The Most Anticipated Month of the Year

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Astrology Forecast for July 2023

Join Astrologer Rick Levine and Amanda Walsh in our latest podcast episode, as they unravel the cosmic mysteries of the month of July 2023.

On this episode, you'll learn…

🌑About the significant astrological shifts happening in July 2023, including Venus going retrograde, the shift of inner planets from Cancer to Leo, and the overarching global tidal shift brought about by Pluto in Capricorn.
🌒How these shifts might impact individuals and society at large, with a particular focus on the need for review, regrouping, rest, recovery, and reconsideration of values.
🌓The importance of understanding the broader astrological context, such as the prevalence of quincunxes throughout the month, the significance of the nodes on the Cardinal Signs, and the potential implications of these aspects on personal and global levels.

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Amanda: Well, hello everybody. I am so happy to be here with all of you, and especially to be back with our Mr. Rick Levine.

Rick: Yay. And I'm happy to be back with our Ms. Amanda Pua Walsh.

Amanda: And we get to look at July today. So we're gonna be just peering in into the future to get a sense for the cosmic tides that we'll be navigating in this, uh, Summertime.

I mean, we're, we're, well, summer for us, but winter

Rick: for, that's right, that's right. Jennifer just logged on from Australia, and so it's the winter solstice. Uh, for, for Jennifer. We're recording this just a day after the solstice on any part of the planet.

Amanda: Yes, yes, exactly. All right. Well, we're gonna dive into the July forecast here very soon.

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I mean, he literally can do

Rick: it all. [00:02:00] So, and if you have any questions on music, he's also good at those,

Amanda: very good at music as well. So they are available right now on the platform. You get your first five minutes free, so if you like have your question teed up, you can get a lot, you can cover a lot of ground in five

Rick: minutes.

So, yeah. And I heard a rumor about this program. I heard that Rick Levine may pop on like suddenly somewhere. At least that's what I what? That's what I heard. I

Amanda: heard it too. There's a rumor floating around that he might show up on Saturday at some point and, and this is, this is a man who has a, at least a three year waiting list for a reading.

And he might. Show up on the platform on Saturday. So definitely be checking it out and um, if Rick's making a cameo on there, that's definitely the time to jump on and get your question answered. Yeah. All right everybody, so let's dive into July. If you have specific questions about July, put it in the chat.

A Look at the Themes & Transits of July

Amanda: But let's start with that overarching theme. Rick, I know you've been sort of [00:03:00] exploring

Rick: options. I have. J July is, you know, we say at the beginning of every month. Well, the month ahead is really interesting. They're all the same. They're all interesting. Yeah. Um, uh, July has a few in a few interesting components in it, and I think the singular most important components in July involve the nodes and Pluto.

And Pluto and the nodes, that's all one component. And Venus, and I think the two of those things that astrologers all around are, are talking about, kind of give us the fabric of the month. You, when I look at a month, I always compare. Uh, the chart at the very beginning of the month to the chart at the end of the month.

And so, and, and, and it kind of lets me see what, what's [00:04:00] changed, what's, what's gone on for the month. And, and I notice that for the month of July, we do have a couple of planets that are, um, that are turning retrograde. Um, and that always adds a fabric to, to the month. In July, we have. Venus, which is why we'll be focused on Venus so significantly, um, turning retrograde on July 22nd and we'll have more to say about Venus in a moment.

And we have Chiron turning retrograde on July 23rd. Now what that means is when a planet turns retrograde, as we know, and as I've said, every time a planet turns retrograde, it means it has to stop From Earth's point of view, it's not really stopping in its tracks, but it looks that way. And so on July 1st, we have Venus at 21 degrees of Leo and Venus normally moves through a sign and, you know, in, in about a month.

I mean, just, uh, actually it [00:05:00] varies, but you know it roughly just a little bit less than a month. And yet Venus at 21 degrees of Aries on July 1st because she turns retrograde on, on July 22nd. By the end of the month, Venus is only at 27 degrees of Leo, meaning that Venus, which normally can move up to nearly a, a degree a day, not quite that fast.

Um, she only moves o only six degrees in the entire month. Now because we, Pluto normally moves slowly and Pluto is now retrograde, Pluto moves about a half a degree all month. And as we work our way inward, um, we have Neptune, which. Just turned retrograde and on the, at the end of, uh, June. And so we have Neptune moving [00:06:00] less than a half a degree all month, and Uranus is the fastest moving of those outer planets, and Uranus only moves a degree all month.

Um, although it's still moving direct, it's slowing down for it. Retrograde and Saturn, which of course turned retrograde last month, is at, it's, it's at seven degrees of Pisces on, on the 1st of July, and it only backs up, oh, just slightly more than one degree all month. The reason why this is significant is the outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, o and Chiron, which is at 19 degrees of varies.

Um, uh, almost 20 degrees of varies on July 1st is at 19 degrees of varies, almost 20 degrees of varies on July 31st Now. You know, there's, this is like being in the doldrums. You know the word doldrums, you know, people use the term, um, down in the doldrums. It comes from [00:07:00] when the old trading ships had to go, let's say from from England to India under wind power.

They had to cross the equator twice. And in order to cross the equator that had to go through this area in the northern and southern hemisphere, um, the trade winds just naturally blow. But when you get close to the equator, there's this area where the winds can stop. And, and these were called the doldrums.

And the, these ships under wind power could just float around endlessly for days, weeks, at a time. And there was just nowhere to go and nothing to do. And it was, could be terrible if you were. Down in the doldrums. And so this is kind of, this summer in some ways is, that's the overall theme because all the outer planets are barely moving.

And Venus on top of that, which normally has oomph,[00:08:00] is moving slowly because it is slowing down all through July to turn retrograde. And it doesn't go very fast by the end of the month being retrograde either. The only planets that are moving regularly are the sun and the moon, because they never go retrograde.

Mercury is moving very fast. Because Mercury has come out of its retrograde and in fact we begin the month with Mercury having just aligned with the sun. And so this is Mercury at its fastest. And we also have Mars kind of pretty much cruising along. And Mars does change signs, uh, this month, and that's significant.

Mars has been in Leo and Mars moves into Virgo on July. 10th now, mercury, which is moving unbelievably fast. Mercury, we begin the month with mercury and cancer along with the sun. And so communication is relatively contained. [00:09:00] Um, it's dealing with older issues, emotional things. Um, there's that sense of even politics is driven by kind of a passive aggressive kind of energy, um, where people are defending their position rather than moving outward, even though Venus and Mars are both in Leo and we're getting some of that outward energy, and in fact, we're getting some of that outward energy still in a square to Uranus.

