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3:40 I Have Natal Venus Retrograde, and They Never Seem to Work in My Favor. What’s Happening!?
12:18 I Separated from my Husband Six Months Ago. Will I Meet Someone New, or Remain Single?
20:38 How Can You Use Astrology to Navigate a Mid-Life Crisis?
26:36 Should I Start a Spiritual Non-Profit?

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Amanda: We are live. I am so happy to be here with all of you. Super excited to be here with Joe G and Sheridan. Simple are two astrologers here who are going to be answering your questions. So normally when we do this show, we are, we’re, we’re centered around a specific theme. So we have like a topic like relationships or career or health or sole purpose.

Today we’re doing this special show right now and you can ask.

Anything. It’s like I was thinking, you know, Pictionary, that game, it’s an all play, like nothing’s off limits. It’s an all play throw in your questions. Make sure you put as much birth information as you’re comfortable putting with your question. Don’t like ask a question and then post your birth information like somewhere else, like, Have question and birth information in one spot so we can easily find it and, um, just ask away.

Someone was asking like, what, I need more coaching. I’m like, [00:01:00] what kind of a question? And I know it’s hard when we say like, you can literally ask anything, but see what other people are asking. We’re gonna start the show off with a question that was sent in. It’s a great question. So if you, if it will help you get ideas of what kind of questions you can ask too.

Okay. Couple things before we dive in. If you wanna submit a question for our consideration for the video component of this show, so we have like a a recorded video that people submit and then we play the video and we answer your question here live on the show. You can go to astrology, astrology

And send us a recording of your question. This could be video or just audio. So again, that’s astrology It’s totally free to do this. Send us a video recording or an audio recording.

Okay. If [00:02:00] you’re new here, welcome. We’re so happy that you’re here. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the like button to stay in the loop whenever we’re doing this weekly show. And I’m just gonna introduce you to Jo g and Sheridan. For those of you who don’t know them, they’re amazing astrologers and I’m gonna introduce them by reading.

Use something that one of their clients recently said. So, for Joe Astrologer, Joe G’s insightful, fun, and concise reading. Helped my husband plan his next song release and target audience strategy based on his Mars and 11th House astrology. Joe’s Infectious energy even early in the morning left us thrilled about future possibilities.

I mean, Seriously, Joe, people would pay serious money to choose release dates and identify their tar target audience. Like that’s so cool that you were able to help them with that, and I bet you were able to do that relatively quickly. Okay. Oh, that

Joe: was so much fun to do. I love questions like that.

Amanda: Great.

And astrology. So helpful [00:03:00] for things like that. Okay. And then for Sheridan Astrologer Sheridan provided the most valuable natal chart reading I’ve experienced. Elucidating chart placements and aligning them with my unique expression and soul’s purpose, her compassionate approach and thoughtful insights left me with a deep understanding of my astrological identity.

Again, another thing that people literally go through in their entire life, being like, who am I? What am I doing here? What is my unique gift? What am I supposed to be expressing? So Sheridan, Amazing. Thank you.

Sheridan: Those were my favorite questions. So I love that.


Amanda: you. Yes. So good. Okay.

“I Have Natal Venus Retrograde, and They Never Seem to Work in My Favor. What’s Happening!?”

Amanda: All right, so we are going to kick this off with our pre-submitted question, and this question is from Tina and she is wondering about Venus in retrograde. So it’s. Adorable. You’re gonna love it. Venus is going retrograde and I am really [00:04:00] nervous about it. I am a Leo son.

I have a natal Venus retrograde and Venus Retrogrades have never done me any favors. I have lost jobs. I have lost friends. I have regained friends only to lose them again. And let’s just say one of these venous retrogrades. I thought I was in love. I

Sheridan: was not.

Amanda: It was a poor choice. I really need to know what’s happening.

Is it a disaster?

