Eclipse Season Pregame…

Cosmic Insider | Eclipse Season Pregame…


I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that big changes don’t usually happen overnight…


Usually, they happen incrementally, through a series of important moments, decision points, and forks in the road.


As Jamie Magee described it on the Weekly Weather, this is another week of standing between the old and new, and doing what you need to do to make that shift you’ve been dreaming of…


And the week is a bit of a “pregame” for the eclipse season we’re about to enter. Pay close attention to what comes up on Tuesday, especially, as Venus trines Pluto for the first time in Gemini and Aquarius.


Jamie said that Tuesday’s events are sort of like the first pitch in a baseball game. You may or may not be able to hit it, but if you observe it closely you’ll be able to identify the pitcher’s style, meaning you’ll be more ready for the next one.


And with Pluto’s long transit of Aquarius just beginning, that’s the kind of awareness that could really serve you in the future!


Here’s your day-to-day breakdown:


✨ Monday, April 10th: Lighten up!

Today, Venus moves from Taurus into Gemini, bringing much-needed fun and lightness to your social life and networks. Let yourself enjoy connecting with others for the next few weeks – you might just learn something! 


⚾ Tuesday, April 11th: The first pitch.

Venus trines Pluto for the first time since Pluto entered Aquarius, and you get a taste of what this long-term transit means for your love life. Take stock of your community and what you want to create. The Sun conjoins Jupiter in Aries bringing a dose of bold inspiration.


🪢 Wednesday, April 12th: Easy does it.

Communication gets tricky as Venus semisquares Chiron and everyone’s core wounds are activated. Be gentle with each other.


🌗 Thursday, April 13th: What’s left to release?

Third-quarter moons can bring some tension, and today’s is no exception. Think back to what happened at the Full Moon and consider what might be ready to be released, especially when it comes to relationships.


🔩 Friday, April 14th: Reality Check.

Venus squares Saturn while Saturn sextiles the North Node, and it’s time to get real. Balance light-heartedness with integrity and if you become aware of problems, don’t take them too personally.


😮‍💨Saturday, April 15th: Void of Course.

Today’s a good day to relax, putter, and process while the Sun semisextiles Neptune and the Moon is void-of-course for 8 hours. What is your dream and what are you willing to do to get there? You only need to know the first step.


🌀Sunday, April 16th: A little faster.

Today the energy picks up a little bit from yesterday, but it’s still time to relax. With the eclipse approaching, be sure you’re not taking on too much.


To learn more from Jamie about the week ahead, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


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If this week sometimes feels like playing with fire, then don’t forget to have fun! It’s all about getting you where you want to go.


Hold that vision in your mind, believe in yourself… and nothing can stop you.


With love,



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