Entering into the Void

Cosmic Insider | Entering into the void


This week we’re entering the void


With an extra long “void of course” moon (meaning it makes no aspects) Wednesday through Friday, Astrologer Cameron Allen says we’ll be in a time for inward, quiet, reflection. 


So while this isn’t the best time to manifest things into reality, it is the perfect time to consider…


Can you cultivate your own light during times of darkness?


How do you resource yourself when you feel lonely or empty? When you’re not getting energy from outside sources?


Does your sense of value come from how busy you are or how much you produce? Or can you experience the value of just being?


Cameron encourages you to let your mind battles and expectations drain away this week so you can move forward with fresh perspective after the void moon period.


Here are your tips from Cameron to work with the energy of the days ahead…


🌋 Monday: What rises up in you?

The moon in Capricorn aspects the outer planets. As the unconscious rises up in you, feel into those titanic forces within. Cameron encourages you to make sure you get enough moisture: use oils on the body or in your food and drink lots of water.


Tuesday: Find your way forward.

Moon in Aquarius sextile Jupiter. Think back to the last new moon (which was across from Jupiter) on September 25th… What was your life like then? What obstacles do you need to remove to move forward?


Wednesday: Entering the void…

The “void of course” moon comes this evening, beginning the wandering and clearing. If you feel drained, give yourself more rest and observe how you are (or aren’t) judging or critiquing yourself. 


Thursday: Commit to the wandering.

The moon into Pisces conjuncts Juno in the evening inviting you to recommit yourself to the wandering. Be mindful of your water intake and make sure you’re getting enough.


Friday: Let things drain away.

Pluto trines Mercury making an easy flow of energy between the mind and power dynamics. Empower yourself by taking things one step at a time. The moon connects with Neptune creating a sense of nebulousness. If something needs to drain away, can you let it go? 


🙅‍♀️ Saturday: What’s getting in your way?

We come out of the void as Pluto goes direct encouraging you to ask: How am I removing obstacles so I can move forward instinctually?


❤️‍🩹 Sunday: Where did that wound happen to begin with?

The full moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron which can create sensitivity. Feelings of rejection may come up,  as well as those who feel rejected. Chiron across from Venus invites you to look at what arises in your relationships. 


To learn more about the coming void period and to see the embodiment practices that Cameron encourages you to try and we move though it, check out the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


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