We love you. This just awesome. But Keen’s had really bad experiences with venous retrograde, and Keena has venous retrograde in her chart. How does Keena start to turn the tides on these venous retrograde periods? I mean, they’re gonna happen. They’re gonna keep cycling around. How can Keena work with the energy in a more productive way?

Sheridan: I think Keen’s question is a great example of how we’re all so unique and different because like she said, she has venous retrograde on her chart. So generally when someone has venous retrograde, I. Venus Retrograde’s gonna feel good and be more of an expansive time, but [00:05:00] that’s obviously not Keenan’s experience at all.

So I think she does a great example of just showing how we’re all special snowflakes and we have our own special path. Right? So for me, looking at this Venus Retrograde, I think Keena that this is going to be a better one for you because. You’re in a Venus return right now, which happens like every eight years and you’re at the very end of the cycle cuz you’re in the retrograde.

But because of like how things have progressed, you’re kind of going into another Venus return and all this retrograde’s happening in Leo. So it’s around like. Your son and your ascendant. So all these light opening life purpose, sole purpose trajectories are a lit with this Venus retrograde. So I personally feel like this one’s not gonna be like what you’ve had in the past and that it’s going to like help.

Lift and open. More of that Leo, self-love, [00:06:00] self-expression, creativity, your divine connection, your like queerness, right? All of that is what feels like it’s gonna get really lit up by this Venus retrograde for you. So I’m gonna go with, this is gonna be a new corrective venous, retrograde experience for you.

Joe: Yeah, and even like looking at the, the places that Venus rules in her chart, like Venus is responsible for her visibility in the world, and Venus is spending four months in the place of her chart where she, where it’s all about her, like who he, who she is, her body, her appearance, and what she does in the world.

So I, I do have some, I also do have some more positive feelings about this venous retrograde. Especially cuz it, it’s also trying to Jupiter and it has all that stuff going on, um, for her. So I wouldn’t be worried. But there’s always the But cuz astrology can sometimes be wrong or sometimes we can be [00:07:00] really super excited about something and with retrogrades.

There’s always that sort of like revision or that sort of like icky thing that comes around that we can, we have kind of how to, to be a little bit more strategic to tackle. And uh, a big part of my astrology is, is finding ways to remediate things that sometimes are difficult or even look for other parts of the charts that are able to support whatever area might be a little weak or might be, um, going through a little bit of a, uh, a little bit of a setback.

And I was looking at your chart, and you have Venus in Virgo and you have Mercury in Virgo as well. And the, the reason why that’s such a big deal is that uh, mercury not only rules Virgo, but it’s the planet that’s supposed to like elevate Virgo and really kind of like bring it up and exalt it to like a whole.

Other level. And so Mercury is really this planet that is always able to provide assistance to Venus and Venus things in your life. And like we’re talking about, um, and even you even mentioned this, um, at one point, [00:08:00] uh, during a Venus retrograde, you lost a job or you lost friends and things like that. And.

The way to the, the way that I would, uh, work with this, the way to regain the job or to regain the friends is by turning to mercurial things. And mercurial is all about communication. It’s all about like, um, trades, um, of in trade of information, trade of anything. Cuz mercurys also about commerce and, and all things like that.

And especially Mercury and Virgo. There’s this very practical way of going about things and almost like clinical way about going about going at things. And so if this venous retrograde does get difficult for you, I think that the one thing that I would do and, and I always like doing a little bit of astrological magic and the, the, the planet days are always the easiest ones cuz you can just like turn to a Wednesday, which is Mercury Day.

And maybe use that day to have a really powerful conversation, with somebody who might be, um, [00:09:00] Well, maybe you’re, you’re, you’re talking about like falling in love or, or you, maybe you’re talking, you’re talking about career take, taking that Wednesday to just address all of your, reservations about something.

