Supporting Your Taurus Child

Who is a Taurus Child? A “Taurus child” is considered to be anyone with their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign (Ascendant) in Taurus, or if multiple planets (3 or more) are in the sign of Taurus.



Your Taurus Child


Taurus is a bit of a mold-breaking sign, but that keyword often gets overlooked. To explain this, I'll have to get a bit technical first, but it will soon all make sense…


Taurus Child Personality

A good place to start when trying to understand your child's zodiac sign is the element associated with Taurus, earth. Earth is the essence of carnality, matter, practicality, and broadly speaking, anything that is tangible.


For that reason, the earth signs tend to be tactile in their approach to life. They're concerned with owning and protecting resources and ensuring that everything in their immediate surroundings stays intact.


After all, material things are the only things that can break, and the earth signs are very attuned to that truth.


Now, I say this to illustrate the earthy need to maintain. That need can sometimes be so intense that the earth signs may distance themselves from others to get closer to the things they want to protect. They might tend to feel like no one can take care of and preserve their belongings as well as they do — and they may, in some cases, be correct. 


It's no wonder that traditionally, the earth signs are said to be dry and cold. Both elemental qualities promote separation and distance from the public sphere. But then we get to Taurus, and Taurus is not that at all!


While Taurus may still like their shiny objects and fancy clothes — and they won't shy away from storing them behind safeguarded locks — they appreciate one thing even more: good company.


In this way, Taurus really goes against its element's natural inclinations. Still, it also reveals that matter is most secure when there are more than one pair of eyes to inspect it, and it's much more pleasurable when you have someone else to share it with. This is a lesson your Taurus child is here to learn. They'll likely show more of the possessive and distant traits early on in life, but slowly but surely, they'll get a taste for sharing, and once they do, no force in the world will be able to intercept their generosity.


Usually, you'll see Taurus being pegged to the keyword “Mine,” but “Ours” is a much more fitting word in many ways.


Taurus Child – Key Attributes


Now, some will surely raise an eyebrow whenever we talk about a sign with such material focus. Materialism has gotten quite a bad rap in recent years—especially in spiritual circles— but it doesn't have to be a bad thing. After all, we're all at least partially material beings.


Notably, it might even be safe to say that Taurus needs a bit of a material approach to feel comfortable in their own bodies. Like Cameron Allen says in the “Supporting Your Taurus Child” episode of Seeds of Light: The most helpful thing you can do to your Taurus Child is to get them into their 5 senses. 

It's crucial to understand that Taurus will feel things first with their hands before it gets to their heart. Speaking in overly emotional or rational terms might only get them confused or even disinterested in what you may be trying to express. If you want to get through to them, you first have to show them why what you're talking about matters.


Taurus Child Personality

This is probably why Taurus gets a bad rep for being overly stubborn. This essential trait illustrates that it's less about stubbornness and more about a difference in communication styles. That's not to say that Taurus wouldn't benefit from practicing a little flexibility, but the effort always has to go both ways.


Another vital trait we can't ignore is their overall demeanor. And for that, we have to analyze the planets who are said to preside over Taurus, Venus is its ruler and the Moon is said to be exalted in Taurus.


One of the things both the Moon and Venus have in common is the idea of comfort. Venus will find comfort in luxury, quality food and drinks, and a little flirty interaction here or there. The Moon, on the other hand, finds comfort in family and friendships as well as sensory experiences as she's the planet most closely tied to the human body.


With that, we see that Taurus might tend to luxuriate and make themselves feel good. They'll try to preserve that state by assuming a carefree and relaxed mien—even when that may not be appropriate. 


Taurus will try its best to maintain that zen semblance, which can be a little bothersome to onlookers who might expect more from them and misinterpret their relaxed countenance as laziness, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Taurus may be opulent and hedonistic at times, but they still have very basic needs, and as long as they're met, Taurus will see little need for urgency in their step. They're not necessarily the most ambitious of signs, but not everyone has to be.