And so there's been some crazy stuff, um, you know, over the last few days and, you know, through the end of June, as both Venus and Mars are either squaring or just squared, uh, Uranus, which is a bit of an electrical, you know, kind of, uh, um, shocking energy. But, but with Mercury in cancer, there's still that sense of holding back words.

And on July 10th, mercury moves from cancer to Leo, but Mercury is moving so fast that only two weeks later. But, um, little bit more than that. [00:10:00] On July 28th, mercury moves out of Leo and into Virgo. So Mercury's really cruising, which means that our minds are moving fast. Our thoughts are moving fast. We have lots of ideas.

And in, in what For most of the month, from July 10th through the 28th, we're willing to talk about them and share them. And we may see some real fiery feistiness of overdramatic presentations, especially on the political front. But then when Mercury on the 28th moves into Virgo, we enter a period of time where Mercury and Mars are both in Virgo, and therefore I think our energies and our communication will be a bit more restrained.

So that's the overall big picture of the planets and them changing signs. But again, I wanna come back in a moment to both Venus. Because of its retrograde period and what that means and, and, and why [00:11:00] that's so significant. And again, I wanna come back to Pluto, which is retrograded back to the 20, to the 30th degree, 29 de um, and a half degrees, of Capricorn.

And because we have the nodes which move consistently retrograde, um, the, the nodes are moving from a, um, fixed axis, the north node being in Taurus, the south node being in Scorpio. And they will move, this month from. The Taurus Scorpio axis to the Aries Libra axis, and that happens, on July 17th if you're tracking the true node.

And the thing is, is that with the nodes, because they wobble so greatly, many astrologers use the mean node, which is like an average kind of a, of, of a position. But because we have a higher level of accuracy, accuracy, many modern astrologers are using the true node, which covers [00:12:00] that wobble very, very closely.

Uh, and if, because the, the moon's nodes that wobble happens over the course of a few days, uh, retrograde direct, retrograde direct. And so, um, we'll look a little bit more at that and why that's important also.

How We'll Experience Movements of The Planets

Rick: Okay,

Amanda: so you started this conversation about July. Yes. Very focused on the speed of the planets.

So you mentioned that there's a lot of planets that are going uncharacteristically slow. Mars is kind of in its normal pace and mercury is moving really, really fast. Yeah. And then you, you talked about being in the doldrums as as kind of the experience of these slow planets. Can you give us a little bit more about how we're gonna experience all those planets moving so slow?

Rick: Yeah. Well, when, when, when we're down in the doldrums, uh, the ego that has direction doesn't like that much because the ego wants to get to India or home to England or Spain or Portugal or wherever you're [00:13:00] going. And, and all of a sudden it's like you lose power. And yet, um, that's also a great time for just regrouping, for resting, for, for recapturing, the sense of the present moment.

As long as it doesn't last very long, because when that present moment. Lasts and lasts, we begin to get restless and maybe even frustrated. Now we are, you know, I don't wanna lean on the word frustration here all that much because often when it's the true sense of the doldrums, we don't even have the energy to get frustrated.

We'll just chill. We'll eat another sandwich, change the channel on the tv, go to the beach, you know? And so, and, and so when we're looking for a title here, uh, I, I, I said summertime blues. but it's really like in the good old summertime, there's, there's something here that has, been. Kind of [00:14:00] like we, we, we've kind of begun to get some traction, but we're just not going very fast.

But the difference is that going back two or three years ago, and I see that Michelle said, we've been in the doldrums for three years. No, we haven't. We've, there's a difference between being in the doldrums and being tied up and or locked up that's not in the doldrums. Mm-hmm. There you're being restrained and you don't like it necessarily, or you have a absolute strong reaction and emotions.

When we're in the doldrums, we just don't have the energy or the power or whatever. Mm-hmm. Now, granted, mercury and Venus are still in Leo, and so there's this kind of false front that we have of thing I say false. It's, it's, it's a, it's a, a shallow, it's not a very deep front of we're spinning wheels and we are maybe moving and there are things happening, but on a deeper level, They're not happening as fast.

And, [00:15:00] um, and I, and I think that that's really the, the, the bottom line. And what we need to do in response is we need to use this time wisely because when things are going crazy and when we're doing this and that and trying to keep, we're wishing that we could have a day off or two. So I'm not saying we have the entire month of July off, we don't, but I think that this is a really powerful and profound time to review.

Uh, remember retrograde words are, uh, begin with the re you know, we often use them with mercury, but they're with any retrograde cuz the planet is covering is re. Covering old territory. So we get to review. Reconsider reanalyze. Recognize or recognize you can't recognize something if you've never seen it before.

It has to be back to the past.

Venus Retrograde

Rick: And so with, with Venus turning [00:16:00] retrograde, I think a lot of our values and we modernists just throw the love word or the money word at Venus and say that's what Venus is. Well, arguably those are Ian things. And, and Venus certainly has to do with our, with our senses, both our physical senses and our sense of ethics and morals.

And they're not physical senses, they're more metaphysical mental senses. But, but Venus is also what we value and, and, and of course in our culture, um, where in some ways taught. Whether we're taught actually, or just by example, we're taught to value material, possessions and money, and those may not be our important, most important values.

And when Venus slows down, especially in Leo, we're given an opportunity to review and to reconsider what we value. [00:17:00] And as we do that, we actually get to go over past territory. They say that when Venus is retrograde, we may have a relationship from the past pop up back up, or we may in fact, have see patterns of Venus's retrograde eight or 16, years ago because that Venus retrograde happens, in the same r roughly in the same place in the sky, every eight years.

And so we can see these patterns in our lives if we look at it, but it's mostly important that this is a time that we can easily waste. If we just hang out and stare at the TV or the sun or whatever, when we have an opportunity right now to really review what's important to us.

Amanda: Hmm. So we won't have a ton of energy to like, create new things and, and be super external, but if we capitalize on that [00:18:00] intelligently, the internal, the more internal processes are actually going to be even more

Rick: fruitful.

