Astrology This Week: Entering the Aries & Libra Eclipse Portal

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Amanda Walsh and Astrologer Taylor Shuler talk about the upcoming transits of the week, and how to navigate it.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌕 The myth-busting truth about taking action during eclipses, and why these celestial events can actually serve as catalysts for meaningful change in your life.
🌗 How the moon’s aspects to Chiron and Uranus offer opportunities for healing and sudden insights, inviting you to reflect on your personal journey from as far back as 2021.
🌘 The significance of the last quarter moon and its invitation for you to ponder what stories you want to wrap up by 2024, setting the stage for new beginnings.

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[00:00:00] In the spring, we had eclipses in Ares and Libra and Taurus and Scorpio. Then around the same 90 day point between eclipses, which was end of July, the nodes moved from Taurus and Scorpio to Ares and Libra. And so our focus shifted from Taurus and Scorpio topics like material, um, possessions, money, the earth, the environment, our psychology, our feelings, our emotions, are we being taken care of?

Are we healthy? To Ares and Libra, which is who am I and who are you and who are we together? And is this relationship mutually beneficial for both of us? And so the eclipses will happen in those two signs again. And we’re asked to sort of wrap up the nodes being in Scorpio and Taurus because they’re not there anymore.

Um, and we’re asked to move into this next phase where the nodes are in Ares and Libra and we do need to think about who we are. And that really sets us up for the week because [00:01:00] that’s what the theme of the week is. It’s who am I, what do I want, and what am I going to do about it?


Amanda: Well, hello everybody and welcome to your Astrological Weekly Weather. I’m so happy that you’ve decided to join us. We are going to be covering the week of October 2nd through the 8th with Astrologer Connect astrologer Taylor Shuler, and there is some big astrology for us to explore here together today.

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Theme of the Week

Amanda: All right,

Taylor: now

Amanda: onto the weekly weather, which I already know is big. That’s the word Taylor used, big. So let’s talk about it, Taylor. Why is the astrology this week big? And what

Taylor: would you say is the theme? Well, Amanda, this week is big for a couple of reasons. We have two planets changing signs. We’ve got Mercury moving into Libra, Venus moving into Virgo.

We are officially in eclipse season, right? Eclipse season is the two weeks before and the two weeks after the last eclipse. So the two weeks before the first eclipse. And the two weeks after the last eclipse, and after that full moon that we [00:06:00] just had on September 29th, we’re in eclipse season. So we’re in this really big time of change, uh, new beginnings, endings, a lot of energy to get things done, to move things forward.

We’ve got Mars meeting up with the south node at squaring Pluto. , and it’s just, it, it just feels like something’s happening.

Amanda: Something big. Something. That’s big. It’s happened. I’m

Taylor: big. Yeah, absolutely.

The Upcoming Eclipse

Taylor: Do you use the

Amanda: word, do you say eclipse portal? Like, do you, do you think of it that way? Visualize it that way?

That we’re sort of, I’ve heard astrologers refer to this eclipse, Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. frame as kind of like time out of time. Like there’s these little moments where time can feel either really slow or really fast. And like, there’s a lot of things happening all at once. Do you

Taylor: resonate with that? You know, that’s such a good question because [00:07:00] I don’t.

Think of it that way. I feel it that way. And that is such an eclipse thing, right? Because eclipses are about embodiment because the moon is our feelings, our emotions, our body, and the sun is like our energy and how we shine. And when you put those two together in a full moon, a new moon, any kind of lunation, it’s really about embodiment.

And so I don’t I think that word personally, but when I hear other people say it evokes that feeling, that emotion, it brings me to that place and I think that that’s a very fair way to put it.

Amanda: I love that. I love that you just made that distinction. That’s very important. Okay, so two planets changing signs.

We’re officially in eclipse season. Do you want to unpack that a little bit more from a thematic perspective, like what that’s bringing up for the whole week. Before we go into the day

Taylor: by day breakdown. Yeah, sure. So eclipse season, it happens every five and a half months, basically. So it can be, we get two eclipses or we can [00:08:00] get even three eclipses sometimes, uh, in any given two signs over.

Um, and I say five and a half months because it’s going to like, it moves retrograde, the nodes move retrograde. And so the time between the last one and the next one is going to be about five and a half months. So you could say six months. So the last time we had eclipses was a spring, the nodes change signs over the summer and so eclipses are when the sun and the moon align with the earth, right?

And so then we get a shadow on either the moon or the earth, um, and the moon blocks out the sun, so we can’t see the sun. Either way, that kind of visual and literal effect of something You know, of the sun being blocked out. It’s like our life energy, our life force, the thing that gives us life, right?

