Can you be the eye of the storm?

Cosmic Insider | Can you be the eye of the storm?


One of the reasons I love presenting you with many different “reads” on the cosmic weather, is because there are distinct times when despite differing language from astrologers…


There’s a VERY consistent message coming from the many different voices.


This started happening as we ramped up toward the Great Conjunction in 2020…


It happened around the Saturn/Uranus squares in 2021…


And it’s happening again right now. 


Most of the astrologers I interview agree that we are now entering an approximately 3 month time period of accelerated change and intensity.


And just like it’s good to know there’s rain in the weather forecast so you can bring an umbrella, it’s helpful to know that the astrological weather for the next few months is looking a bit stormy so you can bring your mental, physical and spiritual “umbrella.” 


Astrologer Andrea Michelle Kennedy joined me on the Weekly Weather to talk about how you can prepare yourself for this and revisit your tools for being “the eye of the storm.”


She emphasized prioritizing anything that helps you stay centered under pressure so you can continue making sound decisions and staying true to your path. 


For you this could be daily meditation, taking long walks or baths, having a plan in place (and executing it!) for potential scenarios, getting enough sleep, breath work, or vigorous physical activity.


Here are your tips from Andrea to work with the energy of the days ahead…


🫶 Monday: Take deep breaths & find balance.

Venus and retrograde Mercury meet up in Virgo bringing new insights to help you understand what’s uniquely yours. Jupiter opposes the Sun and invites you to have faith and trust in yourself in the new unknown territory. This is a good day to take some deep breaths and engage in practices that feel supportive.


🛡️ Tuesday: Are you avoiding vulnerability? 

The Moon opposes Eris and applies to a T-square with Pluto. There’s an undercurrent that could reveal where you might be perpetuating divisiveness as a way to continue blaming others, so you don’t have to take self-responsibility. It’s a good time to see your projections and start taking ownership of your reality.


💪 Wednesday: Find your support systems and allow for change.

Mars trines retrograde Saturn building support and strength for the journey ahead. This is a good day to observe your thinking and see where you are giving up too soon (a small refinement could put the vision back on track!).


🌅Thursday: Have faith and let go.

Ceres enters Virgo on the fixed star Regulus (the heart of the lion) encouraging you to let go of the need to know and strengthen your faith. Venus moves into Libra emphasizing that we’re in a time of polarities, beginnings, and endings.


💌 Friday: Give yourself loving self-acceptance.

Mercury trines Pluto and opposes Neptune (all retrograde) giving you the opportunity to accept that you have a shadow and not make it personal. It’s a human condition, it’s a part of the collective shadow. If you can embrace the shadow in yourself, you can embrace it in everyone else. 


☯️ Saturday: Hold opposites together.

Venus opposes Jupiter offering a chance to see what beliefs you’re ready to let go of. Today is a good day to remember that opposites exist within us and you can have the fear change but do it anyway. Watch out for reactions that you may regret later.


📽️ Sunday: Explore your version of reality.

Saturn closes into a tighter square to Uranus reminding you that the decisions that you make have a ripple effect on what opportunities show up in the future. Today is a great day to gently question your perception of relationships and practice being present with your projections on others.


To learn more about how you can use this week to move into the unknown with faith, check out the full episode.


Andrea says these coming days will stretch us into strong polarizations in order to help you come back to your center…


So this week, even in the face of discomfort, may you practice finding a place of stillness and power in the eye of the storm.

With love,



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