I, I think so, but I'm gonna contradict myself now here just for a moment because, you know, as, as as Walt Whitman, the Walt Whitman, uh, the Gemini said, I contain multitudes, I contradict myself. Mm-hmm. And we just need to keep in mind that both Venus and um, Mars are in expressive. Outgoing, Leo, and, and, and so there is some of that energy, but again, I, I think we can use that energy to touch those deeper things that are not moving very much, but it may feel like it, I think I said this earlier, it may feel like, like it's all show and there's no substance behind it.

There is substance behind it. It's just gonna take time until those planets. Finish up their retrograde phases and move forward again. [00:19:00] It doesn't mean there won't be anything to do or to create. And in fact, we may see some amazing cool creations during this period of time because of that Venus and Mars kind of moving together, even though, it's interesting because normally Venus moves faster than Mars, and so if there's a Venus Mars conjunction that, or if they're near each other, Venus catches up to Mars, they can join.

That's always a magical creative moment because Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers is the procreative force. In other words, it is about creativity. And, and yet what we're having this month, at the beginning of the month, Venus is trailing Mars by about three degrees. Venus is at 21 degrees, Leo and Mars is at 24 degrees Leo.

But Venus is, even though she doesn't turn retrograde until the 22nd of the month, she's slowing down day by day by day, and she never catches up to Mars. So when we do this a day at a [00:20:00] time, you know, by July 10th, Venus has only reached 25 degrees of Leo and Mars is at 29. Leo. And then by the, what, what did I say earlier?

The 11th, the 12th, the somewhere in there. Mars reaches Virgo on July 10th, and so when Mars hits Virgo on July 10th, all of a sudden it becomes apparent that Mars is running away from Venus because Venus has to go through its entire retrograde and Venus doesn't. Leave Leo until October 8th, and by then Mars is way the hell out of the picture.

So it's an intriguing dance because I think Venus is holding the power. It's almost like she decides she doesn't give a crap as to whether she catches up with him. And I'm very aware of the gender, nuances, here. And many astrologers don't like to, you know, put, gender specific, pronouns to [00:21:00] Venus and Mars.

And yet I think it conveys something very important because Venus is a yin and or feminine energy. And this is not referring to sex, now it's referring to gender expression. And, and so, Venus almost, it's almost like she loses interest in Mars and says, you know what? Go do your thing. Go be a Virgo, Libra, Scorpio.

As Mars moves on its way, I'm gonna stay here in Leo and I'm gonna luxuriate in the apparent beauty of it all without necessarily going into what's beneath the surface. So that's, that's kind of my, little Venus wrap and yeah. And that, that's enough for now. We'll come back to Venus with some dates in, in a moment or two.

Amanda: Okay. Yeah, it's, it's kind of reminding me of. What you were saying around the new year, and, and maybe I'm just totally jumping, but

Rick: No, but the New year had Mars retrograde and Mercury retrograde. Yeah. And it was, it was the same thing, but, but very [00:22:00] different because the outer planets then were all moving forward.

Ah, but now the outer planets are all either slowing down to retrograde or recently we've had, you know, um, you know, a combination of, um, Saturn, Pluto, um, Neptune, and now Chiron, um, and Venus turning retrograde. So it, it's, it's similar but energetically different.

Amanda: Yeah. You were, you were emphasizing, that we may feel like our social engagements needed to have some depth that it was like, it wasn't the time where we would go out and just do the, everybody get drunk and do the New Year's thing.

It was that we would have more of like an intimate party where we're actually, I. Talking about real things with people that we love, and it was just, there was a little bit more of a, a depth and meaning that you were emphasizing and I'm, I'm just reminded of that. I don't know if it's exactly the same, but it feels

Rick: similar.

Yeah. [00:23:00] Yeah. I, I, yeah, I, I think it is in some way there, but I think the Venus retrograde really has a donation o of its own that's very different than the Mars retrograde, which becomes kind of an internalized anger. We heat up, you know, there, there, and with Venus retrograde, um, I think, I think Venus retrogrades more naturally because it is a yin energy.

Mm-hmm. Um, cause it, it feels comfortable when it's not out fighting or conquering or conflicting or pushing into new territory. And, you know, remember Venus hums in the sky, in a very magical way to Earth may be more magical than any other thing up there. Because the ratio of the orbit of Venus.

Which is 224 and a half days to the ratio of Venus to the ratio of Venus to Earth, which is [00:24:00] 365 and slightly less than a quarter, 365.24 days that that ratio is 1.62. Which is the golden mean or the divine proportion? For those of you who've taken either my fundamentals or the, you know, harmonic, um, aspects, course you understand the relationship between Venus and the quintile because the five conjunctions that Venus makes with, the earth from the sun's point of view, those five conjunctions occur every eight years.

Five and eight being Fibonacci numbers, which are the golden mean proportion, and they occur. About 72 degrees apart from one another, which creates what many modern astrologers refer to as the Venus Star. Which are the, quintile aspects , the, Venus retrograde Venus lining up with the sun 72 degrees apart five times every eight years.

Now, [00:25:00] the golden mean, the divine proportion is that ratio that our guy, Johannes Kepler said. It's the ratio that God uses to create, like, from, like, he called it one of the, one of the precious gems of geometry, because it has to do with beauty, aesthetic perfection. It has to do with with, with, with pleasing harmonic resonance.

Which we call love. That's what what love is. Love is that golden mean proportion that is, that is perceived as being a part of a flow that is magical and we can lose our ego into it. So Venus is a really, really magical, magical, um, planet. And when it slows down and it normally spends, you know, about a month in a sign and all of a sudden it's spending several months.

And let's look at the actual, dates here, [00:26:00] because Venus entered Leo on June 5th. And it leaves Leo, like I said earlier on October 8th. That means for all practical purposes, Venus is, is, in Leo, all of June, all of July, most of June, all of July, all of August, all of September. It's basically for four months.

It's a third of the year. And so anyone who has fire sign planets in their charts, sun, moon, ascendant, any planets, those are going to either be conjoined or trying by Venus. And, and during this period of time, and especially those with planets between 12 and 28 degrees of fire signs, why? Because Venus will, turn retrograde at 28 and a half degrees of Leo, and then it retrogrades all the way back to 12 degrees of Leo.

So if you have planets in that [00:27:00] area, Venus is gonna go all the way across from, from 12 degrees to 28 and then back to 12, and then all the way forward, then through 28, and then it'll keep going. And as many, um, you know, viewers know that when a retrograde planet goes over the same area of sky three or five times, even in the case of Neptune or Pluto, that we call this the shadow.

