About the 10th House

The Tenth House represents the highest point in the sky planets can travel during the day (in the northern hemisphere, this is in the southern sky.)

Because this area of the sky contains the planets and stars that are the most elevated at the time, it also has to do with the highest potential of that moment. (And yes, the pun is most definitely intended.)

So it’s related to your “calling,” in other words your vocation, or purpose in the world. It’s your status or reputation; nowadays we also relate it to your career.

10th House Astrology Keywords

People: Bosses, the public, decision-making authorities, those who enforce the law, parents (traditionally, the mother)

Places: Workplaces, public spaces

Things: Occupation, public status, vocation, career, reputation, fame, aims, ambition, fulfillment, honors, accomplishments, authority, the future.

Sample Questions Answered by the 10th House

  • What is my vocation, my work in the world?
  • How do I contribute to society?
  • How do I earn respect?
  • How do I relate to authority?





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