Venus Planets Astrology

About Venus

The sparkling jewel of the heavens, all eyes are naturally drawn to Venus.  After the Sun and Moon, Venus is the next brightest object in the sky. Her dazzling beauty has served as a muse and inspiration for artists and poets for millennia.

Earth’s closest neighbor, she can never travel more than 48 degrees from the Sun in our skies. And so, we know her as both Morning Star and Evening Star.

The Meaning of Venus in Astrology

As the goddess of love, all acts of beauty and pleasure belong to Venus. She is the attractive force.

Whenever we feel pleasure, or seek to please ourselves or others, we are celebrating Venus. She governs all desire and beauty, and all things that soothe and delight our senses, entertain us and bring us satisfaction.

Just as Venus yearns to reunite with the brilliant Sun, she also graces all who pursue union. She seeks to relate, socialize, reconcile, harmonize and love.

Venus also moves beyond union and desire to satisfaction, even possession. At her most ardent, she seeks to acquire, to purchase, or own.

On the flip side, an unskilled or “negative” use of Venus might include: vanity, lust, jealousy, envy, self-indulgence, or obsession.

Venus in a Horoscope Chart

In an astrological chart, Venus relates to themes including:

  • Romance. attraction, affection, sex
  • Sensuality and pleasure
  • Beauty, aesthetics, art, grace
  • Harmony, courtesy, politeness, diplomacy
  • Social gatherings
  • Indulgence, luxury, vanity, possessiveness 

Of course, this is just a start; use your imagination and see what you come up with for yourself from your own experience of Venus.

Astrology Glyph for Venus

The earliest glyph for Venus looked like a necklace, or even a hand mirror, both symbols of adornment or beauty.

Today, we use a circle, with the cross of matter beneath it. The glyph evokes Plato’s philosophy: that love, in its highest form, reminds us of our eternal yearning to reunite with our spiritual or divine nature.

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  1. Katrina on February 10, 2018 at 10:28 am

    Attraction. Love and beauty can create
    satisfaction for us on a date. Queen
    of Taurus and of Libra too, serene
    her charm disarms. It can infatuate
    the unsuspecting, self-indulgent mate.
    Her senses are intense. A fertile gene
    inhabits finance. Venus is not mean.
    She uses dress, warmth to express. It’s great.
    Closer than the other inner planets
    her sparkle makes a mark, full of promise.
    Invest in hope. The Sun hugs her from his
    halo. She is hot, opaquely manic.
    Shrouded by dense cloud, blistered from above,
    our sister twists all wistful woes with love.

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