And so, I, I think I once heard Brett, refer to this as retro shade, and I like that word. I think that's Brett's word. I'm not sure. But, but what that means is that, that when Venus moved originally through that 12 degree point of Leo, Which was back on June 19th. And until it then goes retrograde back to that point, and then direct and then goes through that 28 degree point, in October, it will be in its shadow, [00:28:00] meaning that that things related to Venus won't feel complete.

There's that, you know, that, you know that concept that three strikes and you're out, which I know is a baseball term, but, but it's, things seem to happen in threes, and the reason is that because that retrograde phenomenon makes 1, 2, 3, and so during this summer, we're going to be getting that Venus hanging out, not just in July, but really in mid late June, July, August, even into September after it turns direct because it turns direct on September 3rd.

At 12 degrees of Leo, but then all through the rest of September and on through the beginning of October, it's covering that same ground again for the third and final time. But we might feel that there's progress then. So this Venus retrograde is incredibly important. And again, if you have planets and fire signs, you're gonna get the trines Lucky U [00:29:00] Yummy.

You know, at least it could be. But of course we have to remember that too much of a good thing is not necessarily a good thing. It can be overindulgence, it can be distracted by pleasure, it can be hedonism, which I'm not saying is a bad thing when it's appropriate, but it can be overdue that. But then if you have planets in that 12 to 28 degree range of any fixed signs, because Leo is a fixed sign, um, other than Leo, in other words, if you have planets in Taurus or Scorpio or Aquarius, then this Venus is going to be squaring or opposing those planets.

And in fact, of course, we could, you know, take that down to the sex tiles and or even the Quin Coxes and and so on. But the point is, knowing where that mid Leo is in your natal chart will give you an idea of how that Venus in Leo hanging out. Now, grant Louis once said that there's really no difference between the as between the transits that different MA planets [00:30:00] make.

Except for how long they stay. So then if you have someone who comes over to your house once a month for, you know, dinner in a game of chess and a glass of wine, and they go home, and then one month they come and they come over for dinner, a glass of wine, a game of chess, and they stay for a year, and then they go home.

It's the exact same motion. Exact exact, but it changes our life in very different ways. Now. I always think if you're having breakfast with your spouse or parent or kid or friend, you know, and you look over your iPad that you're reading your email on, and you look up at them and you go, oh my God, what did I do?

You know, it's like, oh, this person is such a drag, and then an hour later you feel great. You know, you're just in a bad mood. Mm-hmm. You know, it happens. And a bad mood is a bad moon. And moods like the moon always change. So being in a bad mood for an hour or two or three is not a big deal. [00:31:00] But if you feel that same way at dinner and then at breakfast again, and then at dinner again, then you feel then you're not in a bad mood, you're in a bad Mars or, or yet a bad Saturn or you know, do you understand what I'm saying?

Yeah, yeah. So this is what this Venus is all about, this Venus, which normally wizards through, um, a sign, you know, Venus does not go retrograde often, and when it does, it goes retrograde for about 40 days. Think of the Bible 40 days and 40 nights of wandering in the desert. There's something about that 40 day period, that is very magical in, you know, in a lot of things.

Um, but that, that Venus retrograde is gonna be, I think one of the defining factors of the month. And again, we still have to talk about the nodes in Pluto.

Amanda: Yes. Okay. One more question about Venus. Got it. Are there a lot of breakups during Venus retrograde?

Rick: There? There may be. Uh, you know, I don't, I I try to [00:32:00] stay, I mean, you, we've done stuff like, it's, it's, I have a hard time making gen generalized sweeping statements like that cuz it sets people up to think that, that that's what should happen or could happen and, right. Sure, there could be, but there could be just as many visitations.

In other words, if in fact, and this is just totally hypothetical, I'm not saying that this will happen to you or to me or to any one particular, you know, PE person listening or watching, but. Let's just say that you have, um, your natal moon at, I don't know, 20 degrees of Sagittarius, and this Venus is now going to be trining.

That that doesn't indicate to me a breakup as much as it does a connection, but let's say at the same time you're having Saturn in Pisces squaring that moon. So yes, you may break up. But when that Venus [00:33:00] turns retrograde over that exact same point, you may find out that maybe it wasn't a real breakup, and maybe when it goes direct, the third and final time you're back together again.

Now, I'm not saying that scenario will happen, but that's a more likely SE scenario than a clean breakup because Venus in itself is more about the attractive connective pleasure principle, although it exists in both forms. And as I've mentioned here before, whether it's been in, in this, um, cosmic connection or in one of the classes, you know, when we talk about Venus, we often talk about sweet love, romance, pleasure, sexuality, yumminess, you know, aesthetic, perfection, beauty, art.

I mean, these are all Ian things. And our friend, I use the word friend kind of as a, you know, cosmic, you know, brother, so to speak. Thomas Moore, whose first book, maybe a second, [00:34:00] but first book I think was a book called Dark Eros. And in it he talks about how when we, when we experience love, in order for it to be real love.

It can't just be the surface romance that's only half of real love. It has to include what, what he calls dark eros, which Jung might call shadow work. But it's that, it's that less pretty part of love that comes out in some characters that actually Thomas Moore used in his book as examples like the marqui de sod from whom we get the word sadism or sadism.

Mm-hmm. And so, so even though it's not necessarily the kind of love that many of us, or maybe even most of us would want to either experience on either end of that, the fact of the matter is that that comes along with Venus and sometimes [00:35:00] we tend to push that side away because it's not as pleasant for most people.

The thing is, is that if there is a breakup, if there is something that happens on that level, often with retrogrades, and especially with the faster retrogrades of Mercury, Venus, and Mars, often we get this 1, 2, 3 punch.

Well, it's not a punch, but a 1, 2, 3 effect, where it happens, and then what we, we see it from the other side. Maybe that's not really what happened. Oh, and now this is what's happening. So we have to be careful about assuming when a planet is moving through its shadow area, we have to be careful. About assuming that what happens is the final event and is what is happening, because often it's only one perspective of a more complex series of events, and it also can tie back to something in the past.

Hmm. Okay.

The Nodes & Pluto

Amanda: All right. So I know you wanna talk about Pluto and the [00:36:00] nodes as part, as a big part of July as

Rick: well. Yeah, and I don't wanna spend too much time on the nodes or the dates because many people use the mean node. Many people use the true node if you're using the exact true node. Then the, the, and of course, the, the nodal axis travels as a pair of opposites because it's really a line and it's where the moons orbit around the earth.

