Supporting Your Virgo Child

Who is a Virgo Child?  A “Virgo child” is considered to be anyone with their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign (Ascendant) in Virgo, or if multiple planets (3 or more) are in the sign of Virgo.



Your Virgo Child


Virgo Child

Every archetype is complex. It's in their very nature to hold multiplicious aspects of life so we can personify and therefore project our human experience onto them. Through this process, we understand aspects of life that are not immediately available at a mere surface level exploration.


Now, not all archetypes are made alike, some can be a little bit more complicated than others, and Virgo is one of those.


If you're here, you probably already did some digging around for parenting tips on how to provide for a Virgo child. Maybe you even had a sigh of relief reading about just how tidy and organized they have the potential to become.


I'm sorry to break it to you, though. Contrary to what most think, Virgo is a rather messy sign. Although, even in that sloppiness, they somehow still manage to be the trimmest and most uncluttered beings there are. And here we get to my favourite keywords for Virgo: a paradox.


Virgo is just one of the signs of the zodiac that represent paradoxes to some degree. In total, we have 4, and those are called mutable signs. They mark the times between seasons and are usually represented by things that are not entirely one thing, not quite the other. 


We see that with Gemini, two identical people who still manage to be individuals, Sagittarius, who is somehow both humane and bestial, and Pisces, with one fish swimming to the heavens and another trying to bury itself underground. Finally, we have Virgo, but here's where the symbolism gets murky in modern times. Have you ever thought about it? What is the symbol for Virgo? A woman? Where's the paradox in that?


Though it fell out of fashion, the original symbol for Virgo was a woman with wings. This is a significant symbol, especially when we realize that Virgo is the sign that opposes or mirrors Pisces! 


When we look at it this way, Virgo and Pisces share this theme of ascension to the heavens vs getting down to earth and embracing the material world. While Pisces (a water sign) will trend towards the numinous, emotional and fluid life experiences, Virgo (an earth sign) tends to prioritize the practical, grounded truths about life.


But as your child grows into the adult they'll one day become, it's crucial to remember that they'll always try to hold both truths simultaneously. After all, a winged sign will always try to fly, even if it does so with its feet never entirely leaving the ground— there's the paradox.


Virgo Child – Key Attributes


As I mentioned earlier, Virgo is an earth sign with an eye for the mystical. This is mainly attributed to the fact that Virgo's spirit guide is Mercury, the God often known for bringing communication to earth. This is why you shouldn't be surprised if your child develops a love for reading and writing very early in life. 


With that said, there's a side of Mercury's communication that can sometimes be forgotten. Beyond bringing books and speech to us, Mercury is also the God of Astrology and other divinatory practices. In other words, Virgo can be a rather witchy sign.


Considering that you're on an Astrology website reading an article about your child's sign, you're probably at least slightly mystical, too, so you'll be happy to know that sharing these more esoteric insights with your child is likely to be well received— of course, within its limits. Don't go asking a 7-year-old the meaning of life right away. But with a Virgo, you should never be afraid to get a little philosophical, especially as synthesizing these complex ideas is one of their superpowers.


This ability to understand a mosaic of different concepts also spills into other areas of life. This is why Virgos are often found in supportive roles. They learn very quickly and can keep up with multiple things at once by finding the thread that connects them all. They'll also get recognized for their prowess, and it's even common to have Virgos build strong relationships with teachers and other educators.


They'll be the first to volunteer when someone needs help getting a classroom of rabid little humans to quiet down and pay attention. It's almost as though they're mini adults.


Key Challenges for Virgo Children


Every superpower comes with an Achilles heel. For Virgo, that same knack for pattern recognition and their multi-talented nature can get them into trouble.


One of their main challenges is that they might get so fixated on a particular idea that they'll try their best to master it immediately. And the problem is not that they fail at it but that they're too good at it. Virgos are high achievers and will keep moving to the next goal shortly after accomplishing something, though they're not the best people at knowing when to rest, and when they crash, it's very evident.