The thing that makes Mother Gaia be able to be fruitful and give us food and make us go and make life [00:09:00] possible is some amazing thing. Thank you. It’s just like taken away for a couple of moments in time, and that’s really frightening, right? Um, at least to the ancients, like today, not really frightening.

Most people don’t even notice it. But back then, when all we had was like nature and like looking around thousands of years ago at the stars and the sun, it was like, wait, no, come back, right? Um, it gives us pause. It makes us reevaluate it. Makes us lean more into gratitude for what we have, but also when something is taken away.

We have that moment of reckoning of thinking, did I appreciate what I had when I had it and. If everything were to change or end right now, what would I regret? And so what do I want to do and how do I want to live my life? But it can also be this power surge, this energy surge. I know Judith Hill is one of the astrology hub teachers.

And one of the things that she says is that eclipses can be power surges and power outages. [00:10:00] So we might get tired, we might get burnt out, or we might have this like surge of inspiration and energy and like want to move things. And one of the things that I often hear astrologers say about eclipses, I just want to like address and dismantle, like.

Um, what do they call it when they, when you have like a myth and you kind of like destroy the myth, myth busting, is that eclipses aren’t a good time to start something. Eclipses are a time to take action. You just have to know it will probably change, but that’s nothing to be afraid of. If you don’t try, if you don’t take action, you can’t fail forward, you can’t learn from your mistakes.

And so, in the spring, we had eclipses in Ares and Libra and Taurus and Scorpio. Then, around the same 90 day point between eclipses that Georgia Sathis talks about, as so pivotal and so important that we have to watch, which was end of July, the nodes moved from Taurus and Scorpio. To Aries and Libra. And so our focus shifted [00:11:00] from Taurus and Scorpio topics like material, um, possessions, money, the earth, the environment, our psychology, our feelings, our emotions, are we being taken care of, are we healthy, to Aries and Libra, which is who am I and who are you, and who are we together, and is this relationship Mutually beneficial for both of us, and so the eclipses will happen in those two signs again, and we’re asked to sort of wrap up the ending of, you know, the, the nodes being in Scorpio and Taurus because they’re not there anymore. And we’re asked to move into this next phase where the nodes are in Aries and Libra and we do need to think about who we are.

And that really sets us up for the week because that’s What the theme of the week is, it’s who am I, what do I want, and what am I going to do about it?[00:12:00]

And I also, I picked out two songs for this week. I hope it’s okay if I share that. So, the first song this week that came to mind was…

Taylor: A 1984 song by Twisted Sister, We’re Not Gonna Take It. We’re not

Amanda: gonna take it. No, we’re

Taylor: not gonna take it. We’re not gonna take it anymore. That one.

Taylor: And then, this other song from 1994, which I think is really apt because Saturn was in Pisces, and Saturn is in Pisces again, by Des Rae, called You Gotta Be.

It’s that one that’s like, You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold. Right? So those two songs really speak to the feeling of this week, which goes to what you were saying, like, do you think about it this way, and this week is so much more about what we feel and what we need and what we want, what we desire, what we’ve been doing, the actions we’ve been taking, and [00:13:00] how we wish to change things in the future.

What are we letting go of? That we’ve just had enough of, we’re not going to keep doing that, we’re not going to keep that negative pattern, we’re not going to keep doing that to us, we’re not going to allow that in our space, in our energy, in our life. And what are we doing about stepping into the life that we want to live?

Taylor, in

Amanda: a time like this, do we have more support than usual, energetically, in that letting go? Because I know for a lot of us there’s, there’s patterns that feel stuck and it’s like, Oh

Taylor: my God, am I here again? Is this,

Amanda: are we, is this really happening? Like, I thought I was beyond that. All right. Or, or even that feeling of helplessness, like how am I ever going to break out of this pattern?

Like it just keeps happening over and over it. Is there a window of opportunity to really like take the bull by the horns and be like, okay, this is it. [00:14:00] I’m really done with this for real. I’m really done with this

Taylor: now. Totally. Absolutely. There, when Mars meets up with the South node. That is a wonderful time to say I’m done with this.

I’m letting go. I’m letting go of this negative feeling. I’m letting go of this behavioral pattern. I’m letting go of this fight inside me. I’m letting go of the things that no longer serve me. I’m letting go of this belief. I’m letting go of this dharma. I’m letting go of this karma. I’m letting go of all of that.

And I’m choosing to step into Thank you. My authentic true self. Okay. I love so much what you

Amanda: just said. So this is an opportunity right now did I appreciate when, what I had when I had it? So if there are things that you’re having to say goodbye to in your life, like, did I appreciate those things?

