About the 5th House

If you’ve ever studied astrology, you’ll already know the Fifth House contains all acts of pleasure. Romance and sex absolutely. Plus vacations, playtime, and anything else fun.

And so it’s no surprise it was known as the House of Venus, because contains all the yummy things she loves.

It’s also the House that follows the 4th House (or the 2nd from the 4th), so it contains the objects that belong to the 4th house – or your family heritage. So children, of course, but also the family estate, and anyone who manages or advises the family estate.

5th House Astrology Keywords

People: Your lover, your children, your lawyer, your agent

Places: Places of leisure, the gym (as playground)

Things:  Vacations, romance, fun, excitement, love affairs, pleasure, the arts, dancing, luxuries, hobbies, sports, games, gambling, speculation, risk-taking, value of your family’s estate/legacy

Sample Questions Answered by the 5th House

  • What brings me joy and pleasure?
  • How do I play?
  • How do I take risks?
  • What do I find romantic?
  • What are my children like?

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