Mercury Square Saturn & the Meaning of Planets in Detriment w/ Christopher Renstrom

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Prohibitive Communication

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 About the challenges of Mercury in Sagittarius, where its opinionated nature meets discomfort, contrasting its analytical prowess in Gemini and Virgo.
🌒 How Saturn in Pisces invites a contemplative silence, resisting the sway of dominant beliefs and valuing emotional connections over words.
🌓 The complex square between Mercury in Sagittarius and Saturn in Pisces on November 10th, highlighting the tension between expressive opinions and the mistrust of language.

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Hello, my name is Christopher Renstrom, and I’m your weekly horoscope communist here on Astrology Hub. And this week, I wanted to talk to you about Mercury in Sagittarius forming a square to Saturn in Pisces on November 10th. But, before we do, did you know that you could read about transits to your own sign by subscribing to my weekly newsletter?

Go to astrologyhub. com slash horoscope. Again, that’s astrologyhub. com slash horoscope to subscribe. Now, let’s talk about that Mercury Saturn square. This week, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, where it will immediately form a square to prohibitive Saturn in the zodiac sign of Pisces.

Now, what is Mercury in Sagittarius like? Well, Mercury, as we know, is the planet of the way we speak, the way we communicate. it rules over the things we say.

the way that we want to say it, our conviction about what we’re saying, and it also rules over our ability to listen, to take in what the other person has to say. Now, there are 12 signs in the Zodiac, which means that there are 12 ways that your Mercury can communicate in an astrological chart. So when Mercury enters the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius, well, It’s very loud and it’s very opinionated.

Now Mercury is in detriment in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Detriment in astrology means not at home. The planet isn’t as comfortable in that sign as it is in the sign where it’s in domicile, or the sign that it rules.

Mercury At Home in Gemini & Virgo

Mercury rules the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. It’s, said to be most at home, most comfortable in these signs.

In Gemini and Virgo, Mercury is analytical. It’s very, shrewd and clever, it studies the facts and the details, and it’s always really good, with a comeback, with a really good comeback line. Now, Gemini and Virgo analyze, information differently. Gemini’s information comes from conversation.

Okay, so Gemini is always involved in having conversation with other people. It learns things from other people. And the things that, Gemini learns from other people are things that need to be put to use right away. So there’s a kind of immediacy. to a Mercury ruling Gemini, something that the, that both the sign and the planet both share.

it’s what information can I get as quickly as possible and put it to use as, as fast as possible. But Geminis are very good at listening for the facts. They’re very good at, ferreting out the inconsistencies. And so as they are speaking or conversing with someone, they’re also analyzing what the person said, sometimes even saying, well, you just said this and saying it back to the person and the person saying, I did, I don’t remember.

Yes, you did. Maybe, maybe about two minutes ago, you said this. How, does that, square with, what you’re talking about? And so the person might be like flummoxed. And so this is, Gemini’s are very good at being active listeners and active speakers. They’re, interactive is probably the best way of putting it and they think very fast on their feet and their ability to identify a problem and to solve it comes very, quickly.

It’s very easy with that sign. The way that Virgo analyzes, Virgo almost needs to leave the conversation. Okay. And it needs to work out the solution to a problem. by itself. it, it, doesn’t want to be dealing with people’s, opinions or input or something like this. it almost wants to go off and figure out, what the problem is and, come up with the solution and then come back and, deliver it.

So Gemini is much more spontaneous than, Virgo in its interactiveness. But Virgo, when it comes back, will teach. Or train someone in a method that is very easy to follow. Okay, I think part of the reason why Virgo leaves a situation to really analyze and think about it is because they feel very much a responsibility to communicate this to someone so that they learn it for themselves.

that, the action steps or the methodical steps that someone takes are easy to take. They’re not hard to follow. And this is something that Virgo will very much focus on. So Mercury in, Gemini and Virgo are pretty much problem solving placements, analytical, and coming up with the solution.

But Virgo also shares with, Gemini in immediacy. This, whatever solution I come up with has to be able to be applied immediately and effectively, and so that’s the way that these two zodiac signs work.

Mercury in Detriment in Sagittarrius & Pisces

Now, Mercury in the signs of its detriment. and a detriment is any sign that is opposite the sign that a planet rules or as is at home in.

