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This is no ordinary week, and likewise our guest on the Weekly Weather is no ordinary astrologer!


Clarissa Dolphin practices harmonic astrology,  which is a fascinating branch of astrology that’s informed by quantum physics, music theory, and an awareness of multidimensionality.


She talks more about it in the episode, but we had plenty of ground to cover in the astrology of the week, too. I’m sure you already know why…


That’s right! It’s eclipse week!


A lot of astrologers, stretching back to ancient times, tend to offer fearful predictions around eclipses, but not Clarissa.


In fact, her take on the week’s energy was refreshingly optimistic, even joyous! To her, this eclipse could bring out the fruits of the last decade’s labor, new romantic beginnings with serious long-term potential, and a general encouragement to “delight in being alive.”


Raise your hand if you’re ready for that! 🙋‍♀️


Here’s the day-to-day breakdown, so you can make the most of this magical week:


🕺 Monday, April 17th: Live it up!

Today, Uranus conjoins the Sun-Venus midpoint, expanding opportunities for both business and fun in community! Try sound healing or energy healing today, or just dance around your kitchen with friends!


🌟 Tuesday, April 18th: Exquisite.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto on the 13th harmonic supports you expressing your uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to shine bright. The attention you attract could bring you luck!


🎁 Wednesday, April 19th: The Gift Eclipse.

Today’s solar eclipse has the potential to transform your day-to-day life. Resentment may come up around harm or ostracization you’ve experienced; it’s ok to feel this, and as you move through it you’ll begin to see the gift of what you’ve been through.


🔔 Thursday, April 20th: Trust your intuition.

Still reverberating from the eclipse, the Sun moves into Taurus and squares Pluto. Grounding the energy of yesterday, you continue to gain perspective on the past. The throughline is your own spiritual power.


🔍 Friday, April 21st: Catching up to yourself.

Mercury stations retrograde, opening a period of deep introspection. Take this time to reflect on what you’ve learned, what has changed and how you want to move forward when the time comes.


🌿Saturday, April 22nd: Slow down.

Today is quieter astrologically, which I’m sure will be a welcome shift after the last few days! Slow down, integrate, and be in nature if possible. Rather than trying to forge ahead now, let things come together naturally.


🙌Sunday, April 23rd: For the best.

Post-eclipse integration time continues. If you’re struggling with feelings of loss or resentment, know that whatever change is taking place, even if it’s not what you had in mind, is moving you further into alignment.


To learn more about harmonic astrology and Clarissa’s interpretations of the week, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


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One of my biggest takeaways from my conversation with Clarissa is how important perspective is when you’re moving through big, impactful energies.


You can never know all the potential outcomes of the major changes that take place in life. Sometimes, what feels like a loss or a struggle in one moment reveals itself to be a gift years later.


Let’s make ourselves available for joy this week. I think if we can, we’ll find that joy is always available to us, too. ☺️


With love,



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