Intersects the Earth's orbit around the sun. And that creates, uh, if you think of two Frisbees kind of intersecting each other, they intersect in a line. And so the nodal axis, which has been in Taurus and Scorpio moves backwards. It retrogrades cuz that's how the nodes move, into Aries Libra on July 17.

And again, if you're using the mean rather than the true node, that may be off [00:37:00] a few days. Um, I, I don't have that date calculated in front of me. Um, but the difference between the mean and true node can vary by a degree or two, or I think even maybe three degrees, but not more than that. So it's close regardless.

In July, the nodal axis is shifting and, and I find it a little tricky. I think a lot of astrologers. Put more weight on the sign that the nodal axis is moving into in the date than I personally would. I don't necessarily always see the results as significant as, uh, as, as other planets, but, but theoretically, the difference will be that while the nodes were in Taurus and Scorpio, the, the results were more tangible and more, , about, tangible meaning the Taurus side, the material, the, the physical, the monetary, and the other side, the Scorpio, the complexity of those [00:38:00] relationships that create the, the monetary, the material and, and, and the physical.

But as the nodal axis moves into Aries Libra, the emphasis is more on the relationship between self and other. It's more about the relationship between the impulse to be an Aries to survive, to have ego, to, to, to have a sense of self. And that sense of self can be. Me, Rick Levine, but that sense of self can also be me human.

It can be, you know, it, it can be an all inclusive sense of self, but there's still a sense of doing something that that is tied to, to one perspective. Whereas Libra, the other side of it can simply be another person in your life. But it also can be an opposite idea. It can be it, it's the reflective other side of any coin, of any issue.

And [00:39:00] so as the nodes move through the Aries Libra, um, where being driven toward the north node, the Aries of the, having the integrity to be true to oneself, and yet the flip side of that is, but we can't ever. Be allowed to forget that there's always two sides to every issue. There's always another side to a coin.

A coin can't have one side, and so we have to keep both of those in in perspective. Now, normally, I don't even know that I would talk about the change of a nodal axis by sign in a particular month. It happens about every 18 months. Um, except for the fact that as a, any planet is changing signs right now, including the nodal axis, they're moving from either 29 degrees of one sign to zero of the next, or in the case of the nodes they're moving from 29, they're, they're moving from zero degrees [00:40:00] of one sign to 29 degrees of the previous sign.

And Pluto is at 29 degrees of Capricorn. And what this means is that Pluto in Capricorn. Like any planet that's moving from cancer to Leo because cancer and 29 degrees of cancer is opposite 29 degrees of Capricorn, which is where Pluto is. And so we've had, um, so we, so we have this month Mercury and the sun moving from cancer to Leo and they will both oppose Pluto.

And when any planet opposes Pluto, that typically is an intense and deep power struggle for who reality is going to dominate the other. Now while Mercury moves from, um, from cancer to [00:41:00] to Leo, and that's on July 10th and when the sun moves from cancer to Leo, and that's on July 22nd. They are both not only opposing Pluto, but they are like Pluto 90 degrees to the nodal axis because the nodal axis is moving from.

Zero degrees of TAUs Scorpio to 29 degrees of Aries Libra. And that 29 degrees of cancer Capricorn is going to be exactly 90 degrees or square to it. And this is this, this is enough to to, to ruin a perfect Venus retrograde month. I say Ro it's, it, it's another, it's, it's a totally different perspective.

And, and the crazy thing about it is, see, I, I don't always pay attention to planets that are making aspects to the nodes, although I take them into consideration. I mean, we have planets moving from, um, uh, Leo to [00:42:00] Virgo, uh, I'm sorry, yeah. From Leo to Virgo that are making, um, sex tiles and tryings with the nodal axis.

However, um, The, even the ancients recognized that when a planet was 90 degrees to the lunar nodes, that they had a special term for this. And it was called the bending. The bendings of the nodes are the places where you are exactly. Off center. You're, you're, you're, you're as far away from the nodes as you can get.

And we have Pluto actually reaching that exact point. And this is gonna be sound a little crazy and I'm gonna tell you why in just a moment. But Pluto squares the nodes exactly on July 22nd. And then it squares them again Exactly. On July 25th and then it squares them again. Exactly. On July 28th. And during that entire [00:43:00] time, Pluto is retrograde and in fact the nodes which are retrograde don't even turn direct.

How is that possible? Well, it took a little bit of digging because it confused me. I couldn't, I couldn't figure out exactly why that was the case. And it turns out that the retrograde nodes slowed down enough. And these are true nodes, not the average mean nodes, that the node, the retrograde nodes slow down enough that they become stationary as if they were gonna turn direct.

But they don't. And so what happens is that the retrograde nodes are moving faster than the retrograde Pluto, and it makes that square, and then the retrograde nodes slow down enough and come still that retrograde Pluto is now moving faster and it, and, and it goes over that same point again, and then the nodes begin to pick up speed and cross it a third time.

It's, I don't know that I've ever seen [00:44:00] this. And um, and, um, this is probably a good Gemini Brett question as to the mechanics of this. And if you've seen this before, but I find it intriguing that, that normally a planet going over the bendings or the squares to the node will last a day or two or three, you know, uh, but exact only one day.

And yet Pluto is pretty much square to the nodes or at that bending point for the entire month of, of July. In fact, on. Um, July 1st Pluto is at 29 and a half degrees of Capricorn. And on July 31st, Pluto is just under 29 degrees of Capricorn. It's at 28 degrees, 54 minutes, and at the end of the month the nodes are at 28 and a half degrees, you know, of, of, uh, Aries, Libra Square.

So it's almost like we don't get away from this. And what does that mean? Well, When a planet is square, the [00:45:00] nodes in evolutionary astrology, um, they call that a skip step. In other words, it's almost like we didn't pay attention or didn't express that planetary energy in the past. So now we're giving the chance to, to work it out.

Um, if you have a planet in your natal chart that is at the bending is square, the nodes, it's almost like that planet can be highlighted in this lifetime as, as a, uh, chance to, to, to express that energy that previously, either early in this lifetime or genetically or familially, or whether it's a personal past life, it's, it's a chance to kind of make it right to bring it out into the open Now, From a separate, uh, perspective, a planet square to the nodes is a planet that's in high focus, and it has an opportunity in the present moment because squares are dynamic.