Okay, so Mercury in the sign of its detriment. if Mercury rules Gemini, it’s in detriment in Sagittarius. If Mercury rules Virgo, it’s in detriment in Pisces. What’s interesting is that Mercury is in its detriment in Jupiter ruled signs. And that tells you something right away. Okay. Mercury is very much about studying the detail or listening for the small inconsistency or playing with the word.

And it’s very, as I said, interactive and, immediate Mercury in the Jupiter ruled signs. Jupiter is the largest of all the planets in the solar system. Mercury and a Jupiter’s ruled sign is not. analytic in the way that we understand analytic. It’s more, preaching or talking about big ideas.

Okay. And with the Jupiter ruled signs, Sagittarius and Pisces, what they have in common is anything of philosophical, anything of, belief based, ideas, big ideas, larger than life concepts, huge unanswerable questions like, what is life about and what is the reason for my existence? Okay, these are questions that for Sagittarius or Pisces.

They could just pursue them all day. They could be like, what is life about? What is the point of my existence? Do I have a higher meaning? Maybe I should go look for it. Okay. Sagittarius and Pisces, these are the Zodiac signs of pilgrimages of spiritual pursuits Of, of, of quiet and solemn retreats, okay, where they really ponder, the big questions in life.

As you can imagine, this is of little, if any, interest to a Gemini or Virgo. They’re I don’t feel like going on a retreat. The answer’s right here. It needs to be quickly solved. We don’t have time to go and, on a pilgrimage, things need to be taken care of pronto, immediately, quickly, okay?

And so that’s the difference between the two. again, Mercury is more comfortable, most comfortable taking care of things in the moment, taking care of things immediately. And Genuity and identifiable, Mercury traits. When it’s in detriment, it can, it doesn’t lose its quickness, and it doesn’t really lose its spontaneity, but what it loses is its focus, okay?

it, there’s more of a detail, orientation when it’s in Gemini and Virgo, but when it’s in, Sagittarius and Pisces, the statements are more sweeping, The, message is more global, and the questions asked aren’t really meant to be answered. They’re meant to be thought about, or pondered, or to leave people speechless with like, that was so profound, it resonates in such a, it’s a different way of messaging, right?

Mercury in Sagittarius

what is Mercury in Sagittarius? Well, as you can imagine, Mercury in Sagittarius is going to be very opinionated, and it’s going to have very colorful opinions. It’s probably going to have an opinion about everything that is going to be discussed, whether that opinion has been contemplated or studied.

Whether that opinion is even informed, that’s beside the point. What’s important is to weigh in with an opinion, to have something to say, okay? This is what’s important for anyone with a Mercury in Sagittarius. people who have Mercury in Sagittarius are natural storytellers, and they’re natural stand up comics, okay?

they’re natural storytellers because the truth never sounds as good as the way they tell it when you have Mercury in Sagittarius. it’s told with great, with great theatricality or great conviction or personal experience or just being possessed of the spirit and speaking, and speaking from an inspired place.

Okay. so this can be very much part of the Mercury in Sagittarius. What you also get with Mercury in Sagittarius is a little. bit of the preaching, okay, a little bit of the, sermonizing, one finger pointed up to God, and extolling on the great, beliefs and truths, of the universe.

Okay, you can very much get this with the, Mercury in Sagittarius type. it, and remember that Sagittarius is a moral sign, which is very different from Gemini, if you think about it. Gemini can be moral, but it’s not really married to it. Gemini is more interested in how do we get from point A to point B, and sometimes that’s done in a transparent above board way.

But sometimes if you need to cut corners and take a shortcut. That’s what you need to do. so Gemini isn’t too concerned about, what the moral point of something may be, because it knows that at certain points, you have to bend the rules to get something done. with Sagittarius, They don’t really bend the rules.

They see themselves as a natural exception to the rule. But anyway, sorry, it’s a Jupiter thing. but with Sagittarius, it’s, this extolling of great truths. this, preaching, there’s a moral clause or purpose to what they have to say. and what you can also get, as I said, the stand up comedian, a Mercury in Sagittarius will say and do just about anything for the, punch line, the laugh line.

Okay. So yes, there is that quality to the Mercury in Sagittarius. There’s that moment where they’re Oh, I really shouldn’t say this, but. Boy, is that a good laugh line? I’m gonna, I’m gonna say it anyway. even if people are like, how could you? They’re like, yeah, but you laughed.