Or even just like cutting things away and sorting them into their like rightful place. Like let’s say if this Venus, um, retrograde is all about career for you because Venus And Leo would be more accessible to, to the career part of your chart if there’s some sort of like mishap at work and then your boss kind of comes in and you have to have that, um, that sort of like course correction conversation.

Like a Wednesday would be the perfect day to just like sit and, and, and have that conversation. And even before you have that conversation, really tap into that Virgo practicality where you really sit down and write all your talking points and really be like super, Super practical and direct about it.

I think that, that, that would be the way to, to navigate any sort of like retro readiness that might come with Venus, but [00:10:00] that’s what I would say. I hope that that’s helpful.

Amanda: All right, so what I’m taking away from this, if I was keena, is to focus this Venus retrograde on self-love. So actually like. Doing things that, that make Keena feel great and nurtured and, and loved, right creativity.

So funnel some of her energy into like creating new things that creative expression, queen ness. So literally like, again, it’s sort of this luxurious and, um, somewhat indulgent, maybe, maybe things that keena doesn’t normally allow herself to do. It can be simple like taking baths with like flower pets and, and essential oils and beautiful music and just really like luxuriating in that.

And then if. Funky things come up and, and she’s in that [00:11:00] position again where she’s like, dang, this venous retrograde is going wonky to do her best to have any tough conversations she might need to have, or like, you know, the kind of course correction type conversations on a Wednesday. So bring some like conscious awareness of, okay, Wednesday’s my day for these and prepare for these.

Be be practical, be meticulous. Make your list like be prepared in a, in a true Virgo fashion for those deeper conversations that you might, might need to have. And know that when you’re doing that, you’re like literally working with astrological magic and that, that, Just bringing that level of consciousness into the way that you’re navigating your life will start to turn the tides.

Is that an accurate summary of what you two just said? Yeah,

Joe: definitely. That’s great. And I, I love that what where you, the way that you also talked about astrological magic, cuz people always think it’s like this ritual thing, you gotta like set a time aside and sometimes just about [00:12:00] like, writing down your points.

Amanda: Totally. That, that, that’s magical right there. And because you’re doing it with so much awareness, that’s what makes it a magical practice is that you’re mm-hmm. You’re infusing the, the intentionality into that very mundane thing of making a list. Yeah, that’s

“I Separated from my Hubsand Six Months Ago. Will I Meet Someone New, or Remain Single?”

Amanda: all right. Let’s go to our next, audience question.

I’m so glad you’re all here. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for all the great questions that are just pouring in. All right, this one’s from Sarah. I’m wondering if I’ll meet someone new soon or if I’ll continue to be single for a while. I separated from my husband six months ago, and then Sarah gives her birth information, so let’s.

Let’s, is Sarah gonna find some? Is Sarah gonna be single or is she about to find some love here soon?

Joe: Yeah. Um, I, I looked at that question earlier today and I was like, Hmm, that is interesting. Cause I, I love these types of questions. I’m not [00:13:00] usually like, um, um, like a relationship astrologer, but I love when a question is like super direct and we’re like, will, will this happen or will this not happen?

How do I tackle this? Um, and the first thing that I would look to in your chart, um, for like relationship things. Is Saturn and the reason why I’ve been looking into Saturn is for a few reasons. So Saturn has been, uh, an Aquarius for the past two years and a bit, um, and that usually, especially in the seventh house, can really create a little bit of distance between you and partners or you and collaborators.

Doesn’t mean that it denies partnership altogether. It just makes them distance. Maybe a little colder, a little bit, uh, more inaccessible. Um, but Saturn has just moved away from that house. So it, it really kind of has this power to open up a little bit more room for things to, to move forward. Like that distance is no longer there or that coldness is no longer there.

So there [00:14:00] is more warmth and these partnerships are more available for you to actually like, talk to them and address any issues that might come up. The, the other thing that’s happening in your chart is that you’re going through a Saturn Square. And the reason why I’m focusing on Saturn so much is that in your chart, Saturn represents your partner and where your partner is.

