Supporting Your Scorpio Child

Who is a Scorpio Child? A “Scorpio child” is considered to be anyone with their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign (Ascendant) in Scorpio, or with multiple planets (3 or more) in the sign of Scorpio.


Your Scorpio Child


Scorpio is one of the most complex yet magical signs of the Zodiac, offering the ability to go deep and transmute difficult emotions or thoughts. If you have a Scorpio child in your life, you’re likely no stranger to this enchanting depth and their natural willingness to go places even some adults don’t have the courage to go.


Scorpio, ruled by Mars in traditional astrology (and Pluto in modern astrology), is a fixed water sign, giving Scorpio children the quality of penetrating emotionality, with intentional and dedicated focus.


Pluto gives the sign the ability to go deep, while Mars offers the drive and motivation to explore and get to the bottom of something. This gives Scorpio the archetype of The Alchemist for the ability to transform something challenging into something magical and learn from their experiences. 


Scorpio carries so much power and depth, and as the parent or guardian of a Scorpio child, you have an important role in helping them develop these gifts, which in turn will help transform our world.


Scorpio – Key Attributes


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Like an Alchemist, Scorpio children have the ability to transmute emotions and difficult situations into love and understanding. Like a Phoenix, they have an unparalleled strength and ability to rise from the ashes. 


They are known for their natural ability to go deep with their words or actions which comes from a desire to want to understand the world around them. This sets them apart from many other children but should be encouraged. By being curious about the world around them, they become curious about their own depth… and this is where the magic begins.


“Scorpio is one of those signs that can be trickier for parents because it has a lot of depth, a lot of intensity. As someone who’s been a Scorpio child, I would have loved my family to have an understanding around what it means to be Scorpio and what’s driving that.”

Ana Zaharia, Host of Seeds of Light


During Scorpio season in the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves fall from the trees, starting nature’s annual death and rebirth cycle. Death as a concept will likely be of interest to your Scorpio child, as well as interest in other taboo subjects. It’s important to let go of expectations of when your child will start asking about these kinds of topics and use these conversations to confront your own discomfort with them.


It’s likely that your Scorpio Child has profound emotions and can feel very deeply. Scorpio Children want to truly understand what is empowering for them, and they learn this through exploring their internal world. While this may at times seem intense, this is a very powerful gift. If this exploration is supported and encouraged from an early age, as an adult they will be emotionally intelligent and in tune with the underlying reasons for how they’re feeling.


Key Challenges for Scorpio Children


Your Scorpio child may find challenges between how they naturally approach the world and how our society views vulnerability and emotions. The death and rebirth process that Scorpio is naturally attracted to can create vulnerability, and later in life may feel like our society doesn’t support this approach to life.

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They may also be challenged by their deep emotions and ability to transform or alchemize them. If your child’s Moon is in Scorpio, this may be an extra sensitive area for them.


Because Scorpio children see themselves and the world through a more penetrating lens, they can easily become fixated or obsessed with a project they’re working on, someone they met, or a topic they’re interested in. It’s important to help your Scorpio Child cultivate boundaries and self-awareness around when it’s time to take a break. 


Scorpio children will need to find a balance between honoring themselves and their natural desire to go deep with a world that may make them feel like that’s not normal.


The good news is, there are so many things you can do to support your Scorpio child to become the beautiful Phoenix that’s able to rise from the ashes time and time again.


How To Support Your Scorpio Child


It’s important to remember that Scorpio energy can be seen as Phoenix Consciousness. Scorpios are not afraid to explore their internal world or feel intense emotions. Understanding their internal world will make them stronger, more self-aware, and give them a grasp on where they fit into the world around them.


As parents, it’s important to allow for this process of getting comfortable with their emotions and things they experience, and not be fearful or to try to protect them from it. They have what it takes!


There’s a chance that your Scorpio child will bring up topics that even you may be uncomfortable with. It’s important to recognize this when it’s happening, but be willing to be vulnerable with your child, even when things get difficult.


Vulnerability is a quality that’s going to be important to the development of your Scorpio child. The highest expression of vulnerability is authenticity. In order for your child to become authentic, they need this reflected back to them by a parent. 


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If your child brings up something that stirs up your vulnerability, show them the power of true authenticity. After all, Scorpio loves to get to the bottom of things, and can usually tell when something is not quite right.


Vulnerability is directly linked to Scorpio’s desire to merge with other things and people as a method to get to the bottom of something, so it’s important to teach vulnerability as a strength to Scorpio children.


Later in life, it’ll be very important to help your child navigate their sexual energy to ensure they find healthy ways to merge with others. It’s likely your Scorpio child will want to talk about sex, and as a parent, it will be most helpful to create a non-judgmental space for this and not create shame.


Inevitably, it may bring up your own insecurities or hang-ups around sexuality, but know this is part of the transmutation process… there’s healing there for you too. 


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If your child becomes fixated on a project, person, or topic they are interested in, acknowledge that this deep nature is part of their magic, and there’s beauty here that needs to be honored. 


As a parent, you can teach your child that this may not be how everyone operates, but that it’s okay. Teach your Scorpio Child to not to abandon themselves or what they are trying to access because of outside influences. 


Self-abandonment is so prevalent in our society. Let your Scorpio child know that it’s okay to go deep and be intense, even if that’s not how society operates. Teach them the difference between stopping something for the time being and stopping something and abandoning themself because of what others will think.


“If your child is trying to find the deepest empowerment within themselves, that can lead to vulnerability. It’s important to allow them to do this and not let them abandon what they’re truly trying to access.”

Astrologer, Herbalist & Columnist for Yoga Journal, Cameron Allen


And if your child stirs up something in you, take a moment to consider if that’s part of you that you’ve abandoned. This is how your Scorpio child merges with you and shares their energy of transformation. 


As you can probably imagine, your Scorpio child will experience some intense emotions, but it’s all part of the magic. When your child is feeling intense emotions, remind them that these feelings will eventually pass but allow them the space and don’t create shame for how deeply they are feeling. 


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Teaching a Scorpio child about impermanence will be extremely helpful for their emotions and their desire to fully understand something or someone. By understanding impermanence, they will be able to be less attached to the emotions they experience, offering strength for their transmutation process. 


You can explore their interest in death with the idea of impermanence by talking to them about natural life cycles, such as transmuting food as a natural way of working with death and alchemy. 


By supporting your Scorpio child’s natural capacity for depth and transformation, you will be able to help them understand themselves and the world around them in a rich and fulfilling way… paving the way for a more vulnerable and self-aware society.


So if you’re raising Scorpio Child…


  • Recognize that they need to transmute their deep emotions and what they experience to truly understand how they feel and what makes them empowered.


  • They will have a merging and penetrating quality as a way to get to the bottom of something. Know there is beauty here that needs to be honored, while also showing them ways to more appropriately work with it for various situations.


  • As a parent, you may be surprised by the topics your Scorpio child is ready to talk about, or that they can say things that get to the bottom of YOU! Know there is healing magic in there for you to revisit places you may have abandoned yourself.


  • Your Scorpio child will have intense emotions, so it’s important to teach them the concept of impermanence and that these feelings will pass.


  • Teach them vulnerability as a strength. There is no shame in wanting to go deep and be vulnerable with ourselves. That is the first step in being our authentic self with others.


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