So, that is part of the Mercury in Sagittarius thing. The other element that you get with the Mercury in Sagittarius is the proselytizer, meaning the converter. Okay, so it’s not enough to just, have a finger pointing up to God and to be on a first name basis with God. People with Mercury in Sagittarius, which also have this need to convert.

it’s not so much winning the debate as it is, I need to convert you to my way of thinking. I need to convert you to my way of seeing the world. And again, that’s where Jupiter is showing its, qualities, in the zodiac sign that it rules, which is Sagittarius. So there could be the sermonizing and there can be the proselytizing and there can be, without having been prompted or asked the expression of very colorful opinions.

this reminds me a lot of, when I was a teenager, when I was in my salad days, when I was green with youth, there was a commercial that was on TV for a product, which I thought was like, was the most fantastic thing. And it was called, Mr. Microphone. Yes, it was called Mr. Microphone, and I think it was put out by Ronco, which put out like a bazillion things in the 1970s.

Okay, but Mr. Microphone was that, you could have a microphone, and you could plug it into a radio. and, but I think it had to be like FM or something like that. But you could plug into the radio, and you could talk and it would just like be really loud, and everyone could hear it. And so You know, if you had like a boom box or if you had like a transistor radio, or if you had like your car radio, you could plug in your Mr.

Microphone and everyone could hear you. And I remember asking my mom, could you buy me a Mr. Microphone for Christmas? And she’s like, Christopher, not a good idea. And I was like, why not? And she’s like, trust me. not a good idea. and so I didn’t get my Mr. Microphone, but Mr. Microphone, in this commercial, what was so funny, was first of all, the women never spoke.

Well, okay. The microphone was always being passed to a guy who would start speaking. Okay. So the women were just they’re like, to look admiringly at this guy who’s just going on about whatever with this Mr. Microphone. So that I think was a giveaway. and I think that, cause it was very much like men talking, hogging microphone, and then there was like, and they would show Mr. Microphone in different vignettes. Like there was like groove guy listening to his radio and singing it out with Mr. Microphone, Or there was like this, kid who had, blonde curly hair who was like, Hey, good looking. We’ll be back to, we’ll be, we’ll swing back to pick you up later.

So Mr. Microphone was really, honestly, it was the fantasy of Mercury and all fire signs. It was just the, it was their dream come true. It was like, everyone’s going to hear me, and I could be cheesy in public. Okay. So this was like Mr. Microphone. And so this can be what. happens with a Mercury in Sagittarius.

It could be like, I’m talking really loudly and everyone’s going to hear what I have to think and say and things like this. And so what you can miss with the Mercury in Sagittarius is the idea of, are people listening and are, and do people want to hear what you have to say?

and that brings up the Saturn in Pisces.

Saturn in Pisces

no sooner does Mercury enter the zodiac sign of Sagittarius on November 10th, then it is squared by Saturn in Pisces. Now. Saturn and Pisces has its own relationship to communication. First of all, one of the phrases that comes to mind when I think of Saturn and Pisces is vow of silence.

Okay, Pisces is a zodiac sign that, is associated to mystical and profound experiences. in astrology, We often will read associations of signs with the houses and an archetypal model. the Ninth House, for instance, is the house of long journeys and of religious institutions, and we’ll often think, okay, that’s Sagittarius.

And then the Twelfth House, of course, is mystical, heretical, and it ruled all of those, beliefs or religious faiths outside the mainstream. Okay, so, with the Ninth House, there’s… Sagittarius, you have almost, institutional religion. This is religion defined by its doctrine, and, defined by its masses, okay?

And, religions like corporations, which are also, ruled by the Ninth House, want to, merge and acquire, or they want to invite as many people into the fold as possible. And so there can be a very strong conversion, impulse, to, to that 9000, therefore, to Jupiter and perhaps even to Sagittarius.

the 12th house, which is, associated to Pisces only archetypally, in the archetypal chart, which is what I’m referencing here, it’s more the mystical, the quiet experience. you can have the person giving the sermon, speaking to everyone in a church or a religious setting, and then you can have the monk or the nun who’s retreated from all of that and who studies.

In the silence of their own heart and soul, the speaking of, God or whatever the particular deity may be. So there’s a sense of retreating away from the public realm of this is what you have to believe. with Pisces, it’s more like I’m on a mystical journey and it doesn’t matter if I’m sharing it with other people or not.

