Going Through A “Big” Transit?

[Cosmic Insider] Going Through A “Big” Transit?


“Of all the facets of astrology, prediction is the thing that fascinates us. If there’s one aspect of astrology that grabs our imagination, it’s the idea that we can tell what’s going to happen by looking at a piece of paper, by looking at a chart.”


—Master Astrologer Rick Levine, Chart Reading Extravaganza II: Lesson Zero


Have you ever consulted an astrology book or Google because you realized you're going through a “big transit” and wanted to see what the transit means for you?


You may have gotten a general idea from your exploration, but my guess is you were probably left wanting deeper insights into what this really means for you.


Textbooks, reports, and “cookbook” astrology interpretations can be really helpful, but they only go so far…


Hearing real stories, from real people, in “real-time” adds a dimension the books just can't capture! (I see these discussions all the time in our Inner Circle community!)


This is why I’m so excited for our new course, Chart Reading Extravaganza Part 2: Timing & Transits with Rick Levine!


Inside this 4-week LIVE course, you’ll get to experience timing interpretations from Master Astrologer, Rick Levine, and then hear from the students directly about the way they've experienced the transits. 


PLUS – You may be one of the lucky students whose chart is read! (this is optional, but all students are eligible to submit their charts for consideration)


Rick said it best himself on this week’s Astrological Weather, “Instead of some dry curriculum out of a textbook, we’re going to be looking at a chart and talking about the transit with the person experiencing it. We’ll hear real stories and then we can go back and explain what the connection is between real life and the astrological information.”


Class starts this week and it’s not too late to join! Click here to join us for this epic, month-long journey to understand how a chart unfolds through time…


So you can be better equipped for what's ahead for you AND those you love! 


With love,


CEO & Founder


P.S. We’re so confident that you’ll love this course that we’re offering a 7-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.  Learn more and enroll here.


Chart Reading 2 with Astrologer Rick Levine



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