COSMIC INSIDER: Pluto Return and the alchemy of identity

It’s still Scorpio season, a time when the veil between the worlds is thin…


When things that were once hidden come out of the shadows to be seen.


And the idea is to remember that we’re seeing the darkness now for a reason, that it is ripe for transformation, and we have a role to play in that process.  


The good news is that we’re going to have plenty of opportunities to do this throughout 2022, when the United States of America goes through its Pluto Return.


(The USA Pluto Return means that Pluto is returning to the exact same point in the skies that it was on July 4th, 1776 – this only happens once every 225 years!)


According to Astrology Hub favorite Divine Harmony, a Pluto Return is an amazing opportunity for transformation – but only once we have wrestled with and dismantled the old and the outdated.


This is a divine reckoning to face where we have not lived up to our own ideals, where our relationship with power has become toxic, and to allow what has been repressed and oppressed to come to light…


In order to call our true collective power back to us. 


Because power – that eternal essence that materializes as gifts, qualities, abilities, and strengths – is only as effective as it is authentic.


This Pluto Return is going to force us as a country, and as individuals, to start walking our talk.


And while it may be challenging at times, the transformative potential is immense.


Which is why we have brought together four Astrology Hub favorites for a one-time-only webinar event:


Pluto and the Fate of the USA

What to expect during America’s 2022 Pluto Return and how to prepare for this once in a lifetime event


Happening November 12th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET / 1am GMT and featuring Astrology Hub favorites Rick Levine, Divine Harmony, Adams Gainsburg and Mychal Bryan.


Click here for more details and to register.




We all have a role to play in the collective consciousness, and when we use the power of astrology to prepare, to get perspective, and to orient ourselves…


Taking responsibility for our part gets a lot easier. 


Register here to be part of this incredible event.


See you there!




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