Weekly Astrology Forecast: September 25th – October 1st | Full Moon in Aries

Have you had the experience where you’re listening to an astrologer, either on our channel or another, and you feel like they are literally speaking directly to you? 

Like somehow they’ve been spying on you for a period of time because… how could they know exactly what’s going on for you right now? 

That’s what it was like for me listening to Nura Rachelle’s Weekly Astrological Weather

She literally described exactly how things are feeling for me, and I’m thinking maybe you too! There were two main things that really jumped out at me… 

First, she talked about how “thoughts become things” and that this week, if we paid attention to our thoughts and really began to choose the direction we allow our thoughts to go, we’d see a huge difference. 

And right after hearing her Nura emphasize this point, I was listening to one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Michael Beckwith, and he said we think about what we’re interested in.

“The mind gears itself around what we’re interested in. And what determines our interest? What we fear, what we hate and what we cherish & love.” 

He then went on to talk about how if our interest is pulled to what we fear and hate, we begin to feel the energy of those things… even before or if they never actually happen, which creates a negative spiral of energy in our lives. 

And if we focus on what we cherish and love, we also begin to experience the associated energies of peace and beauty, thus creating an upward trend of momentum in our lives. 

“Your mind opens up and becomes your servant for vision and possibility. You start to create a new vibrational set point, and your life trends toward success, well-being and wellness. You receive direct knowledge, direct insight on the path you should walk on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.”

Right around the last New Moon I uninstalled the Facebook and Instagram app on my phone because I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped checking them.

Would this make a positive difference? Would I miss it? Would it be neutral? 

I was getting into the habit of scrolling through social media in the “in-between” moments…

Sometimes to unwind or decompress from a long day. Other times just out of habit and a sort of “autopilot” mode…

There’s nothing necessarily bad on my feed… lots of cute dog videos, epic dancers, and of course, astrology memes and updates. 

But while there’s nothing necessarily wrong with these things, I’m not consciously directing what I’m taking in. What I’m being exposed to is being dictated by an algorithm that doesn’t necessarily have my best interest in mind. 

And even more importantly, if I wasn’t mindlessly scrolling and consuming content on social media, what else would I be doing? 

What could I proactively fill my awareness with? What would it feel like to just SIT and consume nothing? Or what could I open to that could be even more inspiring?

The experiment is still in progress but I am definitely feeling better already.

My point of telling this story is that unless we are vigilant with our thoughts and attention, there is a tide of thoughts we can easily get swept up in, and usually these tend toward the negative, not the positive. 

I love the way psychologist Peter Sage says it, “We don’t get to choose whether or not we get programmed. We’re programmable by design. We can only choose HOW we want to be programmed.”

And this is a great week to start taking back any sovereignty over your mind that you’ve allowed to slip. 

Choose to take steps on the trend toward upliftment instead of the trend toward negativity… and see what type of momentum it creates in your life. 

The other thing Nura spoke of a lot is leaning into a new, more feminine way of decision-making. 

“We have no mental concept of where we’re going, we’re coming into something new but there’s no rule book. You have to feel your way through and be instinctually guided and led.” 

Are you experiencing this too? Like you’re feeling your way in the dark? And able to take the next tentative step forward but you have no idea where you’re going, ultimately? 

Nura talked about “leaning into surprise” and not NEEDING to know why, needing to have all of the answers and a perfectly laid out plan or strategy. 

“Right now, creativity is coming through relational listening, what are people around you reflecting back to you? Maybe you don’t have to FIGURE IT OUT ALL BY YOURSELF!”  

She talked about how we’re part of a grander orchestration, “You’re not alone. You’re not here to do anything alone. Lean into your guidance both physical and celestial.”  

She talked about the importance of cultivating active listening. Joyful co-creation. Listening to all parties. Trust that what is happening for us in each moment is ALL we need to be aware of. 

And that as we come up to the Full Moon on Friday, September 29, there may be delays in your plans, but it’s important to trust that too! 

There is information, pieces of the plan, or additional clarity on our true desires or intentions that we need to gain before moving forward. 

So there you have it… the keys for this week centered around paying attention to where you’re allowing your thoughts are being fed… are they sources that are feeding fear or hatred? Or what you cherish and love? 

And embrace a more intuitive decision-making process and movement in the world. Trust that you are being given exactly what you need for your next step on the path and know that you’re not alone. 

You have celestial allies in both physical and nonphysical form helping you navigate the path forward – and you’re exactly where you need to be!

Have an amazing week ahead and happy Full Moon,


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Day by Day Horoscope Snapshot for the Week Ahead with Astrology Hub


Weekly Astrology Forecast:


🌿 Monday, September 25th: Gaining Momentum

Mercury in Virgo trine Jupiter retrograde in Taurus

Today marks the beginning of a week filled with potential and promise. The harmonious trine between Mercury and Jupiter retrograde beckons you to lean into the surprises that unfold, setting a positive tone for the days ahead. It’s a day to embrace the momentum building up, aligning your thoughts and actions with the expansive energy around. Remember, the seeds of intention you plant today can lead to fruitful outcomes.


🌪️ Tuesday, September 26th: Heart Versus Head

Moon in Aquarius opposing Venus at 20 degrees Leo

The celestial dance today highlights a tug of war between your heart and head. The Moon in Aquarius urges you to think logically, while Venus in Leo encourages you to follow your heart. It’s a day to find a balance between your feelings and rational thoughts, possibly finding a middle ground that honors both your emotional and intellectual realms. Remember, it’s through this balance that you can navigate the day with grace and understanding.


🧘 Wednesday, September 27th: Reflective Tranquility

Today offers a tranquil space for reflection amidst a bustling week. It’s a day to pause, breathe, and assimilate the insights gained so far. Whether through meditation, journaling, or a quiet walk in nature, take time to process your experiences, making sense of the emotions and realizations that surfaced. Remember, it’s through inner reflection that you can find clarity and peace.


🌌 Thursday, September 28th: Cosmic Surprises

Mercury trine Uranus

The harmonious trine between Mercury and Uranus today invites unexpected insights and cosmic surprises. It’s a day to stay open to the messages the universe is sending your way, possibly leading to breakthroughs in understanding. Remember, it’s through embracing the unexpected that you can unlock new perspectives and ideas.


🌕 Friday, September 29th: Full Moon Illuminations

Full Moon in Aries

As the Full Moon in Aries lights up the sky, it’s a day to embrace your authentic self. The luminary encourages you to show up boldly, shedding light on areas of your life that require courage and initiative. It’s a day to honor your individuality, possibly finding new ways to express your inner fire. Remember, the Full Moon’s illuminations are here to guide you towards self-discovery and personal growth.


🌸 Saturday, September 30th: Relational Harmony

Today’s energy fosters a beautiful relational harmony, encouraging connections that are both meaningful and nurturing. It’s a day to reach out to loved ones, share your heart, and celebrate the bonds that enrich your life. Remember, it’s through the simplicity of genuine interactions that you can find joy and fulfillment.


🌈 Sunday, October 1st: Preparing for New Beginnings

As you step into a new month, today offers a fresh start, inviting you to embrace new beginnings with an open heart. It’s a day to set your intentions for the month ahead, possibly planting seeds of hope and aspiration. Remember, it’s a day to look forward with optimism, ready to embrace the opportunities that October may bring.

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