WEEKLY DIGEST: Karma, Reincarnation & Astrology

Astrology Hub is dedicated to providing astrological wisdom and practical tools so here is your Weekly Digest to sum it all up for you!



During our 2021 Forecast Panel our guiding astrologers emphasized that in this changing landscape, it has never been more important for you to explore your passions… To put energy toward the things you feel enthusiasm around and invest time in learning new things.


Frank Clifford, our current Inner Circle Guide, placed particular emphasis on making space for things that bring you joy NOW. And also finding ways to support others in pursuing their interests and passions. 


We’re guessing astrology may be one of those things for you! That’s why we’re so excited to share the dynamic and insightful episodes we featured last week.


First, if you’re curious about past lives and karma, you’ll love this week’s episode with legendary Medical and Vocational Astrologer, Judith Hill. Your astrology chart holds clues to your particular karmic lessons AND can provide insights into your past lives… 


Here are some places Judith says you can look for hints in your own chart:


  1. If you have a planet that is exalted or in its own sign on an angle, it is said that planet and its qualities have been highly developed in a previous incarnation. Similarly, if the planet is in fall or detriment, you can see where you have karmic opportunity.


  1. Pay attention to your natural proclivities and passions, especially from childhood. Fears, phobias, obsessions, great talents… These are all hints. Also intense attractions to things (like being drawn to nautical things or an obsession with the old west) can show you where you’ve been before.


  1. Look at the South Node in your chart. It reveals where there can be past life memory bubbling up from the subconscious (phobias or neurosis). It also shows a place where you’re allowed to pay off a karmic debt, do good deeds for others, and engage in healing work.



On the Cosmic Connection, Rick led Part 2 of our exploration of the zodiac glyphs (we covered the meaning of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces symbols this week). He even does a 122 second overview of all 12 zodiac glyphs that you don’t want to miss! 


And if you’d like to study with the master himself, Rick’s much anticipated Astrology Foundations Level 2 is now open for enrollment!



For more mind-blowing sacred astronomy, Gemini Brett takes us on a journey through the heart of spirit, soul and matter on the latest StarryTelling episode.


Brett also offers his take on the Full Moon on the Leo/Aquarius axis: “When we allow ourselves to co-create and come into our imaginative space, that inspired flame that I offer comes alive.”



On the Weekly Astrological Weather, Anne Ortelee gave it a scale of 2-200, saying that the intensity of the week depends on you…


So how do you have a week that is closer to a 2 than 200? Here’s some advice from Anne!


  1. “Remember that everybody is there in your life for a reason and they’re teaching you something.” We’re all in this together.


  1. “You’re not engaging it, you’re observing it.” Resist reactivity and aim for objectivity.


  1. “If it’s hysterical, it’s historical.” If you find yourself in an emotional or high intensity space, know that there is something for you to discover in those moments, a pattern or a karmic knot for you to work with.


I also highly recommend you check out Practicing Peace in Time of War by Pema Chodron if you’re looking for an excellent read (or listen) that will help you soften your heart towards others.



And on Seeds of Light, Ana Zaharia and Dominique Jaramillo talk about how you can use astrology as a tool for healthy parenting in partnership. They dig into why open minded communication and compassion between parents is key and why Dominique encourages you to “Nurture your nature.”



Of course, if you want to go even deeper into any of these incredible topics, check out the full episodes. And if you’d like even more practical guidance on how to navigate the year ahead download your FREE 2021 Astrology Guidebook.


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