Supporting Your Pisces Child

Who is a Pisces Child? A “Pisces child” is considered to be anyone with their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign (Ascendant) in Pisces, or if multiple planets (3 or more) are in the sign of Pisces.



Your Pisces Child


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live in a world where all the dirt has turned to cotton candy? Or perhaps a place where all the plants have silly mustaches and sing operatic hymns every time you look at them? 

Pisces Child


These might seem like crazy scenarios, but in the mind of your Pisces child, that's just a casual Monday. And though to a “regular” person it's easy to accept these as a fantasy, for Pisces, there's a certain level of reality to every dream, crazy thought, or idea.


They're not merely a dreamer, they live inside a dream, and in the rare case that they don't, it's simply because they've achieved the colossal feat of turning their imaginal world into everyone else's reality.


This is probably why Pisces is associated with the constellation of the Fishes where one insists on swimming towards the heavens, and the other descends down to earth. As Cameron Allen puts it:


“The most majestic expression of Pisces is not just one thing, it's a mystic, a visionary and an artist all wrapped up into one thing!”


When everything feels so real and so possible, it's easy to understand why your child seems so emotive at times. This is because if everything feels real, then everything is a big deal.


Pisces Child – Key Attributes


One of the main things every parent of a Pisces child needs to know is that they're like a sponge—even more so than any other child. They're soft and tender, and there's no fluid in their path that won't be absorbed. And this can be literal, like an addiction to sugary juice boxes, but they can just as well soak in the waters of the heart, from tears of joy or sorrow to the sweat of anxious hands.


No wonder, Pisces is sometimes famed to be the wettest of the water signs. But it's easy to see why when you understand the planet responsible for taking care of and providing for your child: Jupiter, the planet of everlasting expansion.


Jupiter is what turns every raindrop into an ocean, every story into an odyssey, and every step into a journey. With a planet as such as the ruler of your child's sign, they're bound to have a too-much-is-never-enough attitude. This is because everything they do is always better in their head, and they'll always strive to get as close to that mental picture as possible.


Although, Jupiter is not the only planet that contributes to your child's life story. Venus, the planet of love, marriage, peace, and compassion is also said to exalt in Pisces which then spills that idealized view of the world into all levels of their relationships. They, better than anyone else, know very well what unconditional love should look like. In other words, Pisces has permanent rose-tinted shades on. And sometimes, that can run them into trouble.


Parent Of A Pisces Child



Key Challenges for Pisces Children


Now, this is the section every parent wants to grab their Parenting Tips from! What obstacles is your child likely to face?


The most obvious challenge can be how much they feel. Their never-ending compassion will be the kind to forgive—and even try to befriend, bullies and questionable characters. They believe everyone needs a fair shot, and it may take them a while to learn that they don't have to be the one to play the role of a target.


This same idea can also translate into how they interact with their surroundings. For Pisces, even the most mundane environment can be overwhelming. Ana, the host of Seeds of Light and a Pisces ascendant recounts the story of how at some point even going to the supermarket was difficult for her. She could feel the anxiety kicking in as every sound, visual, and touch hyper-activated all of her senses. Her solution? A shield!


Ana simply started going to the market with a hood on to protect herself from the sensory overload, and this simple trick made her experience so much easier to navigate. This then shows the importance of Pisces' personal space and how it's vital for their comfort.


However, that also takes us to a separate issue, because everything in life needs a certain level of balance for it to be adequate. Shelter, can just as easily become a place of isolation. And for an individual with such a bright imagination, it might be easy to get lost in the shadows.


As a parent, you'll want to be attentive to how much time your child spends alone, and give them a nudge every now and then whenever they look a little lonely and down in the dumps. Because it's very likely that they won't even notice it.



How To Support Your Pisces Child


So, knowing all that how do you cultivate a good relationship with your child? It's not so simple as looking at the Astrology Parent-Child Compatibility. Like anything in life, it takes work and patience.


Pisces kidsAs silly as it sounds, baths can be a great way to give them a reset. This is not just because Pisces is a water sign, though. The water can make their natural sense of weightlessness a tangible experience, allowing them the time to fully process the myriad of ideas flowing through their mind. You can even take advantage of their heightened senses by introducing them to oils and scents and allowing them to curate the best home spa experience they can ever have.


And if you incentivize this behavior early, it will be something that sticks with them for life. So when they're an adult stressing out about bills and the very not-so-fantastical realities of human living, they'll know just what to do to relax and find their center.


Another fun activity for you to explore with them is a bit of a role reversal. Usually, parents will read stories to their children, but why not take advantage of your child's imagination and let them tell you a story for once? 


That can be a great opportunity for you to step into their wondrous world and find out first-hand what it's all about. Don't be afraid to ask questions, as they'll drive your child to picture the details—which for them can be quite easy to overlook.


Still, the one question you might want to give up on finding an answer from is “Why?” With a Pisces child you just have to learn to go with the flow, because for them, things just are as they are.


So if you’re raising a Pisces Child…


  • Allow them to be creative and explore their imagination, encourage and nurture their natural desire for expression.


  • Watch out for their media and food consumption as they absorb everything easily, and you want to incentivize healthy behaviors.


  • Give them the personal space they need, but make sure they don't isolate themselves.


  • Teach them the joys of luxurious self-care with baths, facemasks, meditation, etc.


  • Ask them to tell you a story.


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This article was written by Joe Santos.

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