COSMIC INSIDER: Is it worth it?

Venus has made her move into the realm of Capricorn and she’s staying there for quite some time…


For six months (until next March) the Venusian parts of your life will get the sea goat’s appraisal and according to our Weekly Astrological Weather-woman, Anne Ortelee, this Venus is saying: Let’s get real.


This is a time to deep-dive into your sense of value and worth and to ask some probing questions, like…


Do you understand what you’re worth? 

This is a time of self-inquiry around your own self-worth. Where do you still feel unworthy of things and how is that reflecting in your external environment? Try exploring those psychological underpinnings within yourself so that the external environment can really mirror the true value that you have.


What are the things you’re willing to sacrifice for? 

I love the definition of sacrifice as “to make sacred”. So what are you making sacred? Are you willing to wait for what you truly want? Are you willing to do what it takes for those things you value?


Are you investing in things that have sustainability and longevity?

Venus in Capricorn is about quality over quantity and honoring that which is timeless and priceless. This is a time to do what you value, spend on what you value, and invest in things that will last the test of time. 


Those are just a few lines of inquiry for you to wander down during Venus’s stay in Capricorn. 


And Anne says that these questions don’t have to mean a big blow-up or confrontation in your relationships as you re-evaluate your sense of worth. This can look like an honest conversation about where you’re at now.


As we move through this action-packed astrological time, I encourage you to own your worth. And to recognize what has true value to you. 


So, is it worth it? Only you can answer that.




CEO & Founder


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