COSMIC INSIDER: Eclipse + A “Loaded Sky”

I heard one of the best reframes of eclipse energy this week from our Inner Circle Guide, Cameron Allen, on our Inner Circle New Moon Forecast.


Eclipses have carried a foreboding energy in astrology for centuries. You’ll often hear people say eclipses are times to simply, “Close the shades and go inside”…


Essentially meaning, just hide until it’s over!


And while eclipses can be harbingers of great change, sudden perception shifts and endings…


What if “close the shades” is a reference to closing the lids of your eyes? And “go inside” means tuning into your inner guidance and wisdom? (thank you Cameron for this empowering perspective shift!) 


Many Astrologers say that during eclipses a portal is open and it’s easier for information from “beyond the veil” to stream into our consciousness…


And because of Mercury’s placement in the sky (Mercury Cazimi), this eclipse offers an especially potent possibility for revealing communication from beyond.


So tomorrow (June 10), Cameron is inviting you to spend some time in nature, close your eyes, tune into your heart, and open yourself up to the deep wisdom that is waiting for you in the silence. 


We’ll be doing this together during our New Moon Eclipse Ceremony in the Inner Circle tomorrow (we’d love for you to join us during this limited time open enrollment period!)


You can also tune into the Weekly Astrological Weather, Your Weekly Horoscope Highlights and our other shows to find out why this week is a particularly “loaded sky” astrologically speaking… filled with  “fated choice-points,” the potential for overwhelmrevelations and disillusionment, seemingly irreconcilable differences


And as always, guidance on how to work with it all! 


All my best to you,
CEO & Founder


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