COSMIC INSIDER: What are your 3 tethers?

This week the sky is overflowing with Pisces energy and you may find yourself wavering between feeling profoundly inspired and incredibly overwhelmed.


Our Weekly Astrological Weather Guest, Nura Rachelle, reminded us that in times like this, remaining clear and discerning is challenging, but also incredibly important… 


And because Pisces likes the number 3, we thought it could be helpful for you to identify 3 “tethers” or “anchors” you can use this week to keep you tuned into the expansive energy of Pisces where creative solutions and inspired ideas exist, without getting swept away in a current that leaves you reaching for distractions or feeling bowled over. 


Here’s my personal list of 3 tethers I’m committing to this week, to help get your creative juices flowing! 


  1. Do one thing each day that feels nurturing
  2. Begin and end the day with gratitude
  3. Put away all screens (phone, computer, etc) after 7:00 at night


One thing Nura said that I couldn’t agree with more… is that “You’re needed in a world that’s spiraling.” So what can you commit to doing (or not doing) this week to help you stay centered and helpful as the currents swirl around you? 


Nura’s episode was a must-see this week, plus we have incredible wisdom and stellar storytelling from Christopher Renstrom on Mercury in Pisces and personal insights into how the weather is affecting YOU this week on Star Signs Weekly with Jamie Magee


Thank you for sharing your starlight with this community, I am so grateful you’re here!


With love,
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