If there are things you value right now, taking a moment to say, [00:15:00] am I appreciating those things? Am I

Taylor: expressing

Amanda: appreciation and gratitude for those things that, that I want to make sure that we get this right? Because. The way you said it, I was like, wait, is it that or that? When you said you wanted to bust a myth about eclipses.

Taylor: Yes, it

Amanda: is. The myth that we shouldn’t take action. Okay. Myth is that we shouldn’t take action and you’re saying that it can

Taylor: be a great

Amanda: time to take action, but we can’t be super attached to one specific outcome. That we need to be okay that like it might, it might shift

Taylor: a little bit, right? Is that what you meant?

Exactly. We can’t think that the thing that we’re starting is going to have roots and turn into that oak tree that is 800 years old. No. In six months, four and a half years and nine years, nine and a half years. Even sure it’s done. It’s over, right? Like something’s going to happen. And if it’s not nine and a half years, it’ll be like 18 years or 19 years, [00:16:00] like next eclipses, like next time the nodes return or oppose, it’s not going to last, but it will be the catalyst to move you forward.

And if you decided not to take action, you missed a really huge opportunity to learn a lot and make a.

Amanda: Wow. That’s powerful. Okay. Uh, we’re going to be asking the question, who am I? What do I want? How am I going to get that? Like what I actually want?

Taylor: Yes, and the one other question that I would add to that amazing list of questions is, who’s gonna help me?


Amanda: who

Taylor: is gonna help me? That’s so good, and that’s because we’re in this

Amanda: Aries Libra sort of nodal

Taylor: axis, yeah? Yes, and also Venus is going to make a trine to the north node and sextile to the south node, and we’re also going to have the same thing happen with Juno. These are two partnership planets, relationship planets, that help us to find people who are going to be partners to us, or who am I going to help?

[00:17:00] Who am I going to mentor? So who’s going to teach, mentor me, or who am I going to teach and or mentor?

Amanda: You love it. Okay, great.

Monday, October 2

Amanda: Let’s go into the day by day breakdown,

Taylor: Taylor. Yeah. So we start off the week, Monday, October 2nd, coming off of the full moon. Like I said, we’re going to be in a waning gibbous moon.

So after the full moon, it’s like three quarters and it’s losing light and that’s in Taurus. And I think the question with the moon there is like, what is the vision for our life? When you have this waning gibbous moon. In your own chart or in your progress chart, you start to get this feeling of, I have a message, I’ve learned a lot of things, and I want to share my message with other people.

And you can either get frustrated because no one’s listening to you, or you can really attract the people who are for you, who need to hear that message. So you’re not supposed to worry about the people who aren’t listening because [00:18:00] those aren’t people who need the message. You’re supposed to kind of like look at the door that’s open and look for the people who are listening and who are coming to you to get the advice from you.

But we start to then move into at the end of the week with the last quarter moon, this like psychological integration where what was happening. In the past what’s happening now like can’t be the future for us anymore. And on Monday the moon is going to meet up with Uranus at around 9am Pacific 857am Pacific it’s going to try and Pluto.

It’ll be void for almost four hours and then it’ll move into Gemini at around 10 o’clock Pacific time. And so what this means is that there might be like a little disruption, early in the morning, we might have feelings of. Like there’s a power struggle, or we may feel our own power. We might feel the power of our emotions.

We might witness the power of the people. That’s a little bit surprising. Pluto and Uranus blending together. Uh, and then when the moon enters Gemini, we move from this place of the moon, [00:19:00] wanting comfort and food and. Things to be really simple into the moon, wanting to talk things through. So we want to use our words.

We want to learn things. We want to get on YouTube. We want to watch this, uh, weekly weather and, uh, mercury will also pose Neptune very early in the day, around 8 30 AM Pacific, which is all about. Uh, dreaming really there’s, that’s the best way to use this. You might hear, uh, other interpretations like confusion or, but it’s really psychic.

It’s really creative. It’s really musical too. So maybe that’s why I was like, Hey, some songs might be nice. So listen to music dream. Don’t try to make sense. Just like. Do automatic writing kind of like get it all out there. And then at around 1145am Pacific Venus trines the North Node. So that’s when we want to, you want to really think about who are you meeting?

How are you loving? What do you value? And who are the people who are teaching, [00:20:00] mentoring, helping? Or are you being that person to someone else?

Amanda: Okay. So you’ve mentioned this a couple of times, Taylor, this, this opportunity to either ask for who’s going to help you or decide that you’re going to be.

the mentor or helper for someone else. For those of you out there who are like, Ooh, I want Taylor to help me. I want Taylor to help me navigate and figure things out. She’s actually offering an amazing, amazing opportunity for our community this week through the astrologer connect platform. If you do book a reading with Taylor.

