Did this week’s Eclipse have hidden blessings?

[Cosmic Insider] Did this week’s Eclipse have hidden blessings?


“This week’s Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio forced us to adjust our expectations, let go, and surrender to a divinely arranged compromise.”


—Astrologer Acyuta-bhava Das, current Inner Circle Guiding Astrologer



Did you feel that Scorpio lunar eclipse that kicked off the week?


I know I did… and it’s times like this that I feel so lucky to be surrounded by the best astrologers around so I can take the cosmic curveballs in stride (and share the “heads-up” with you)!


In his Full Moon Forecast, current Inner Circle guide, Acyuta-bhava Das, said that this eclipse was about “releasing desires and divine compromise.”


A situation that feels like it’s throwing you off your path, could actually be a blessing meant to bring you into greater alignment.


Acyuta says this divine compromise is something that may not be exactly what you had in mind, but it’s perfect in its own way.


And on the Weekly Weather, former Inner Circle guide Ari Moshe Wolfe gave us tips for integrating the lessons of the eclipse…


He said the Mars-Neptune influence happening right now may have you feeling like reality isn’t allowing you to be YOU.


The question is: Can you meet the places where you feel stuck and surrender to the idea that you may not know what you really need?


My takeaway from their astrological insights is instead of fighting or railing against whatever is happening, to TRUST in the delays, direction changes, and unforeseen twist and turns.


They may feel like detours or blocks but they are offering gifts you don’t currently understand… that will become more clear with time.


I hope this helps and if you’re are looking for more astrological guidance, you know where to find it! Check out the latest episodes below 😊


Sending you my best,


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