It has an opportunity to pop something into reality. Well, what is it that's popping [00:46:00] into reality? It's Pluto and it's Pluto at the point of its Pluto return, you know, in the United States chart and look at what's going on in this country. There's a, certainly, from any perspective, there's a bit of a meltdown, and I think that in part, this Pluto Square to the nodes will play into and exacerbate this energy this summer, and particularly through July.

But the other thing that happens is that on July 11th when mercury changes signs, well the day after, It will square the nodes. And in fact, on July 21st, the day before Mercury's exact, I mean, to the minute to the second, the day before that, uh, the sun as, um, it will actually on July 20 firsts, square the nodes.

And so we have this sense of this heightened energy that's not necessarily. Reflected [00:47:00] in external reality as much as it's reflected in what's going on that's driving the, the, the movement driving the, um, the movement, the, what's the, I'm looking for another word. What, what's, what's motivating us that we're moving through this phase?

And so it's, it's a, it's a potent thing. Yeah, it, it, it's certainly an, an opportunity. Yeah. And, and so the, the thing is, and someone said maybe I typed the wrong or said the wrong word. The three Pluto squares the exact are July 22nd, 25th, and 28th. But it's pretty much within like with, with within a hairs width away for the entire month.

And so Pluto is in high focus this month, as is Venus.

Amanda: Mm. So you are. Emphasizing the plu, like you, you said that this could emphasize the Pluto return for the us. So that's sort of a, a, a more [00:48:00] collective thing, but only for the United States. I guess it will probably have ripple effects,

Rick: like yeah, only for the United States, but remember this whole period of time is also Pluto changing signs from Capricorn to Aquarius.

Right? And we might feel, oh, it's back in Capricorn. The pressure's off. No, it's back in Aquarius. The pressure's on to finish all the deconstruction and the nihilistic taking down of those things that were the absolute most fundamental external realities, whether it's government banking systems, blah, blah, blah, blah, the Constitution of the United States, and this is impacting us worldwide.

Remember when Pluto moved from Aqua, uh, from Capricorn to Aquarius back in the 18th century? It was not only the creation of the Constitution of the United States of America, but it was also little things like the French Revolution. Both of which were total revamping of the idea that a single family could be divinely gifted with the ownership of a country and everyone else served homage to [00:49:00] the royalty.

That's what that was about. And that's, as the changes that are going on now are as big as those then. But when you're in the midst of such big changes that are not just an event of an afternoon, which we can see, you know, you can see, you know, a submersible going down to the Titanic and its implosion and those kind of horrific, shocking events that boom, something happens.

We can see 'em as an event. That's why Uranian events are so easy to see. Plutonic events are not as easy to see. Can you see a glacier moving and taking down an entire mountain? Mm-hmm. No. Cuz it goes so slowly that our perceptions don't see it. So when we're in the midst of these huge kinds of shifts, if we were alive, During the French Revolution, or even the American Revolution, or as the Brits call it, you know, the American War against England.

Um, you know, it, it would've seemed like a big deal. [00:50:00] All war is a big deal, but no one would've imagined it would have been as important for the trajectory of the planet as it was at, as it was perceived at that time. Did that make sense? Do you understand why this, and that's why 2020 beginning, well, 20 20 10 through 2015, beginning with the, Uranus, Pluto Square, turning into the Saturn.

Pluto conjunction in January of 2020, turning into the Uranus, Saturn, Uranus Square of 20, 21, 22, and now into 2023. All of this stuff, that's why these changes are so important because they're, we're on this large trajectory of tidal change that is larger than any of the single events that we perceive.

Whether we read the news or in our own lives or whatever, it, it, it's, it's bigger than we can understand in this moment. Hmm. That's why I like to say, [00:51:00] think cosmically, act locally.

Amanda: Yes. Okay. So bringing it to that local, that, that piece, how will we individually experience this, sort of skip step, the Pluto Square, the nodes all month.

Like w it brings Pluto into focus. So does that just mean it brings Pluto into focus in our charts wherever it

Rick: is? Well, it, it, yeah. Or it may in fact, um, uh, it may in fact bring Pluto into focus in our charts, but it may also impact the outer events, the circumstances in which we live. In other words, um, when we look at, um, the Saturn Pluto conjunction and the corresponding.

Stuff of 2020, the Saturn Pluto, and then the Jupiter Pluto, and then the Saturn. The Jupiter Saturn, great conjunction That whole year. The external events were so overwhelming, you know, whether it didn't matter what your response was to it, what you [00:52:00] thought was happening, or how you individually reacted that it impacted society that impacted all of us.

Mm-hmm. Now, depending upon your individual chart, some people did find through it and other people did not do very well at all, and some people were radicalized and other people were more convinced that the governments were taking care of them. I mean, in other words, there's an entire spectrum of how we react, and I think that this.

That these larger transits are the same way. And for those people who had planets that were being directly impacted by those particular conjunctions, they may have had a more immediate and urgent positive or negative, depending on how they integrated it or depending on how it hit their chart. But it's hard to say how we will react individually.

I'm looking for an ongoing trajectory of craziness out there that will impact us. Some [00:53:00] people more than others, some people less than others, remember, pluto is in Capricorn for the rest of the year and won't go back into Aquarius until next January, and it'll be in Aquarius.

For most of 2024, but it even tips back into Capricorn again. And so we're not done with that Capricorn stuff before we get to the stuff that everyone is excited about it with Pluto in Aquarius, and I'm not sure that if people understood what Pluto and Aquarius really meant, that they would be quite as excited as they are.

I'm not saying that there are things to fear. I'm saying like beautiful, sexy, romantic pleasure seeking Venus. Everything has two sides. Mm,

Amanda: yes. Okay. So basically you're saying we're in a big global tide that will affect us personally no matter where this is happening in our chart,

Rick: but it's Well, sure, sure.

And it is, I mean, [00:54:00] just by the nature of the economic and environmental things and what, I mean, those things do impact us, but again, it may impact some more than others. Right.

Full Moon and New Moon

Rick: And, and we should also take, uh, uh, before we call it quits, we should take a quick look at the two lu nations. Um, yeah. And I know that in, you know, the, your, the inner circle that you really drill down on these a whole lot more.

Um, but we have two lu nations. We have a full moon on July. Third and a new Moon on July 17th. And the Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd, is significant actually. The days after that, the moon, when it moves from Capricorn, into Aquarius, will join up with Pluto and Square the nodes.

