The 7th House

About the 7th House

The place where the Sun sets in the West is the Seventh House. It’s opposite the first, so it contains what’s NOT you – or in other words “The Other.”

Especially the important others in your life – your spouse, partners (business or romantic) of course.

But also the other side of a debate, the other team. Even your adversaries or competitors.

7th House Astrology Keywords

People: Your spouse, partners, your open enemies, competitors

Places: Courtrooms, other people’s homes

Things: Partnerships, lawsuits, competitions, contracts, conflicts

Modern & Hellenistic Astrology’s Planetary and Zodiac Correlations 

There is often confusion as you go deeper into the symbolism of the Astrological houses for there are a plethora of approaches to interpreting them. Modern Astrologers commonly refer to the “Natural House System” opposed to the ancient Hellenistic Astrological approach of using what are called the “Planetary Joys”. To learn more about the nuances and details of the Twelve Astrological Houses click here.

Natural House (Modern): Venus

Natural House Zodiac Sign (Modern): Libra

Planetary Joy (Hellenistic): None

Ancient name (Hellenistic): Setting Place / Setting Angle

Mode/Quadrant: Angular (first)

Sample Questions Answered by the 7th House

  • How do I relate with others?
  • Who are my ideal partners?
  • What kinds of relationships do I have?  (or want to have?)
  • What is my attitude toward commitment?



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