WEEKLY DIGEST: Practical tools & mindful invitations for you!

This was a jam packed week full of astrological know-how and tools so here is your Weekly Digest to sum it all up for you!



With Mars and Uranus’ meeting in the sky, you may have found yourself anxious, feeling electrically charged, and you may have had trouble sleeping…


On the Weekly Astrological Weather, Anne Ortelee says that these energies are coming together for you to do something with.


So what are you going to do? Anne has a few suggestions!


1. Ground new ideas into reality. Think about what you really want to do and how you can contribute your unique gifts to the collective.


2. Resist being reactive. Do those things that calm your nervous system and keep you rooted.


3. Look 7 degrees of Taurus in your natal chart. Are any of your natal planets involved? You can also look at where Mars and Uranus are in your chart, as well as what house Taurus is in for more insight on how this transit might be impacting you personally.



We also had a chock-full Cosmic Connection, with Rick dedicated to the deeper meaning behind the zodiac glyphs (Aries through Virgo this week – we’ll do the rest next week!)…


As always with Rick, we go way beyond surface-level and dive deep into the underlying stories the glyphs hold.


We also discuss some of the curriculum for our much anticipated Astrology Foundations Level 2 course which is now open for enrollment!



…We traveled up into the cosmos and heard mythological stories of the moon and the sun on StarryTelling with Gemini Brett. And we reviewed our sky-venger hunt homework from last week before going on a cosmic journey with the Moon.


Now, I’m a Capricorn, I love to do my homework. So I was disappointed to see that the horizon was cloudy every single night I went out to look at Mercury and Jupiter. 


But while I was in yoga, I decided to just connect with them in my imagination. I thanked Jupiter for all of the lessons of the last year and welcomed Mercury. 


And I felt so much warmth. I felt connected to both of the energies and I realized that seeing the planets is great but we don’t always need to.


So if you live in the city or just can’t see the sky clearly, remember that we can have that connection and communion even if you can’t see it visibly. Don’t let your location or visibility stop you from playing along!


As Gemini Brett says, “Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t see you.”



… We got into our bodies and explored how yoga can help us meet the astrological invitations of this time with my favorite yoga instructor, Jennifer Lynn of Wisdom Flow Yoga.


I wanted to give something practical for people to bring into their own practices as we navigate these energies together, so we discussed three of the biggest planetary invitations we have this year and how we can work with them directly. Here are some tips!


Invitation 1: Mastery of the breath (Saturn in Aquarius)

The rhythm of the breath and the depth of the breath has a direct experience on the nervous system. Breathing deeply and rhythmically can give us a sense of inner safety which can help us stay grounded through difficult times. 


Jennifer says, “The breath is what gives us that innermost calm that allows us to respond intelligently rather than react as we navigate the duality of the outer world.”


Invitation 2: Finding safety and comfort in the unknown

Your body and mind are yours but they aren’t you – we are energy. Jennifer suggests you create a healthy distance between you and your mind, between you and your body, much like the conductor of an orchestra who can see the full picture.


That detachment helps us get comfortable in the unknown. “There is a homecoming when we begin to feel ourselves as energy,” she says.


Invitation 3: Responding vs. Reacting

Learn the difference between discernment and judgement. Understand that we are sharing a field of energy. Try accepting and receiving everyone’s uniqueness while gravitating towards that which you resonate with, and separating from that which you don’t.


Jennifer reminds us that “Everything that we do is either a cry for love or an expression of love at its roots.” 



And on the latest episode of Seeds of Light, Ana Zaharia and Astrologer/Father Acyuta-Bhava talk about the Do’s and Don’t of looking at your child’s chart. Here’s a taste:


DO: “Taking a year (or any amount of time) to just experience your child before getting into their chart is a really good idea because you don’t want to objectify your child through the symbols. The symbols are meant to enhance our soul to soul connection.” Says Acyuta, which he also recommends for dating 😉


DON’T: Put too much pressure on yourself! It’s not all up to you. Unburden yourself with that idea. Acyuta says, “There is divine architecture behind their life.” You play a role. But it’s not up to you to make it go all right or all wrong.



Of course, if you want to go even deeper into any of these incredible topics, check out the full episodes. And if you’d like even more practical guidance on how to navigate the year ahead (including more great tips on how you can ground and nurture your nervous system) download your FREE 2021 Astrology Guidebook.


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