This week, yet you have to book it this week. You don’t have to have it this week. But if you book it with her, she’s actually tacking on some additional time. So the 30 and 45 minute reading, she’s going to tack on an additional 10 minutes.

Taylor: And if you do book an hour or 90

Amanda: minutes, she’s going to Tacom 15 minutes.

And the value of that is a lot. So the value of her 10 minutes is like 112 or something. The value of her 15 minutes is 160 [00:21:00] or something like that. So this is really awesome. If, if you want Taylor’s guidance, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the special that she’s offering.

Taylor: And you can go to


Amanda: slash Taylor connect that’s astrologyhub. com slash. Taylor, T A Y L O R. Connect and have that special opportunity for Taylor to mentor you, um, now, which is great. I’m like thinking of all the questions I have for you that I am definitely going to be booking with you, Taylor, to get some more insight on.

But, um, yeah, anything you want to add to

Taylor: that before we move on? I just think, you know, with, with that Mercury Neptune, um, that may cause like, hey, where am I going? What do I want? All of that, like, that’s a great time to like, use divinatory tools like astrology to try to find clarity and helping people find clarity is one of my favorite things.

Validation, clarity, empowerment. So I, it would be my privilege and honor to, to help you find that if you need that. Amazing. Okay.

Tuesday, October 3

Amanda: All right. Let’s go to

Taylor: [00:22:00] Tuesday. Yes. So Tuesday, October 3rd, we’ve got the moon squaring Saturn at 12 28 a. m pacific. So if you’re on the east coast, that probably, um, I guess if you’re on the east coast, that would be 3 30.

If you’re west of The Pacific coast, then it would be Monday and then the moon is going to try and the sun at 5 p. m. And Mercury is going to try and Pluto around noon. So what does this mean? Well, moon, Saturn, sun, I think it’s all about an opportunity to be alone and reflect. And really think about how we feel, how we’re shining, how we’re embodying that, how that’s being crystallized in our lives.

And then Mercury, Tri and Pluto is an amazing time to get like really deep about what you think and how you want to say it, how you’re expressing it. And doing research, like digging into stuff, like really [00:23:00] like dog with a bone energy. So, there’s not a ton going on, you know, like the moon makes aspects to Saturn and the sun frequently. Mercury triangle is probably the biggest thing, but in the context of the rest of the week, I would say it might not feel as big as the rest of the days of the week.

Wednesday, October 4

Taylor: And then we’ve got Wednesday. And so Wednesday, October 4th is the day that Mars meets up with the South node. And also the day that Mercury enters Libra. So that’s why Wednesday is one of the two big days of the week. Mars meeting up with the South Node in Libra. Now, I’m gonna, I’m gonna put her on blast a little bit.

I’m just gonna say I’m pretty familiar with this energy because my mom has this in her natal chart. So, like, I grew up very close to this Mars, uh, South Node Libra energy. Um, It’s about someone who’s super passionate, who’s, um, perhaps an activist, who might be very [00:24:00] political, who can also gain a lot of friends, like that’s how they take action in the world is like bringing people together and like, you know, bringing out the best in someone and being able to put up with the worst in someone to at the same time.

It’s about negotiation, diplomacy, relationships, our actions, what we fight for. And it’s this opportunity we’re talking about to let go of activities that don’t support us and let go of the things that we were fighting for aren’t serving us, but also those things that compromised our own authenticity.

It’s time to let that go too. So I just pause there because I feel like that’s what I see and feel and hear and witness a lot of is. The times when we hold our tongue, the times when we compromise, when we stuff it down, when we bottle it up, and we decide [00:25:00] somewhere it’s not worth it to be ourselves. It’s just easier to let it or them have their way instead of living our life.

Or where we get into perfectionism and we say, I’m not going to put that piece of work or art out into the world because I’m worried about what someone else might think about it. And it’s not good enough. And it’s like, you know what? It’s good enough as it is. And I had a friend remind me of, uh, Michel Basquiat, an artist from the 90s, who I believe only lived until his Saturn return, but had over 600 pieces of artwork.

And if you look at his work, I mean, it’s like, one of the words is scatological, but it’s also like, it, it’s like, it, it looks, it could look like to some people, if you haven’t seen his artwork before, like, a child did it, right? Like, like a child painting from preschool. And my friend was like, I, if I was that person, like, and that was my art, I never would have put it out into the world and the world would have been [00:26:00] robbed of that art.

And thank goodness I’m not him. I wasn’t him because the world is now a better place because of his art. And so I just want to encourage everybody out there. If there’s some work product, some art, something that you’re like not putting out there, this is the time to let go of that compromise, let go of that weight of other people’s opinions and put it out there because we need it.