So like Saturn transits are really kind of like showing you where the partner is moving around the chart and where you might be able to find that person. And right now Saturn would be in Pisces, which would be your eighth house. And so a lot of these partnerships are more likely to come in, in this sort of like, I, I wouldn’t say like, Debt and debt necessarily, but there’s this, the sense of like trade or feeling like you need to, To need to give back to somebody for, for them to even show up in, in your life.

And I, I know that might be a little bit confusing, but the, the eighth house is all about, um, other people’s assets. So it’s, [00:15:00] there’s that sense of like, I am indebted to this person that has done something to me. And so I have to like, give something back to, to, to gain their, um, to gain their love or gain their attention or something like that.

And, That’s, that’s the one thing that I would just keep in mind because, um, you asked, um, if you’ll meet someone new soon or if you’ll not meet some, or if you’ll not meet somebody at all. And I think that the potential is there because over you’re going through that Saturn Square and it’s like a major part of that Saturn cycle, but it’s one that probably will require a little bit of that give and take and really be super open about, the things that you’re, you’re doing for this person and this the things that this person is doing for you and addressing that sort of like that sense of self-worth and like what are their they worth?

What is the relationship worth and how you can, um, How you can make things work and be beneficial for the, the both of you. Like eighth [00:16:00] house to me really feels like that this sort of like mutual benefit place and sometimes it can bring up fears cuz we don’t, we we’re not super aware of what the other person needs or what we need and it’s that like this very interesting interplay of needs.

So I think that if, if a person does come up, I think that the thing that you kind of have to do is really sort of be prepared for that. Those sort of, um, Big conversations and, and really kind of open conversations about needs and, um, necessities. And I hope, I hope that makes sense.

Sheridan: Okay, so I’m gonna go a little bit in a different direction here, right?

So you’re in these two big cycles. Sarah, you’re in a Pluto Square. So Joe was talking about. Saturn Square Saturn cycle. You’re also in a Pluto Square cycle and a Neptune Square cycle. So those are big like life cycle transit initiation cycles that you’re going through. So for [00:17:00] me, it’s more about. There’s a focus with that Pluto cycle to work on healing, like deep emotional healing that’s gonna lead to greater empowerment, and then that would bring the new better person that you want.

Right? You’ve separated from your husband six months ago, so I imagine you’re going through. A lot of transition just from that experience. And then Neptune Square. Neptune is like a time where you can really kind of dream into vision where you want things to go. So I feel like those two cycles are actually really supporting you and having that ideal partner that you want going forward.

But they’re asking for like, Growth and change and healing and kind of composting Pluto, and then dreaming, visioning, tuning into your own internal [00:18:00] compass that then will guide and lead you towards that next right person to come in. So for me it’s like, There’s a little bit of like internal focus that is available to you first, then the partner can come and show up.

And it’s interesting because Neptunes with Venus on your chart, the divine feminine aspect, and then Pluto’s moving into that, you know, it touched into your seventh house, went back, it’s gonna be there again during this cycle, which is your right relationship, right partnership. So, I feel like those two things really emphasize how much like your internal work now is gonna take you exactly to the right person going forward.

Amanda: Oh, Sheridan, I love that. And I was just thinking, so Sarah, if I may, about six months after my divorce, I met this man at the end of yoga class. He invited me to tea and I went. [00:19:00] No, I just said no, because I didn’t know I, I hadn’t dated anyone in years, and it was just like so overwhelming. Anyways, for the next three years, I thought of him and I was like, God, that guy from yoga, that guy from yoga, that guy from yoga.

Anyways, three years later, he comes back around and now we’ve been together for five and a half years, and what we joke about is how much of a disaster it would’ve been if I had said yes to t. Because we of course, would’ve had the chemistry. We of course would’ve, you know, fallen in love. But neither one of us were in the right spot at all.