And so there's a whole, you know, kind of wobbly period in itself around July, you know, fourth, fifth, sixth. But that particular Full Moon to me is intriguing because it [00:55:00] is trying Jupiter. Um, and it is also, um, mercury is lined up with the sun and the, the full Moon itself in Capricorn is making a square and a half to, um, to Venus, which is really slowing down.

I don't see this full Moon as being an overwhelmingly. Positive or negative? Um, moon, I mean, I, I, I do see that, that we do have some disruptive stuff happening with Venus making its square. Venus making its square to Uranus, which is a exact dawn, I'll tell you here real quickly. It's exact on July 2nd.

And so coming into that full moon, there is some disruptive stuff going on. It can also be exciting, but I, I, I, I just, this particular full moon seems to be, medium benign, but there is that Venus that is. Be that is squaring Uranus and the full Moon is a square and a half to [00:56:00] Venus, so it may be a, a bit, you know, problematic on a communication front, on a relationship front.

Um, however, when we get to the New Moon on the 17th, that is coming into its opposition with, with Pluto. Now the New Moon itself is at 25 degrees of cancer. It's actually 24 degrees and 56 minutes, but we can think of it as 25 degrees of cancer, which is about four degrees away from being exactly opposite Pluto.

Now, normally four degrees might be a little wide when we're looking at a Lu nation, but what this really means is that the moon moving through cancer, Is going to eight hours, approximately eight hours. That's, one degree of moon's motion Every two hours. The moon is going to oppose Pluto, later in the day on July 17th, the day of that new moon.

And it will then change [00:57:00] signs and it will square the nodal axis. So there's ki kind of an exacerbation that this new moon is coming into the square, to the nodes, and then the sun just a few days later, as we talked about earlier, the sun will be squaring, um, the nodes on July 21st. And in some ways all of that is tied up in that new moon, in, in, in cancer.

This is, I think, a more complicated, Lu Nation New Moon.

Other Aspects

Rick: And I should also note that Venus is Quin K Sing, Neptune. And that, Mars is actually coming out. Oh, Venus is also Quin k Singh, Pluto. And, and here I should just mention in passing that whenever I look at a month, I always take a quick look at what are the most predominant aspects for the month.

In other words, not what planets. Are making the aspects and not even, not trying to interpret any particular aspect itself, but simply looking at when I look at the [00:58:00] month in its entirety, are there more squares or are there more oppositions? What's going on for the entire month based upon just the overall sense of, um, of, of the planets themselves.

And when I look at this month, I was immediately, I wouldn't say overwhelmed, but certainly, amazed at how many Quin coxes there were through the month because we have a Mars Quin Coxing Ne Nept both. Actually Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are being Quin KX by Mars, mercury and Venus, throughout the month.

And so we have on uh, July 6th Mars, Quin, coxing, Neptune on July 9th. We have Mars, Quin, coxing, Pluto. On July 14th. We have Mercury, Quin, K and Saturn. And then that mer uh, then, then we have on July 15th, Venus, Quin, coxing, Neptune. Then on the [00:59:00] 26th we have Mercury, Quin, cosing, Neptune. And then on the 27th we have Mercury, Quin, coxing, Pluto.

And then on the 28th we have the Sun, Quin Coxing Saturn. And then on the T 30th we have Venus, Quin, coxing, Neptune. It's crazy. And what are Quin Coxes? They're annoying. They're adjustments. They're try, they're, they're basically trying to get something right. That wasn't right. You know, it's, think of the Virgo trying to fine tune reality to understand what's important and what's the most useful.

And especially with Mars moving into Virgo, I think that this also becomes a key component of the month. Mm.

Significance of Nodes on the Cardinal Cross

Amanda: Rick, do you wanna take this question from Jeremy? He's wondering if there's any significance to the nodes on the Cardinal Cross?

Rick: Yeah. That, that was it okay, so remember that our entire system of astrology has nothing to do with the constellations. You know, uh, I mean, we think of the [01:00:00] constellation of Aries or Taurus. Gemini can't, whatever, but our astrology is based upon a cycle that is set anew every year at the moment of the, uh, ascending e equinox, the, in the north, the vernal spring equinox.

And so in. Uranian astrology, which is a branch of astrology that came out of, uh, uh, early 20th century Germany, Cosmo biology and Uranian astrology. Just like we map the location of the sun or the moon or mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Ariss, the mid-heaven, the ascendant, the nodal axis in Uranian astrology, the zero degrees Aries is considered to be a point.

In anyone and everyone's chart, it's the Aries [01:01:00] point. And the Aries point is significant cuz it's like, it's like the alpha and the omega. It's the, it's the zero point, it's the beginning of the cycle and the ending of the cycle. And from that standpoint, yes, the nodes, going over that cardinal point are significant.

However, that's not what's happening this month because the nodes are going, basically, from zero degrees of, they're going from, how do say this, let me get this right. They're, they're going from, zero degrees of fixed to 29 degrees of Cardinal. And it's not, it's the zero degree cardinal point.

Is the actual point itself. So in other words, the nodes are not on the, well, it, it's when the nodes in about a year and a half in about 18 months when they hit zero degrees of Libra and zero degrees of [01:02:00] varies backing into 29 degrees of Pisces and Virgo. That will be the cardinal points. They're in cardinal signs, but it's not the cardinal points.

So yes, it's significant, but I would also, n I would not use the nodal points. To represent points on a, uh, on a, cardinal on any sort of TT cross or, not t Cross Grand Cross, because the nodes always have that opposition. I mean, yes, this is a very profound series of oppositions of various planets including, um, mercury and the sun and the moon in their own time to Pluto.

While th those oppositions are squaring the nodal axis. And as much as I would use a squared in the nodal axis, personally, I wouldn't call this a grand, um, square, other astrologers may differ. I wouldn't try to talk them out of their reality.

Amanda: Hmm.


Amanda: All right. [01:03:00] So we have a month of review, regroup, rest, recover, reconsider, recognize what we value.

So there's, there's gonna be a lot of space for that. Yes, yes. Uh, we have this nodal shift from tangible and deep. To the relationship between self and other.

Rick: Yes. And then, and that's being, and that's being rattled by Pluto and the inner planets changing from cancer to Leo.

Amanda: Yes. And then we have this overarching kind of like revamping of fundamental ideas.

This global title shift that we're all a part of that Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto back in Capricorn in retrograde, is bringing, is bringing all these different things back up for us. And we have a predominance of annoying, kind of adjusting

Rick: energy. [01:04:00] That is true.