Key Challenges for Taurus Children


However, there's also another side to having a sign governed by Venus and the Moon that's not so delightful. As much as this combination can invoke a craving for the finer things in life, it can be somewhat troublesome for your child to realize that no one can ever maintain that level of satisfaction forever. Even at older ages, they may act like a baby searching for their pacifier, whenever they don't have their favorite things around, or when they break or malfunction. We see that exemplified in the Moon's speediness and many phases: Material pleasure ceases as quickly as it manifests.


One thing that might be useful for Taurus to learn is that this is actually part of the living process, and in fact, this push and pull between having and not having is what ensures sustainability. This is one lesson you really want to teach your child as they're young, as the longer it takes, the harder it might be for them to learn it.


You can even exploit Venus' and the Moon's inclination towards sharing by illuminating your child's mind with the cognition that your child's loss is someone else's victory, the same way that their victory will be someone else's loss. This is a lesson many adults still haven't learned, so be ready to cycle back into these types of conversations as your child matures.


Another Taurus challenge that Astrologer Cameron Allen brings up that cannot be overlooked is Taurus' relationship with wanting and needing. 


Parent Of A Taurus Child


So far, we've done a great deal of talking about materialism and how it's helpful for Taurus to embrace their inner materialist, but a sign that is so focused on sensory feeling is quite prone to addictions. Yet, this is not the substance addiction that most are used to thinking about whenever they hear the word uttered. When it comes to obsessive compulsions, Taurus goes right to their pocket. This is why Taurus can become the biggest squanderer of the zodiac.


Spending money frivolously can quickly become a coping mechanism for them. The issue is that some of their impulse purchases can be readily justifiable when they think they need them. With that in mind, it's a perfect idea to start teaching them early on what “need” really means.


Making them wait or save money to get the toy they feel they need at the moment can be a helpful way to get them to stop the impulse and think about their purchase a bit more before sealing the deal. Ask them to note how their days go by as they wait for the final purchase. Were they able to live through the whole day without the toy? If so, this is your opportunity to show them that the toy, though nice to have, is not entirely necessary. Since Taurus can be relatively responsive to food, you can use that as a contrasting factor. I'm confident they couldn't go a day without food, and they'll know that too.


How To Support Your Taurus Child


Now here's where you learn about the Astrology Parent-Child Compatibility. Is your way of supporting your child the way they really need it?

Taurus Child Personality


You probably realized that Taurus is not a sign averse to pampering. They respond very well to home-cooked meals, family spa days, and any other fun body relaxing activity. These activities are harmonious with Taurus because of their emphasized need for security.


When their environment is calm and relaxed, they have a real and immediate way of checking in and ensuring that everything is as it should be. For Taurus, their space is almost like a mirror, and if things are chaotic, they'll undoubtedly feel that reflected within.


So, beyond having cozy days and fresh meals, turning cleaning and organizing into a fun activity will also be a great way to instill a good habit that will be pivotal for their mental health care as they grow older.


Earlier in this article, we also talked about Taurus's lack of urgency. I bring this up again because this is an important detail that parents may forget sometimes. 


Most parents want the best for their children, yet, it's easy to forget that “the best” takes time. With Taurus, this is something you want to give your all to be constantly aware of. This is a sign that does not like to be rushed. In fact, if you ever want to see a Taurus go from zen to wild beast in a second, all you have to do is ask them to hurry up.


So if you’re raising a Taurus Child…


  • Teach them the value and importance of sharing.


  • Allow them to have their own time, as long as it's not clearly damaging their wellbeing, and in the case it is, it helps them come to their own solutions, but don't make demands.


  • A little pampering goes a long way, have dedicated family events to promote calming, cleaning and organizing their inner and outer space.


  • Get them comfortable with discomfort by showing them how these forces make life work for everyone.


  • Show them the difference between wanting and needing things while not shaming them for their wants.


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This article was written by Joe Santos.

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