Like there was a lot of healing that still needed to happen. My divorce was result of a Pluto transit too. So just take the time, like really like. Suck the marrow out of the time that you have right now to really do tap into that place of power, because then the next, the next person that comes in it, it will get to be a total upgrade.

It will get to be a, a very different experience than the one you’ve had. So as Sheridan was speaking, I was [00:20:00] like, yes, just wait. It’s okay. Like, I know it’s lonely. I remember a friend saying to me, I, I was like, God, I’m so lonely. I just feel so lonely. And she was like, feel the loneliness. Like to the depths of loneliness.

Loneliness. Like, take yourself to the bottom of what loneliness feels like, because that’s where all your power is. Like that’s where the gold is. So go there. And I was like, okay. Um, I can do that. I guess. So yes, Sarah, you can, you can totally do it. And, um, someone, you might even meet the person now, but like, Maybe it’s just not the right time.

So it took three years, but it was well worth the wait. Yeah.

“How Can You Use Astrology to Navigate a Mid-Life Crisis?”

Amanda: Okay. We have another awesome question that came in. All right, so this one is from Holly. Holly in Long Beach, California says, How can you use astrology to help navigate a midlife crisis? I’ve got Venus Retrograde in my second house, so I’ve been thinking about my savings and [00:21:00] changing careers, and we do have Holly’s birth information.

It is December 25th, 1981 at 6:18 PM So how do we use astrology to help navigate a midlife crisis?

Sheridan: So first off, I would say the best way to try and start navigating a midlife crisis is to look to your ascendant, right?

Because in a nutshell, ascendant is, Our life purpose, our sole purpose, our trajectory, the way that where we wanna be going and heading. And so for you, that’s cancer, right? So what things help you be in service to others? What things help you nurture? Provide nourishment for right yourself first, right?

It’s that idea of put your air mask on first before you assist your children, kind of a thing. But it’s like cancer rising and your north node [00:22:00] there. You’re going to want to focus on nurturing, taking care of, focusing on unconditional love. I feel like that is such a huge part of Cancer’s Path, is learning about unconditional love, learning to apply it to ourselves and then express that out into the world.

So that would be the first thing I would say about how to navigate that is turn to cancer. Look to cancer, and how to. Take care of things in the world because that’s gonna give you that life purpose that helps you feel like, okay, I’m doing what I came here to do. Like things feel right. I feel at home in what I’m doing.

That’s what I would say to you initially.

Joe: Yeah, and one other thing that I was also looking at is that you asked about, starting to save and changing careers and doing all of that. And I think that that’s very, poignant with a lot of the things that are happening in your chart right now.

Cause [00:23:00] the eclipses are just starting to move into, , Your 10th house, which is the house of career. So sometimes eclipses coming to a house, they really kind of do that sort of like plot twist. There’s a new career or there’s a new job, there’s a new direction. Especially with the 10th house too, there can be like a new way that you’re recognized in life.

So if you’re already thinking about changing careers, I, I think that like these transits are really supportive of those types of things and. To, to add to that too, cuz you talked about the Venus Retrograde going into your second house and how you’re really thinking about saving, and I think that, that, that’s really interesting because Venus in your chart is responsible for the 11th house.

Um, and the 11th house deals with your hopes and your dreams, but also with like, also money that comes directly from the, the job that you do or from things that are like you’re recognized for. And I think that with Venus spending an, an extended amount of time in your [00:24:00] second half, it can be that a lot of those savings or a lot of these, um, a lot of these things are already percolating in your head will start to, to to, to make sense.

Like Venus retrograde can bring a lot of clarity to, to what, what sort of assets you need to save or what sort of things you need to, to work on to actually bring those dreams and hopes into like a, a concrete, phase of that idea. It’s not just, it’s, it’s about moving away from just an idea and figuring out, what sort of tools and, substance.