It resonates and is very powerful for me. But monks and nuns. were often associated with Pisces and or the 12th house. one of the things that was featured for monk or nun was the vow of silence. Okay, so the vow of silence of like not speaking, or only speaking to particular people, keeping one’s own counsel.

It was seen, in some regards as obedience, and was certainly satirized as obedience, but in the act it was more a regard of keeping one’s own counsel with the conscience of God. So it was seen as really communing with God in a very private and a very personal way. So by a vow of silence as part of the, Saturn and Pisces, you don’t.

you don’t speak, okay? you can easily see how that would, square the Mr. Microphone, Mercury and Sagittarius, okay? Which is what it’s all about, like, it’s like Saturn and Pisces is like, shh, don’t speak, if you ever saw Boldus over Broadway, shh, Don’t speak.

Okay, it’s that vow of silence. the other thing that you have with, Saturn and Pisces is Saturn and Pisces is not easily swayed. And that’s an interesting idea because, well, is Saturn and Pisces not easily swayed because it’s skeptical? because it’s cynical? questioning, full of doubt.

I find that a Saturn and Pisces is not easily swayed, especially by something doctrinal. Okay, something that says this is what you should believe. it’s not easily swayed out of its resistance. All right. a word that doesn’t get a lot of play these days, which is interesting, because there’s accusations of it all over the place, but a word that doesn’t really get a lot of play these days is the word heresy or heretic.

Okay, now, Other religions are very quick to point out how followers of other religions aren’t really aren’t real people because they haven’t signed on to, their idea. this has been going on with religion since, the dawn of time. so, if you were a heretic, you were basically a follower of a competing religion.

Okay. Or you might even have once been a follower of the dominant religion, but now you’ve branched off in a different direction. And you are, in rebellion to, the way that God should be understood, okay? So a heretic was either, following a religion that had nothing to do with the dominant religion, or it was a follower of a dominant religion who now wanted to go off in a very different direction.

And so that… was almost like seen as open rebellion to the dominant religion. So heretics, like witches, were burned at the stake on a pretty regular basis, and, were certainly persecuted during the 500 years of the Spanish Inquisition. But, that not easily swayed doesn’t necessarily, as I said, come from a skepticism or cynicism.

It comes from a resistance, okay, that Saturn and Pisces not easily swayed. I’m not going to be won over platitudes. I’m not going to be told what to believe. I’m not going to be forced to genuflect or to honor a creed that I don’t believe in or that doesn’t resonate. With my soul, my soul and my relationship to my soul is something that is higher or different from what is established, and I’m not going to bend the knee to it.

so this, is where the kind of Saturn and Pisces comes from if it’s in your astrological chart, if you find yourself. resisting, bending the knee. And it doesn’t have to be in a religious context. It might even be at work or something. When you’re told what to do, anytime someone tells you what to do, and there’s a resistance to it, that’s a Saturn in Pisces.

and the resistance isn’t to be a troublemaker. The resistance is, I feel like I’m answering to a higher authority, Or another authority and I’m not going to be converted to, to, to you. I’m not going to go and join your cause or your community because I’m being forced to, I answer to something else.

And as you could imagine, heretics were often oppressed and often, vilified, things that we’ve discussed before with the planet Saturn. And so this becomes, quite. embedded in the zodiac sign of Pisces, which has a tendency to be connected to, martyrs and saints, and, there were many people who were put to death because of their beliefs and because of their resistance to what was the domineering, belief.

And so finally, when we look at the, Saturn in Pisces, What we have here is also a mistrust of words. All water signs, pretty much in general cancer. scorpion Pisces have a mistrust of words. they feel like when someone starts pelting them with words, they’re camouflaging something or they’re trying to, play with their head.

or they’re telling them that what they feel doesn’t matter, or what they feel isn’t rational, or what they feel is made up, okay? The water signs are a deeply feeling sign, okay? feelings don’t easily lend themselves to articulated words. They lend themselves to writing. You see a lot of water signs involved in writing, but writing is not the same thing as speaking.

