMIC INSIDER: Eclipse Tips and More…

“The whole point of a lunar eclipse is to clear away the deadwood for the new life path that is either about to emerge or just emerging.

Christopher Renstrom, Horoscope Highlights



There’s a lot of action in the heavens this week…


Saturn went retrograde, Mercury is slowing down to turn retrograde, Venus will square Neptune and there’s a Full Moon Eclipse to top it all off.


Now, if you were to Google any of that, you would probably end up reading some things that stir up some fear and anxiety.


But we believe here at Astrology Hub, that these planetary transmissions are giving you information and it’s up to YOU to decide how to work with it.


In fact, in our latest episode of Frank Answers, Frank breaks down the empowering message of two planets that often cause trepidation and fear in folks: Pluto and Saturn.


So in the spirit of mindful co-creation with the cosmos, here are some tips for navigating this “loopy” time from some of our favorite astrologers!


In this week’s Horoscope Highlights, Christopher Renstrom advises that you…


  • Let things go if they aren’t working. If something is unraveling, this is the time to pull the plug. Conversely, if projects are making progress, double your efforts.


  • Apply Murphy’s Law to any and all things. Back up your computer, check the fine print, and keep your receipts. Mercury Retrograde is involved after all. Don’t be afraid, just be prepared.


  • Take everything with a grain of salt and, most importantly, keep your sense of humor handy.


On the Weekly Weather, Anne Ortelee says this is the time to…


  •  Turn on the music! Soothing yourself with the happy songs, the sad songs, and the songs that inspire you can help you work with this energy.  


  • Pause and listen in. You may discover things that make you want to take immediate action, but Anne recommends you sit down, relax, and think about what you want to do.


  • Release guilt for what isn’t yours, take responsibility for what is, and (this is key…) show yourself some loving kindness while you’re at it. 


Anne encourages you not to let the energy of this week push you around, but to let it wash over you like a wave.


May you stay grounded and find ease during this whirlwind time of “cray cray”.


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