Amanda: And the overarching theme is basically summertime blues.

Rick: Are you, are you landed on that? Uh, yeah. I would, I would say that that's, that's all, uh, that's all fair. And, and someone asked about the, stils and there's always stils cooking, but I mean, there's, there's a predominance of stils right at the beginning of the month and for a lot of the month, the Venus and Mars, are tricep tile to Pluto with Jupiter in the mix.

I mean, I don't know that it's extraordinary. From that standpoint, but there certainly are as we move through the month periods of strong s subtile or otherworldly energy. I think that as we get to right around the Pluto square, the nodes at that same time, you know, around July, 2024 and that period of time, we also have Jupiter making an exact, um, bicep tile to Pluto [01:05:00] and Venus making a bicep tile to Jupiter and the moon coming through that.

So yeah, there Arep tiles, you know, there always are though, and I tend unless asked not to talk about them unless they're like overpowering and, uh, because they confuse people and that's not my role here, that's my role in other places.

Amanda: Alright,


Amanda: well if you want personalized guidance and input on your chart, And how you will be working with these different energies, the Venus retrograde, the Pluto score, the node, all the different things that we talked about.

You can hop on over to Astrologer Connect, see who is available right now to take your call or your chat or your audio. You can do video, audio or chat and ask your question and see if you can get some insights and some direction. Um, if you have a birthday coming up and you want some birthday insights for your year ahead, it's a great place to go.

You [01:06:00] really may wanna check it out on Saturday because we may be having a cameo appearance from Mr. Rick Levine himself, which is amazing. Uh, so

Rick: you might be able, maybe no promises, but maybe yes, probably if, if so, probably later in the day, later in the

Amanda: day, Pacific time on Saturday, Rick Levine might make a ca cameo and you might be able to get.

Him to look at your chart, which would be amazing. Um, the other thing is we are going to be running a special for Astrology Foundations next week. So if you are not on our Cosmic Insider mailing list, now would be a great time to get on. You can go to astrology, and then you will find out about the special that we're, we're running on astrology foundations.

So if you ha, if you haven't already taken that, um, There's some little, little special incentives to sweeten the pot for you, so go to astrology and make sure you're on that list, and we'll make sure that you know what they are. All [01:07:00] right. Anything else you wanna say in closing, Rick, to just send us off into

Rick: July.

Two things, three things. One is I'd like to acknowledge Darryl, who I agree with, he says There ain't no cure for the summertime blues. Uh, good one. Um, num number two. Um, I would just like to say that I saw some people chatting about, um, the Omega, um, Institute, uh, weekend, um, that, uh, will be Ann Orley, Lin Bell, Maurice Fernandez, Rachel Lang, and myself.

It's like, uh, privilege to be hanging out with four such awesome, you know, astrologers. Um, and that's just north of New York City. There are still some openings I think it's gonna fill up. But, but, but there are still some openings and I, someone was asking about carpooling from where, I don't know you didn't say that, but, um, but, um, yeah, that, I'm looking forward to that.

And [01:08:00] also, uh, my, uh, 10 day retreat in Goa, India, which is December 6th through the 16th, is also. Filling up. Well, it's a little bit more than half full right now. Um, so there are about, maybe about 10 or 15 slots still open that will fill up and you can find out all about that a day by day curriculum by going to Heaven and Earth workshops.

That's all one word, heaven and earth And that's going to be my highlight of the year and I think the highlight of the year for pretty much anyone who's coming. Yeah, I hear that Amanda might be joining us.

Amanda: I might make a cameo at your retreat and you'll make a cameo on Astrology Connect.

I like it. Um, I'll tell

Rick: you what, I'll, I'll, I'll commit to a com, um, to making a cameo, um, on yours if you commit to, no, I'm kidding.

Amanda: Um, okay. Discerning light is asking what are the hours you can do this? It is 9:00 [01:09:00] AM eastern to 9:00 PM Eastern. We have astrologers staffed. You could totally get lucky at another time and there might be an astrologer there, but we made sure that there are astrologers there from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern this week so that your odds of getting an astrologer live is very, very, very high.

We have Clarissa Dolphin and Taylor Schuler on there right now. Gemini. Brett was on there just a little bit earlier and like I said, Rick might be there on Saturday, which is really cool. Um, oh, pretty and Pinks wondering, when's your next cafe

Rick: event? Uh, uh, because I'll be at Omega. There is none on, uh, this, there, there will be no first Friday of July event, but in August I'll be back there.

I'll be there in August, September, October and November. And in December we'll do a live from India. Wow.

Amanda: That's epic Rick. Yeah. All right, everybody, thank you so much for being here. I hope that you feel prepared [01:10:00] and that you have some insights and clarity on the month ahead.

Rick: And wait one second, because someone discerning light said 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific, and no, that's wrong.

At 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern, isn't that what you said? No, no, no, no. 9:00

Amanda: AM to 9:00 PM eastern. 6:00

Rick: AM Oh, so it's six to six. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Um, yeah. I might not be on until after that.

Amanda: Oh, that's fine. That's fine. Actually, I, I kind of like that. You, you'll, you'll extend our little

Rick: Saturday night with Rick.

Amanda: Yes. Saturday night with Rick. Oh my God. Who wants that? Make sure you go on over to astrology Scroll and look for Rick. If you can't get Rick, there's other amazing astrologers too, but, um, God,

Rick: some lucky people. Yeah. Yeah. The staff that you got, the people who are doing this, um, I, I know almost all of them in their work, and it's what a lineup.

Amanda: Yes. We, we wanted to make sure that you all have access, easy access to [01:11:00] high quality astrology readings so that you know, you know, the astrologers are good, that you can trust the, the guidance, the input. Um, so that was a huge focal point for us. Yeah. Still is. All right. Thank you everybody. It's been so great to spend this time here with you.

Hope you have an amazing month. We'll see you, the cosmic connection on July 6th. We're gonna be exploring some themes around Astr. What astrology has is telling us about the future of ai, which I think is gonna be really

Rick: fascinating. So, and maybe even the future of I, ah, I like that. Yes. And I don't mean I as an ego eye, I mean the future of intelligence.


Amanda: I like that. Yeah. That's really cool. All right. Take care everybody, and we will catch you on the next episode. Thank

Rick: you for being here. Thanks all. Thanks, Amanda. Thank you, Rick.

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