And when I say substance, I really mean like tools and assets you need to actually make that dream come true. I think that venous retrograde, because I’m also cancer rising and I’m, I’m really experiencing this venous retrograde in the second half as really kind of getting, I. Really close to like my finances and the money that I make, and really understanding that and revising the way that I both earn and the, the way that I [00:25:00] spend to make sure that everything that I’m earning and everything that I’m spending is going to fill, the cup of my hopes and dreams and all of that.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if, uh, you’re also going through a similar thing with this venous retrograde. And it’s nice that we have Jupiter. Squaring Venus during this whole time. So in Jupiter and your 11th house is said to be in its joy in a place where Jupiter is more, more available to help you out.

So it’s that it’s that retro giness revision, but with like the expansion of Jupyter, like you’re revising things to be able to expand into these new, avenues and into these, these new ventures. And so I think it’s a, it’s an exciting transit and that’s for sure.

Amanda: All right. So taking some of that, that experience of like, crisis and, and kind of spinning it out into how can I live my dream, bring my dream into reality, align my finances so that I can accomplish my dreams, [00:26:00] and how can that be of service to other people of service to the world, and how do I take care of myself in the process?

It’s kind of some of the things I just got from you too, Holly. I hope that was helpful. Okay. I’ve been pondering my next direction in life. Yeah. I mean, sometimes like to get out of the sort of like quagmire of the downward spiral, it’s helpful to start being, okay, well where, where do I wanna go next?

What am I, like? What am I growing into? What, who am I becoming and how can I put some more energy and time and resources towards that? So hopefully that’s helpful, Holly. Thanks for your question. Okay.

“Should I Start a Spiritul Non-Profit?

Amanda: And we’re gonna take another question. Just one more. It’s like a bonus question. All right. This is from Polly. I’m wondering what my chart says. Should I start a spiritual nonprofit? Cool. Well, and so to hear how you answer this, like can you just be like, yes. [00:27:00] Yes,

Joe: that, that’s what I was gonna say.

Yeah, you do. Whenever a client comes at me with a question like this, I’m like, yes. Yes. It’s a question of, it’s more of a question about how we’ll do this and not about whether I should or not do this. Yes. Cause if you already wanna do it, then. Don’t let the the astrology stop you. Just let the astrology support you in that venture.

Um, and let me just open your chart over here cuz I, I just drew it and, um, you have a, a Pisces mid-heaven also. Oh. And that right away screams spiritual, nonprofit. We don’t even have to look at anything else. Well, we, we do, but, but still, like right away. I think that that would totally make sense. And then looking deeper into your chart, which is that that Jupiter.

Jupiter because it rules the mid-heaven, then it’s the planet that’s responsible to, to provide a career for you or to provide some sort of like life direction or to provide purpose or that sort of like [00:28:00] visibility that we’ve been talking about with a few of the other charts that we looked at. And wherever Jupiter is in your chart, it assure you how you do that.

And of course you have Jupyter and cancer, and cancer is about taking care of other people, and it’s, it’s about providing and nurturing. And so I think that, you’re already asking this out of a place of you already are in that path. Like you’re, you’re already doing it, whether you know it or not, or whether you’re hesitant or not, you’re already doing it.

And it’s actually really exciting to see Jupiter in the second half in cancer because, That means that, not only is Jupyter, supposed to represent your career and your visibility, but it’s also doing that through like the second half, like the area of finances and how to provide, for, for other people cuz Jupyter and, and cancers, I, I think, I tend to think usually is like the most, is where Jupiter’s generosity really comes to shine.

It’s really [00:29:00] about, um, Earning because it’s the second house, but it’s earning and dispersing that back. Cuz if you think about cancer, which is ruled by the moon, the moon disseminates light, it reflects the light of the sun. So it’s about gaining all of that, making, making that profit, but also like dispelling it back into the world and really sharing with everybody and really kinda leaning into the, into that theme of generosity.