And the water signs, because they really feel the presence of the emotion so powerfully, and feelings are meant to be felt, and so what they really rely on is an emotional rapport with someone else. when someone starts hitting them with words, like, telling them, well, what do you feel, and the water signs inclination is often like, I don’t know, what do like, like not to really talk about it, because feelings are meant to be felt, it’s almost sacrosanct.

so there’s this real mistrust of words, that words can be manipulative, that words can be mocking, that words can devalue their own personal experience.

The Mercury-Saturn Square and How it May Show Up

So here you have, and squares you can always see in world wrestling, okay, it’s Mercury and Sagittarius versus Saturn and Pisces.

ding, go at it. okay. So here you have the two, planets going, at one another in a square. And so it begs the question, do you do when someone confronts you with something you said, okay, that harmed them, that hurt them. What is your reaction? Okay, I’m not talking about this week, someone saying what you said is untrue, because those conversations go on every day.

But, how do you react when someone says to you, what you said hurt? or what you Talk about, online and social media or whatever, causes a lot of harm, or someone confronts you, maybe with something you said years and years ago, that, that caused them pain. Okay. What is your reaction to that?

Is it to outshout them? talk louder than they’re talking. Is it to justify what you said? well, I have freedom of expression. This is what I think. This is what I have to say. Deal with it. do pump up the chest and get, Jupiterian, portrait pulpit, like, and rail at them.

or do you, pretend like it never happened? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I never said such a thing. I, my memory’s fuzzy on, on, on that. but what is your reaction when someone really takes you to one side and says, What you said hurt me. What you said harmed me. What you said disparaged me.

And this puts me in mind very quickly of an incident that happened to me when I was at the Juilliard School of Drama for a hot year. I wanted to be a playwright, not an actor. And so in order to do that, I had to travel, transfer over to the NYU Department of Playwriting and Film. But I did do one marvelous year.

Yeah, one marvelous year at the Juilliard School of Drama. but we were doing, actually, I learned a lot. I hated every day of it, but I learned a lot. Okay, so it was very saturday in that year at the Juilliard School of Drama. But, We were in an acting class and we were doing Stanislavski method or maybe it was like Strasberg method or somebody’s method, acting and method acting is, it’s complex, but it deals with drawing on yourself as a personal instrument and sets objectives and sense memory and all these sorts of things.

It’s basically things to help you imagine. Okay. Not to know, but to imagine. Imagine. a character. And so we were doing, an exercise where half the class were animals in a zoo. I think we had been told to go to the Bronx Zoo, the week before, and look at the animals, but then also to look at the people looking at the animals, thing.

and where other people are just interacting normally, we as an acting class were going up there and like black turtlenecks and really studying the chimpanzee and really studying, coming up to someone looking at the chimpanzee and studying them with great interest. I think we succeeded in unsettling a number of people who had come to see the animals that day with our fervent and serious approach to studying their interactions.

But anyway, so now we were back in acting class. And, I had seen this kid who was being a real hellraiser or something like that, and I decided I was going to be that kid, because I was on the human side and then the other class was like a llama or a panda or a chimpanzee or a leopard or something like that.

And so I was like this, punk kid and I’m like, messing up the animals and they’re reacting to me and actually uninteresting because there are actors playing animals who are just like, Oh God, Christopher is acting like a, but anyway, there was this one kid who was playing a llama and I was like, trying to upset him and, I spat at him, I spat and it landed right, like on his head and he had this like, very quick look of horror and then because he’s a really good actor, maintained, went back to his llama expression.

Okay. so this was an incident, which I didn’t think anything of because I was acting, but afterwards, after the acting was done, I was called in by the acting teacher who said, you, you spat at someone. I was like, yeah, I did. I was 18, incorrigible. But anyway, these are the things you get to do and learn at 18.

Hopefully you learn them at 18 and you go on with your life. But anyway, he was like, well, you spat at, so and And I said, yeah, he did. and he was like, and that’s really not. And I’m like, Oh, back up here. What do you mean not called for? And he’s like, that’s not okay. And he’s like, well, I was watching kids do that at the Bronx zoo when we were doing our study or whatever.

And I was being true to myself. And the teacher was like, you’re being, and I said, I was doing sense memory. I was like, I was a kid. I was like, whatever. I saw a kid do that, And I was like, okay, I’m like in my moment, I’m in like my punk moment. So I like spat at him. And so like, that should be all right.