We need to see it. Taylor,

Amanda: when you’re working with a client who is having bad luck, like, I want to speak authentically, or I want to put my work out there, but I’m afraid it’s not good enough, or I’m afraid of what people will say if I speak authentically, you know, someone having that kind of

How do you recommend like, how do we let go of that fear? You know, how do we actually step forward into that place of [00:27:00] discomfort? Do you have anything that you like to advise to clients or something that you’ve used yourself or things that you see other people do that that seem to work? So

Taylor: from from a theoretical perspective, I’ll start there.

You could think about mass as higher needs, right? Because. My chart, the way that my brain operates, sometimes I can be like, so what, you know, like, and that’s not nice or helpful, like, it doesn’t feel good, and, and the truth is there are times when it is unsafe, and so establishing safety, physical safety, psychological safety, emotional safety is the first, and that’s like, you know, the, the foundation, so do we, are you going to be physically safe if you do this, Yes or no, right?

If the answer is no, there are other things we need to discuss and there are other resources that we need to explore. Um, if the answer is yes, you’re going to be safe. Then it’s [00:28:00] looking into the chart or just listening to what that client has to say. Like, what is the fear? Where’s it coming from?

Oftentimes I can see it in the chart, right? We might look at Saturn. We might look at Pluto. We might look at like a moon or a South node in the 10th house, like something in the 10th house, very exposed. It feels vulnerable. Um, that, you know, may have a history of like. Keep it up with the Joneses or like the Joneses opinion of us when I was a child was was actually important to us eating or a reputation or whatever.

That’s real, you know, and you want to address that and then remembering that we incarnated kind of what 400 trillion in this incarnation in this lifetime to be ourselves, to be us, to be authentic, to be exactly as we are, to know that we are perfectly made with all of our imperfection. And that we’re just, I get like super like passionate about this.

And I’m like, [00:29:00] I feel like we’re robbing the world of ourselves when we don’t allow ourselves to shine. And sometimes, and I’ll find like a way to say something like that to a client oftentimes. And they’re like, Shoot, I didn’t realize that I was like imposing on you by not being myself and it’s like, well, yeah, you’re worried about like your actions having negative repercussions.

What are the negative repercussions of your inaction? Hang

Amanda: girl. Yes, I could feel that. It’s so good. And isn’t it? I forget who did this research. She was a A death doula who who sat at the deathbed of, you know, hundreds and hundreds

Taylor: of people and then wrote either a

Amanda: book or I should be able to quote who said this, but.

Basically, the number one regret of people on their deathbed is that they, they lived their life for other people that they didn’t live [00:30:00] their life for themselves, which, which is another way of saying they didn’t live authentically. They, they gave them themselves away, you know, their, their truest desires are truest.

The life that they came here to live, they didn’t live it for themselves. They lived it for everybody else except themselves. So I love, I love that you get passionate about it. I also get passionate about it because it’s, it’s kind of like, what else are we here to do? Right. And, and if we were all doing it, it seems like this place would work pretty well, you know, because, because it’s God’s plan.

It’s, it’s, it’s source, you know, whatever you want to call it, but it’s. It’s the master plan. It’s the master blueprint. We all have our piece of it that we’re living and expressing, but we didn’t create it. Some source did. So it’s like our responsibility. It’s our imperative. It’s our kuleana, the Hawaiian word responsibility and joy to actually live it.

Taylor: And, and I

Amanda: love that you bring up that it’s true and real, that we do sometimes

Taylor: have [00:31:00] blocks based

Amanda: on Previous experiences that at a certain time were true, it was absolutely true that we couldn’t, for whatever reason, express completely authentically, because of whatever was happening, and the question of, is that true now?

You know, is that, is that still true, or am I still, or am I hanging on to something? And really being in that exploration.

Taylor: Go ahead. Absolutely. And I think it might have been, uh, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, um, in her book on grief and grieving and the stages of grief. Maybe not, but… Yes, maybe.

Amanda: That’s ringing a bell, but I’m not totally positive.

Yeah, maybe. Someone in the comments, please let us know. Let us

Taylor: know. Yeah. Um, and, and in terms of. Is the, the past experience that we’ve had, like, how does that impact us today? I often find that there are, and it’s not just me, right, like, I’m not just saying, oh, I [00:32:00] came up with this, like, obviously not.

But when I’m talking with clients, what I’ve learned is that there’s this early childhood experience that happens to us, which is part of the natal promise, and it can come out positive, it can come out negative. When it comes out negative, it’s actually this like very Aries Libra thing, which is who am I and who are you and who are you reflecting back to me, who I am, and do I choose to accept that reflection of myself?

Do I choose to accept that as truth? And if I do accept it as truth, do I Accept that I will continue in that truth of myself, or will I change right so you’re presented with a reflection in order to accept it or to reject it and push back. And that is the muscle that is developed that forms our personality, our drive, our will.