So I, I, we haven’t looked too much into your chart, but right away. This is the chart of, um, of a person who does at least some sort of, uh, giving.

Amanda: Is there anything that you need to add to that Sheridan or that you wanna add to it? Sure. I

Sheridan: definitely just wanna say yes, like Joe said for sure. And then also, right? You’re like, Virgo, you have so much Virgo in your chart. I looked at it and it was like, holy Virgo, back girl. You know, it’s like Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Mars, north Node.

And for me, Virgo is the priestess [00:30:00] in service to spirit. So when you talk about starting a spiritual nonprofit, that’s. So in alignment with so many of the important aspects of your chart and your life path, and with your Gemini ascendant, I would just say, well, and even, yeah, with your Gemini ascendant, I would just say as long as it’s fun, go for it.

Right. And then with that Leo son, You’re meant to do what you wanna do and create your world as you want to create it. That’s part of your learning process as well as it’s your ic. So like if this is something you feel called to do, I’m just like, you know, I wish I had more hands to give you more thumbs

Amanda: up.

Pauly, how does that feel? I mean, the thing is our desires, so you, you’ve maybe heard us say this before, but desire the word is de cre in Latin, and that translates to of the stars. So your desires [00:31:00] in you are, they’re like these little seedlings that, that you came with in your birth chart so you can trust those desires.

And yes, having an astrologer confirm those is awesome because it just gives you like, all right, permission, like, let’s go. I feel confident now I can go in this direction. And we can learn to trust those like inner nudgings. It’s like there’s something there for you, and that desire is literally written in the stars.

So, thank you for sharing.


Amanda: Thank you. I hope that you got some insights here today. Okay. People are asking how do you choose the questions? Like, how do you choose whose questions get answered? There’s a few things. Number one, if you submit your question before the show even starts by going to astrology

Astrology, and you submit a video or an audio with your question, your chances are much higher of getting selected. Also, [00:32:00] if you join us right in the beginning, when we go live, your chances of getting chosen are also higher. So if you’re like, well, how do I know when you’re gonna be live?

You can sign up to get a SMS message from us. Right before we go live. So that way, like whatever you’re doing in your life, you could be like, oh, they’re live. I’m gonna, I’m gonna get on right now. All you have to do for that is go to astrology C as in astrologer, connect live astrology c live.

Go in there, put your, your little phone number in. We’ll make sure that you know when we’re live.

We can’t totally depend on YouTube to notify you. It’s a good, a good way to start is hit, subscribe and hit the notification bell. It’s. Better than nothing, but we definitely hear a lot like I never got notified, so. Mm-hmm. Make sure you sign for those text messages as well. , I also want

Joe: to add something about, the astrology hub do com slash insights form that [00:33:00] people might not be aware of, cuz now we’re able to get your email.

So whenever your question is picked, you will get an email invite to join us live as well. So if you would like to actually join us here, Please go through the form.

The form is the best place to get your questions answered. Other than astrologer connector, you can just go to ASR help slash connect.

Amanda: Right? Okay. Alright. Thank you so much for all of you for being here. It’s so fun to connect with you here. Let us know. Do you like this show? I mean, this show is a new feature at Astrology Hub.

We’re creating a network of shows so that like, depending on your interests, you, you can go really deep into certain, maybe like a certain astrologer or a certain host, maybe you like a certain angle of astrology. We’re creating a whole network of shows here, so this is one of the newest shows on our network and we’d love to hear your feedback.

So thank you so much for being here. Thank you. So much for being a part of our community. Thank you as [00:34:00] always for making astrology a part of your life. People using astrology and getting the clarity and guidance and permission they need to live that desire that was written in the stars. The more of those people doing that, the better world we have.

Hands down, no question. So thank you for being one of those people and thank you for, for being here with us. All right, Joji and Sheridan, you’re amazing. Thank you so much. Love you, love you, love you. And, um, we’ll connect with you all soon. Take care everyone.

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