As a child, this might manifest as a tendency to want to join every extra-curricular, play all the games, read all the books, and even as a parent, you might at times wonder how they keep up with such a “busy” schedule at an early age. You may even want to reward them for all of their hard work, but this is where you have to be careful!


Parent of Virgo Child


Virgo's love of order and perfection surely warrants a little praise here and there. Still, if you don't teach them early in life that rest is just as important as work and that improvement is not the only meaning of life, they'll consistently neglect their body's needs in favour of having something to show and tell. Eventually, their work will also start to take a hit and reflect on their lack of sleep, and at that moment, Virgo's biggest antagonist appears: Shame.


In Seeds of Light's episode on How to Support Your Virgo Child, Astrologer Cameron Allen and host Ana Zaharia discuss how Virgo's passion for correctness makes them vulnerable to shame.


They can be very critical of their work— and sometimes of others' too. And they can get stuck in using the mantra “I'm not good enough” as their motivator to get better. The longer that tendency is not addressed, the more it can afflict their egos, consequently leading them to always see themselves as the “sidekick” to some idealized hero, even if they're the ones doing most of the work.


How To Support Your Virgo Child


We talked about how Virgo holds the paradox of being an earth sign that has more connections to the heavens than you'd expect. Here, the heavens can also be understood as the mind, the higher and less dense realm within the body.


I bring this up because this is one of the best things about having a Virgo child. Their body and mind are so intrinsically connected that by taking a good look at them, you're able to sense what's really going on underneath the surface. Virgos are good at keeping a calm and collected face, though (even when they're most stressed). Knowing that, you'll have to expand what you understand as their “body.”


When I talk about the body here, I mean it metaphorically, as in any physical manifestation of their being and personality. As children, that's usually our room.


Remember when I said that Virgos are paradoxically tidy and disorganized? A Virgo's room is the best example of that.

Parent of Virgo Child 1


Make this an exercise and note how much their room changes whenever they're having a hard time in school or a classmate is being mean to them, maybe they had a nightmare the night before and now everything is upside down.


This is a tool for you as a parent but also one that you want to teach them, too, as this is likely a trait that will stick with them for quite a long time.


Whenever you feel like they're stressed, take the time to show them their space and how different it looks from usual. They might've been so stuck on their project and ideas that they never took a second to check in with themselves.


Teach them to treat their space as a mirror whenever they feel out of sorts.


This is a sign that more often than not really enjoys cleaning, so tap into both yours and your child's witchy side and turn house cleaning into a spiritual cleansing ritual, setting the intention that as you both sweep up the dust, you're also sweeping worries and feelings of shame and inadequacy.


Another important thing to keep in mind is the earthiness of their sign.


I mention this because Virgo is one of two earth signs that can struggle with excess dryness. This is because both Virgo and Capricorn are naturally dry (think about what happens when dirt hasn't seen water for a while) but are also ruled by dry planets, Virgo with Mercury and Capricorn with Saturn.


I'm using Capricorn as an example because it's the sign that people usually think of when they reflect on the dry qualities of the earth. They can become anti-social and overly focused on work and achievements very easily, and Virgo is no different. This is why water is usually related to rest, leisure and emotional connection, all remedies for your little Virgo's condition.


Ultimately, you want to teach them how to enjoy the good things in life and to take the time to appreciate the hard work they've done. You can take it very literally and implement fun bubble baths into their schedule, but anything that gets them outside of the goal-setting mindset will go a long way.


Things like playing with watercolours, DIY face masks, or even cooking (not baking) are all good examples of watery activities that can be supportive of an earth sign's natural needs!


So if you’re raising a Virgo Child…


  • Recognize their complexity and don't expect them to be perfect all the time.


  • Teach them the value of rest and the importance of enjoying the task, not just the goal.


  • Pay attention to their environment, if it's not okay, they probably need a little help getting reorganized.


  • Get them to love the mantra “I'm good enough”.


  • Create fun rituals for them to explore their witchy side.


  • Don't be afraid to get a little philosophical.


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