Supporting your Aries Child

Who is an Aries Child? An “Aries child” is considered to be anyone with their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign (Ascendant) in Aries, or if multiple planets (3 or more) are in the sign of Aries.



Your Aries Child


Aries Child in a cape

Being a parent or guardian to an Aries child you are likely already aware of just how spirited, energized, and engaged your little one is with the world around them. 


Aries are known to be wonderfully wild little beings with a zest for life and a go-getter attitude. Ultimately known for their bravery and courage to take the lead among their peers. 


They are the first sign of the Zodiac, so they are quite the initiators and have the planetary rulership of the assertive warrior spirit Mars, which brings out Aries' spontaneous and active qualities. 


Mars is the planet symbolic of physical action, desire, and drive. Understanding the qualities of Mars is key in encouraging and bringing out the beautiful light and courageous soul we all know Aries to be.



Aries Child – Key Attributes


At their highest, most pure expression, Aries embodies courage! They are the archetypes of the warrior spirit and have the sheer ability to push forward and not allow limitations to hold them back. 


“I think that’s what being a warrior is about. It’s about feeling something that is true for you that lights you up and doing it no matter what.”

Astrologer, Herbalist & Columnist for Yoga Journal, Cameron Allen


Aries are known for their leadership qualities and inclination toward independence. They are masters of manifestation, initiation, and pioneering and have the kind of bravery it takes to go where no one has gone before.



Key Challenges for Aries Children


Aries have a tendency to be reactive rather than receptive and this can manifest in them getting angry, frustrated, or easily upset.


Additionally, they often long for independence but may fall on the opposite end of the spectrum where fear takes over and they develop an aversion toward independence and shy away from leadership. 


This is where working to build courage comes in, as well as finding creative ways to empower them to take initiative.


In those moments when your child seems timid or shy to express the courage you know they have inside, it can be an opportune moment to embody courage and demonstrate how to take the lead.


This will ultimately aid them in finding small successes along the way, building their confidence and assertiveness.


Parenting An Aries Child


How To Support Your Aries Child


When working to raise and support the spirit of your fierce and passionate little one it can be empowering for them if you take a hands-on approach and show them outlets and avenues to release their energy and frustration.


By showing them how to focus their energy, they can feel as if they are in the driver’s seat and it gives them a sense of following their own authority.


And creating safe spaces in which your child can express their fiery energy can teach them the appropriate time and place to unabashedly release their authentic selves.


Some examples of these exercises could be as simple as adventuring out into nature and safely throwing rocks into a pond, spiritedly hitting a branch on the ground, or allowing their beautiful voice to be heard by hollering into wide-open spaces.


Alternatively, you could find space in the home where your little one can punch their pillow or set aside time to throw their stuffed animals around. 


“Allow them to let out their bursts of energy. Let them be spontaneous.”

Astrologer, Herbalist & Columnist for Yoga Journal, Cameron Allen


It is important to remember the magic within the seemingly wild chaos that the fire of Aries brings. 


After all, Aries represents the expression of spirit manifesting into form. The lively and willful force of Aries is the embodiment of this expression.


Their warmth and passion keep us inspired and remind us that, even though they are often labeled as “bad”, anger and chaos have their place in this world and reason for manifesting.


Working with these energies and cultivating a practice that allows your child to express their wildly wonderful self can empower not only them but you as well. 

Parent Of A Aries Child


Drop in and really engage, meet your little one eye to eye and hear them out, then you can connect to a space of deeper understanding and learn where their passionate feelings are coming from.


By doing this, you can help them release these feelings and avoid repressed frustration from manifesting in the future.


Remember that anger is the body and mind’s way of telling us when we are sad or certain boundaries have been disrespected. If you see your Aries child getting angry, engage with them and find out why.


Although it may seem counterintuitive it can also be helpful to encourage your child out of their comfort zone and empower them toward healthy competition. A trial and error process is ideal for an Aries child to build courage. 


“You wouldn’t think it’s the most nurturing thing to do, to push yourself beyond your edge, but with Aries I really feel that that’s true”

Ana Zaharia, Host of Seeds of Light


Allowing them to experience ‘perceived mistakes’ will provide them the real-life experience they need to understand themself and their process better.


As a parent it can be ideal to embody these qualities yourself, showing your child that mistakes are learning opportunities and that courage comes from one's ability to push through fear and hesitation. 


Anger in general has a taboo reputation in modern society but if you can show your little one (in a way that makes them feel safe) that their anger is valid you can help them to express their feelings at the appropriate time and place.


This way they can feel seen and avoid deep shame around their emotions, which are completely valid and natural.


As a parent or guardian to an Aries child, you are their guide in empowering them to build their courage, their independence and promote positive and spirited self-expression.


So if you’re raising an Aries Child…


  • Validate all their passionate feelings, including anger and frustration, while reminding them how it impacts others.


  • Recognize whether they are inclined towards independence or if they shy away from leadership roles and teach them a healthy balance between independence and teamwork.


  • Carve out space to honor and talk about their fears to move through the emotions and obstacles rather than repressing them.


  • Encourage them to recognize their own ability to lead. Consider a role-play exercise where they can be a kind of “manager” and practice leadership skills.


  • Allow your child to express their physical, primal energy and empower their fiery expression.


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