All of those things. And so sometimes you have to get those people who are pushing you, like you do this, you do that, don’t do this, don’t do that to say, I’m absolutely going to do that thing [00:33:00] that you told me not to do. Right. I’m, or I’m definitely not listening to you again, like over and over and over again, that like, it’s like the same bad outcome happens, but you have to be.

Put in that container of pressure to, to become who you are. Right? Like you,

Amanda: you keep telling me I’m this but act and I’ve internalized that, but actually I’m not. I, I don’t, that’s not who I am and I know that. But getting to that point, yeah, sometimes it takes several different reflections to be like, actually I reject that, uh, image of me that you are putting on me.

But, but yes.

Taylor: And, and, and, and

Amanda: acknowledging. That’s just part of our evolution. It’s part of our growth. Um, and, and that sense of empowerment we get when we go. Actually,

Taylor: no, that’s not true. The, it, it

Amanda: is, it is a step, like it is a, it is a graduation to, to another,

Taylor: another place. Exactly. Yeah. And so, so this is all Wednesday, right?

Like, [00:34:00] this is just like a whole thing The second thing is that Mercury enters Libra. So Mercury’s been in Virgo, where it’s at home, it is analytical, it can take action, and now we’re moving into Libra, which is Venus sign. Venus is still in Leo at this point in time, um, and what I want to say about Mercury’s transit through Libra is a few things, right?

Um, I’m reminded, I’m going to throw a couple ideas out there and then kind of like pull it all together. So Libra is about relationships, Libra is about information, it’s an air sign, it’s literally like stop, take a deep breath, um, But Mercury’s not as happy in Libra doing its thing as it was in Virgo, right, because Libra is this dual kind of sign where you have to look at this side of it, and this side of it, and you’re in the middle, and the purpose of that, I like to think of it as the oak tree that, or a palm tree that’s strengthened by the winds around it, I think of Chicago being the windy city, and that’s kind of like [00:35:00] Mercury and Libra, like, are you going to stand there?

Yeah. In your authentic self to strengthen the spine that you need to be the palm tree or the oak tree that does not waver, and you only get that way you only get that strong from the winds that blow you this way and that way, but also you are able to see all sides of the thing. There. Um, Libra is the scales.

And so we’re invited to think about and create the vehicles to bring our life back into balance. And I don’t know about you, but I recently watched on Netflix, the new documentary, I think it’s new about blue zones and happiness. And that’s really core to my work on like ikigai and life purpose. And so I’d encourage you to watch that documentary if you haven’t already.

I think that’s a great exercise for Yeah. Today and for this week and, uh, Mercury being in Libra, how are you going to bring your life into balance to invite more happiness? But also this week, and I meant to mention this earlier, it’s the first week of October. And I think Amanda, I might’ve heard you say recently, [00:36:00] uh, that you’re interested in like this 90 day, three month, 12 week thing.

And I started reading the 12 week year and. We now have 12 weeks, right? We have three months to the end of the year, starting the first week of October. And so that’s a book that you might want to read or website. You want to go to 12 week year. com and explore that. Like, how can you chunk your year into smaller pieces and.

And one of the things that, um, those authors talk about or that author talks about is this emotional cycle of change that when we want to change, we go through these different emotions, we go through this like peak of, Sort of like an ignorant, uninformed optimism, and then we get into this, like, informed pessimism, the valley of despair, and then we’re like, informed optimism if we can push through, and then we get to the success and the fulfillment that we were hoping for.

And, um, I just want to kind of put it out there that when we’re changing, we are going [00:37:00] to, just like that reflection, right, we’re going to face difficulty, we’re going to face challenge, but if we can move through it. We can, we can reach success, right? Don’t get to that, like, low point, that valley of despair, that Mercury Neptune confusion and, like, give up.

You do need to surrender, though, to the fact that this is difficult. Surrender to the fact that I am facing a challenge, and it will be a challenge for X amount of time, right? Not that this is challenging and I’m going to turn around and head for the hills, right? Um, And so we can ask for help. We can listen to see things through other people’s point of view.

And we just don’t want to lose the opportunity to learn from the moment. And we want to allow the universe to work through us by being here now being in the moment. And really trusting that the universe is going to show us what what we need. We might not know why. We might not understand it. We might not like it, [00:38:00] but

Thursday, October 5

Taylor: Okay, so then thursday, October 5th, the moon is going to enter cancer early in the morning Pacific time around 530 and we’re going to have a closing, uh, aspect, which is an opposition to Pluto.

