Slow down and check in with yourself…

Cosmic Insider | Slow down and check in with yourself…


First and foremost, let’s celebrate!  🎉🎉🎉


You’ve officially reached the other side of all the powerful, intense shifts that took place in March! That’s something to be proud of, without a doubt.


This week on the Weekly Weather, Claire Moon advises taking the time to adjust to the new world around you as you plan your steps forward.


She says “this is not a simple, straightforward week,” but it’s also not exactly a week of setbacks, either.


Rather, you can think about the slowing down you might experience this week as a chance to check in with yourself and make sure that what you’re building in this new cycle is made to last.


Aries energy might be raring to move ahead, but Taurus and Virgo remind you that it’s worth slowing down to make sure you get it right.


Here’s the breakdown of the week’s energies:


🌸 Monday, April 3rd: Happy Accidents.

The Moon moves into Virgo and toward trines with Uranus and Venus. Disruptions may occur but don’t worry – it’s most likely that these unexpected energies are pointing you toward something sweeter in the long run.


😶‍🌫️ Tuesday, April 4th: Choose your words carefully.

The Moon opposes Neptune before moving into Libra, where it will square Mars in Cancer. Today is not the best day for a delicate discussion, as both of these influences can be confusing and less than direct.


🐢 Wednesday, April 5th: Pause before proceeding.

A Full Moon in Libra shines light on new opportunities, and you may find yourself wanting to speed ahead. However, especially in relationships, what you build will be more sustainable if you take the time to identify what you need in order to feel safe, and create those conditions first.


🧘 Thursday, April 6th: Keep calm & carry on.

Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow and links up with the North Node. Excessive worrying won’t help matters. Instead, pay attention to emerging storylines (especially in the Taurus part of your chart) with neutral curiosity.


🏄 Friday, April 7th: Thinking vs. Feeling

The Moon enters Scorpio and a mutually receptive trine with Mars, where it will also oppose Mercury and Venus. Ride out this emotional wave but stay aware of where your thoughts and feelings differ. Come back to the question “what do I need right now in order to feel secure?”


🍯Saturday, April 8th: A healing balm.

If the week’s astrology so far has you feeling frustrated, today’s opposition between the Moon and Venus offers a moment of soothing sweetness. Take the opportunity to perform some healing self-care.


🎯Sunday, April 9th: A burst of energy.

The Moon enters effervescent Sagittarius, where it’s free from the energy of Mars for the first time in 8 months! Enjoy this moment of bright, bold energy and let yourself fly free.


To hear more from Claire about navigating this complex week, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


Claire is also available for one-on-one readings on Astrologer Connect, where you can book a session with her to learn more about what’s emerging for you in this time of bold new beginnings!


The most important thing to remember this week is that real change takes time. March offered the beginning of something big, but now you can nurture that new vision with practicality.


Don’t lose sight of what you want – just make sure you’re building it to last.


With love,



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