Make Your Own Treasure Map

[Cosmic Insider] Make Your Own Treasure Map 


Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Astrologer Tracy Cook about how to make a “Treasure Map” to catch the energy of the Aries New Moon, an important moment that sets up the rest of your year.


So what is a “Treasure Map”?


Tracy says it’s basically a vision board. It’s a space for you to clarify and visualize what it is that you want in the coming year and then call it into your life with focus and intention.


I love this idea and wanted to share her recommendations for getting the most out of it. There are no rules, but here are a few suggestions:


1. Between now and April 1st, declutter and make space for new thoughts and ideas.


2. Gather your supplies. Your Treasure Map can be whatever is authentic to you: do a collage with magazines, print out pictures you find online, paint on a poster board, use regular paper, make it a circle, anything you want!


3. Between April 1st-4th, during the concentrated energy of the Aries New Moon, make your Treasure Map (Tracy says your hard deadline is April 16th).


4. When making your map, include a picture of yourself (or an image that represents you) and your name.


5. Find your authentic voice about what you want. Make sure your Treasure Map holds YOUR voice and YOUR needs. Be selfish. This is about what YOU want.


You can do this by yourself, with your friends, with your kids… You really get to decide what it looks like for you, just have fun and stay true to YOU!


There is so much enthusiasm about this idea that we're going to do a follow up podcast episode tomorrow, March 30 at 3:00 Pacific to answer your questions and do a little more show and tell with Tracy's map from last year! (just check out our Astrology Hub YouTube channel at that time or tune into the recording after!)


Remember, “energy flows where attention goes” and in the next few weeks there are several opportunities to be extra mindful of what you're giving your attention to.


In addition to the Aries New Moon, there is another auspicious astrological opportunity to manifest your dreams just around the corner…


The upcoming Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces conjunction (April 12) is a once in a lifetime event, it hasn't happened in 166 years, and will not happen again in our lifetime!


This alignment provides a unique chance to access your highest ideals and visions… and we're hosting an event to help you do just that! 


The Jupiter-Neptune Jubilee is a Premium Panel Event & Guided Community Experience featuring Astrologers Divine Harmony, Linda Byrd and Becca Tarnas, happening April 7 & April 12. 


We would love EVERYONE who would like to join to be able to, so we're asking that you “give as you wish,” in exchange for your ticket to this event!


If you'd like to learn more and “give as you wish” to join, click here!


I hope you'll join us in the many opportunities we have right now to dream big and manifest the life, and world, you envision!


NOW is the time!


With love,
CEO & Founder


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