And this is really about a time for change, even if it feels like you’re being different, you’re being eccentric, you’re being kind of, um, you know, causing attention or something to yourself. Maybe you are, maybe you’re not, but maybe you’re just being your authentic self, right? The moon’s going to square Mercury, trine Saturn, and, uh, how I would synthesize this is that even though we’re feeling big things at the moon and in cancer, we might be zipping up our feelings.

Uh, we know we need to think things through, we need to process them so that we can respond instead of react. And one of the ways that we could do this is kind of, uh, Make ourselves of service to other people in a very practical way and help other people and that will let us process our emotions, put things into perspective, and that really helps us to [00:39:00] heal.

So be of service to other people if you’re feeling big things and I think it’ll help put your, your issues into perspective, whether you know they are big or maybe not so big, or you can like you. Put your energy into something that is useful, and this is the day also at 3 p. m. Pacific when Juno trains in North.

No, that’s a partnership energy, but perhaps also some righteous indignation, right? This, like, anger or annoyance. That’s that’s provoked by what’s perceived as unfair treatment at like disloyalty or unfair agreements, maybe, uh, and so really think if you put other people before yourself, you can get that context that you need to find an ally or become an ally, which could help you heal what you need to for business astrology, which is something that I do.

So I think this could be a great time to put out a structured survey to ask for feedback because if people are feeling like something that they need help with, uh, that Mercury, Saturn. Aspect will really help them like want to actually put words on [00:40:00] paper, type it out and help you.

Friday, October 6

Taylor: And then Friday, October 6th, we’ve got that last quarter moon and cancer going exact sextile Jupiter around 8 30 a.

m. Pacific, which is very hopeful, optimistic, comforting. It’s going to square Chiron, which is like, Hey, there’s something here. I need to heal. That’s around 4 p. m. 4 17 Pacific. So I’d say. Leave work early, take the day off, go to the spa, or volunteer instead. And then, uh, around 1. 22 a. m., actually Saturday, the moon will sextile, Uranus.

And that’s that, like, aha moment, that inspiration, uh, a genius. But with this last quarter moon, I really want to invite everyone to think back to the full moon and cancer, nine months ago, January 6th of 2023. The first quarter mooning cancer 18 months ago, which was April 8th of 2022. And then what did you start on the new mooning cancer 27 months ago, July 9th of 2021.

And so how has that story evolved over these three or four dates now? [00:41:00] And then by the time we get to the next new mooning cancer, July 5th of 2024, what do you hope that story has wrapped up so that you can begin a new story?

Saturday, October 7

Taylor: Then, October 7th is Saturday. I’d say make art, make a vision board, sketch out a plan for this new future, this new life that you want to invite in, nap, and then go out and have fun tonight.

Dress up. You know, I got my magenta lip stuff on and my, you know, colorful thing because I want you to embody that on Saturday. Uh, the moon is going to be void from 12, 11 p. m. Pacific, uh, until 324 when it enters Leo. And that moon in Leo is going to be like big and fun and energetic, but you need a nap before you go to the disco, right?

Like before you go to the club. Um, the moon is going to square the nodes. Try Neptune, square Mars and oppose Pluto. That’s big emotions, gut feelings, psychic energy, [00:42:00] dreaming, imagination, thinking about public opinion, feeling deep feelings. And so that’s why I said, you know, use that energy to like move forward and put those like Imaginative psychic thoughts on paper and feel empowered by it and then take a nap and then go out and have fun.

Sunday, October 8

Taylor: And then finally, Sunday, October 8th, we start out 4. 47 a. m. Pacific with the moon sextile Mercury. So it’s like, we’re thinking more clearly today. We’re inspired to communicate clearly. Mars squares Pluto, which I mentioned earlier. And this is, um, you know, Mars was, uh, Pluto was discovered January 21st of 1930.

Actually in a square to Mars, and so that’s that Scorpio Mars Pluto energy where they both rule Scorpio. And it’s this feeling of everything that’s been culminating, what’s been going on under the surface, everything we’ve been feeling deeply, struggling with, strategizing, fighting for, desiring, longing, lusting after.[00:43:00]

It invites us to let go of that negativity so that what remains are empathy, compassion, and courage. Then the moon squares Jupiter around, uh, 7. 55pm. And that’s a nice, I feel like it’s sort of like a nice way to end things. But just before that happens, Venus enters Virgo. And so now Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception.

They can talk to each other, do favors for one another. Um, and, the thing is though, tomorrow, the first thing that’s going to happen is Venus is going to oppose Saturn. So it’s, it’s going to feel like it’s time to mature and be the bigger person by listening to other people, by discerning what we want and what we need.

And it’s really inviting us to develop the skill of loving myself. And giving myself what I want, knowing what my love languages and, and giving that to yourself first, before you go ask other people to give that to you, instead of criticizing, judging, demanding that from other people, make sure you’re meeting your [00:44:00] own love languages so you can show up whole and full.

