As the fastest-moving planet who could appear anywhere in the night sky along the Ecliptic path, he evokes separating from the pack and following your own path. His ruddy glow linked him with blood and fire, anger and war.

To the classical Babylonian, Greek and Roman mind, Mars signified the sacred Warrior. Sometimes even the god of doom and destruction.

The Meaning of Mars in Astrology

The meaning of Mars in Western astrology follows closely from his appearance in the heavens – his red color and his position as the first planet beyond the Earth’s orbit.

As the sacred Warrior of the sky, Mars strengthens and fortifies, protects and defends, even stands firm when it’s time to hold.

Mars’ has the guts to chart his own path. Consequently, his vibe helps us to break away, to separate from the pack, to pioneer, to compete. Even to walk into exile for the sake of your principles.

Thanks to his fiery appearance, Mars suggests things that stimulate, burn, enflame, irritate, cause anger or even explode.

But such a potent force can get out of hand quickly. Unskilled or “negative” Mars can be violent, reckless, cruel, enraged and destructive.

Mars in a Horoscope Chart

And so, in an astrological chart, Mars’ might signify situations which require:

  • Taking action, ambition or getting fired up for something
  • Strength, fortitude
  • Protecting oneself and others
  • Separation, division
  • Self-assertion, competition
  • Impulsiveness, reckless
  • Aggression, force, struggle, violence, combative

There’s no such thing as a complete list of planetary “keywords.” You’ll need to make it your own considering other variations on the theme. You got this!

Astrology Glyph for Mars

The glyph for Mars suggests force or action. Some say it’s the image of the Warrior’s shield and spear, or sometimes just a spear.

Today’s glyph for Mars is a circle, with an arrow pointing outward. It’s this outward push that inspires us to engage with the world with courage and determination.

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