The 6th House

About the 6th House

The Sixth House was known as the House of Mars. It’s a place of hard work, those who work hard, or those who work for you. It also a house of all your duties and obligations, that presumably require effort to fulfill.

It’s also the house of illness or health, since maintaining your own body is a kind of obligation, so that it can serve you in return.

As the “House of Mars,” this all alludes to the notion that Mars is at his best when he has a job to do, something constructive toward which he expends his energy.

6th House Astrology Keywords

People: Your employees, your pets, people to whom you are obligated, your subordinates, health professionals, caretakers

Places: Your workplace, the gym (as health routine), the sickbed

Things: Duties, places in which you fulfill obligations, employment (for earning a living), your illness, service given and received, work environment, diet & exercise (as health routine), filtration systems

Modern & Hellenistic Astrology’s Planetary and Zodiac Correlations 

 There is often confusion as you go deeper into the symbolism of the Astrological houses for there are a plethora of approaches to interpreting them. Modern Astrologers commonly refer to the “Natural House System” opposed to the ancient Hellenistic Astrological approach of using what are called the “Planetary Joys”. To learn more about the nuances and details of the Twelve Astrological Houses click here.

Natural House (Modern): Mercury

Natural House Zodiac Sign (Modern): Virgo

Planetary Joy (Hellenistic): Mars

Ancient name (Hellenistic): Bad Fortune

Mode/Quadrant: Cadent (last)

Sample Questions Answered by the 6th House

  • To whom am I responsible?
  • What duties am I required to fulfill?
  • Do my day-to-day habits support my health?
  • How do I treat others who do work for me?



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