Because I was doing sense memory. I was. I was acting. Oh, God bless acting teachers, what they have to put up with. But anyway, and so the teacher took a moment and he smiled, and he said, Christopher, what you’re saying is true. I believe that you saw a kid acting that way at the zoo. and I applaud your choice to bring that into the exercise and your commitment to your inner life was well stated.

But. Is there a way we can do it without harming another actor? And I was like, it was just a spit. And he’s like, you harmed him. you spat at him. It landed on his face. It transgressed space. It didn’t show reaction. And it wasn’t okay. And I was like, well, help me out here. how do I, how do I reconcile that with my inner life, my method acting?

and what he’s like, listen, you reconcile it like this. You’re on stage with another person. You don’t do them any harm period. Okay. that’s why we learn, stage combat. That’s why we learn how to affect an action without actually doing it. Christopher, it’s why if someone gets shot in a scene, there isn’t a bullet in the gun, okay?

it’s, this is the way it’s done. You show a respect to your fellow player. Respect a fellow player. Yes, respect to fellow player. But what about my sense memory? And you can bring the sense memory, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve stopped being Christopher. You’re an actor. You bring the sense memory, you bring your inner truth, and you respect the other person that you’re playing with.

otherwise, it’s not, you’re not, you shouldn’t be allowed on stage, because you’re not directing your instrument. You’re not directing your performance. Did I make myself clear? Yes, you made yourself clear. I’ll go back and think about it. You go back and think about it, and we’ll see you in class tomorrow.

The reason I’m telling that story is A, it was a really, he was a really great drama teacher. Okay, that’s number one. Number two, this idea of playing and interacting with people. Nowadays, we hear a lot about my Freedom of speech. I get to say the things that I say, you know, I need to be heard. I need to be Mr.

Microphone. I need to, express who I am. But how much do we really take in the impact that it’s having on other people? And how much Are we listening to what the other person says, all right? Are we so caught up in our polemical truths that they have to hear this? Are we so wrapped up in our interpersonal truths that this trumps the effect that it’s having on the other person, which might be transgressing on their space or hurting their feelings?

The square reminds us that we’re not living in the world alone. yes, you can have expression, but expression is part of communication. you don’t get to just sound off, and do whatever. There are people that you’re sharing this world, the space with. Okay. And you have an obligation to them.

you don’t have to agree. You don’t have to bend the knee and you don’t have to, demand that they, appreciate or whatever. or you can do that, but they don’t have to do it. you can say like, I want to be seen and people can be like, I, so what, when you’ve got a Mercury and Sagittarius squaring a Saturn and Pisces, it can be like a comic act in which all the jokes are going over like a lead balloon, and instead of laughing, the audience, you’re hearing chirping crickets, you have to be able to read your audience, when you have squares like these, and to read them.

Reminds me of this, Joan Rivers had a comedy show and she had, Lucille Ball on for a moment and they were talking and they were being dames together and things like that. But then they brought on this starlet who came on after Lucille Ball and the starlet, wasn’t Joan Rivers and she wasn’t Lucille Ball, not by any stretch of the imagination.

And she told what she thought was a funny story. audience was silent, but she laughed and she started to tell another funny story. And that, and the audience wasn’t laughing and she was getting nervous. And Lucille Ball leaned over to her and one of those mock whispers and said, you’re losing them.

She just said, you’re losing them kid. And that’s the thing you have to like read your audience. What am I getting at really here, which is if you have something to say, but if you’re going to say and you want people to hear it, then you need to also hear what they have to say about what you’re saying.

it’s etiquette, and it’s also basic communication, and it’s also the way that we need to be there for one another nowadays. there’s a lot of opinionating that’s going on, and there’s a lot of sermonizing, and there’s a lot of outrage, and there’s a lot of very loud voices that don’t listen to anyone else.

And we need to be able to listen to one another or to speak in a way that respects the person who’s being spoken to. That’s very important in this day and age and especially important when we also have, incendiary Mars forming an opposition to volatile Uranus. That basically means that any comment or action is going to be like gasoline thrown on the fire.

And so you can either play into that bonfire ness, that sort of bonfire of the vanities that, that may be going on this week, or you can take a moment that if you’re going to say something that you respect people’s right. to listen and to respond to it. It’s what makes you a, communicator and it’s also what makes you a role model.

It’s a way that you can set being a role model so that you just don’t become a Mr. Microphone, but someone who is very interactive and a part of the community that you live in.



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