Um, And then also think about, you know, Venus and Virgo, it might, you might want to get into like your accounting, your books and stuff like that. Think about more than just financial ways of accounting. Right. In permaculture, this thing I do, we have the eight forms of capital and I’ve actually expanded it to 12, but some of them are, you know, you’ve got material capital, intellectual living, experiential, social, cultural, um, spiritual.

And so how are you really measuring your life and all of these other ways and that brings us back to the blue zones, they’ve got a great quiz where you can take it. Don’t worry about the grade. I don’t want anyone to look at what your grade is on the quiz because it is not graded. But look at the practical things that you can do to bring more happiness and love into your life.

Because they’ve got great, I think great recommendations. Um, and think about, you know, what’s going [00:45:00] to make you happy. Taylor, I

Amanda: love this.

Moving Forward & Eclipse Season

Amanda: Essentially, I want to go back to what you were talking about with the 90 day increments or 12 week increments, and then also bring it back to this eclipse. period of time, this eclipse season, we can actually take cues from the cosmos to structure the rhythm of our

Taylor: lives so that it is

Amanda: in alignment with the ebbs and flows of the energy.

And basically what we’re talking about here with this eclipse. And so this season, this current eclipse season and the nodes is really focusing on these. Who am I, who are you, what do I want? How am I going to get there? And who’s going to help me all these, these questions that you’re bringing up. But the point is to,

to actually

carve out these kinds of spaces for yourself and, and make it like, okay, this is, this is like, how many weeks are we like eclipse season is technically what, like

Taylor: six weeks?

If we [00:46:00] have two eclipses, then it would be two weeks before, two in between, and two after, so that would be six weeks, but then I guess if we had three eclipses, then we’d add another two weeks to that, so eight weeks. Yeah. This year,

Amanda: six weeks, yeah. Yeah, so really just making this space for yourself, for this type of overarching exploration, and being okay, you know, taking some risks, like, Putting yourself out there in

Taylor: new ways.

Um, a lot of these things that came up here in this in this weather. It’s like,

Amanda: sometimes I will absolutely put myself in this boat. I can take myself too seriously and I can take life too seriously and I can really, it’s like the gravity of every decision and every direction. It’s like, You know, sometimes it’s just good to just try it.

And would you say fail forward? I love that. Give yourself the opportunity to fail forward, to learn from the [00:47:00] mistakes, to, uh, you know, when you were talking about the cycle, the, the, the 12 week cycle and that beginning phase of like, you know, naivete and. Innocent exuberance. Well, that’s that can really lead us into things that a yes can end up being painful.

Yes can end up being over, you know, whatever, but also that’s how we’re learning. Like that’s, it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to fail forward. And actually there’s some like even in the business arena who say the ones who can make the mistakes fastest and learn from them are the ones that have the most success.

Because you’re getting that feedback. So instead of being

Taylor: paralyzed and you’re like, Oh, I’m afraid

Amanda: to make a mistake. I’m afraid to take action. Taking the action and getting the feedback really quickly and integrating that into your movement forward.


Amanda: So, you brought up so many amazing themes, Taylor, for us to really explore this week.

Thank you for that. Again, if you’re interested in working with Taylor one on one,

Amanda: [00:48:00] .astrologyhub. com slash taylorconnect. Do it this week, though, because this is when she’s offering the additional

Taylor: time. And I know if you’ve ever

Amanda: had a reading with an astrologer, it’s always like, you get to the end. Thank you.

It’s like, but I have a few more questions and I would love to be able to ask this. So this will be a time where you can actually take advantage of that. You’re also have the opportunity this week to sign up for our year ahead

Taylor: forecast. It’s free. You can

Amanda: get that glimpse into what’s going to be happening next year.

Amanda: astrologyhead. com slash 2024 forecast. And, um, Taylor, just thank you so much for everything that you offer here on our platform to our community. I love getting to know you through your, um, very grounded, very practical, very useful, very compassionate approach to astrology. So thank you for

Taylor: sharing that with us here.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate this time and opportunity. And I just want to say, y’all don’t just listen to those songs, but really read the lyrics, [00:49:00] especially to you gotta be, because I’m just like reading the lyrics and that is this week. Like just read, if you do one thing, read the lyrics to that song and that’s your bar scope.

Amanda: Love it. I have chills. Thank you for that reminder. And thanks to all of you for being here. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. Thank you as always for making astrology part of your life, tuning into this weekly weather and really weaving the astrology into the way that you’re navigating your life.

I hope that you find it helpful and I’m glad that you’re here. We will catch you on the next episode. Looking forward to it. Take care, everybody.


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