COSMIC INSIDER: February 2021 Forecast

Maybe you’ve heard our guiding Astrologers talk about how retrogrades are great times to do things that start with “re” like re-vise, re-visit, re-view… Well, we’re taking full advantage of this Mercury Retrograde moment. 


And one result of this is that we’ve changed the name of our “Weekly Digest” to the “Cosmic Insider”! It’s the same idea with a revised name, and we hope it continues to be your weekly guide for navigating the cosmic tides. 


With that said, let’s dive into Rick Merlin Levine’s February 2021 Forecast on last week’s Cosmic Connection. He says the theme for the month is “the dynamic conflict between innovation and the status quo.”


February began with Venus moving into Aquarius and forming a conjunction with Saturn giving Saturnian structure to Venusian desires and delaying gratification. It reminds us of the work that it takes to attain the things we want in life.


There is a major shift in energy that we experience this month with a dynamic pileup of planets in Aquarius. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter AND Saturn all in the sign of humanity, we are urged to let go of what we thought we knew was true and face our new reality.


The Aquarian energy tows the line between “crazy” and “genius” and Rick reminds us that “Innovation often seems crazy until it’s accepted.” So if you are feeling some of that Aquarian chill and isolation because of your out-of-the-box thinking, don’t feel discouraged. 


Challenging the status quo and infusing tradition with innovation is what this time is all about.


This Aquarius stellium also means that those planets all form a square to Mars and Uranus in Taurus. The square aspect is a balance between tension and compression. The most notable of these  squares is Saturn square Uranus on February 17th. This is the first of three Saturn/Uranus squares we will see in 2021. 


Rick says, “When Saturn and Uranus meet up, it’s like an irrepressible force (that would be Uranus) meeting an immovable object (that would be Saturn).” Here we have radical, inevitable change that ultimately creates safety and security. 


We also have a powerful New Moon in Aquarius this week on February 11th closely tied up with these squares, exacerbating the tension between the intellectual and the practical. This New Moon also aligns with the Chinese New Year and is the perfect time to make resolutions and positive changes in your life. And with a sextile to Chiron, there is space for great healing. 


Other highlights this month include a potentially very sweet Valentine’s Day with Mercury encouraging communication and Jupiter bringing in optimism, Mercury turning direct on February 20th urging us to slow down before we make decisions through the retrograde, and Mars trine Pluto on February 24th, intensifying and deepening our relationship to getting back to basics.


The culminating moment of the month is the Full Moon in Virgo on February 27th. This is a potent moment of fruition that challenges us to decide what is useful, valuable and true and what is not. 


One way you can use this month’s energies to guide your decisions right now is by asking these questions:


  • Is what I’m implementing in my life right now going to create sustainable growth and lasting change?


  • Am I considering the lessons from 2020 as I implement changes in my life now? 


  • How can I make change in my life that is rooted in something timeless?  


Maybe for you, the answers to these questions include a deeper exploration of your interest in astrology… If so, now is the perfect time to enroll in Astrology Foundations Level 2 with Master Astrologer, Rick Merlin Levine! Class begins this week (which means no Cosmic Connection until March 25th as we’ll be hosting live Q&As for the students) so now is the time to join us. 🎉🎉🎉


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