Calling All Dreamers…

[Cosmic Insider] Jupiter conjunct Neptune – Calling all dreamers…


Do you have a wish in your heart? 


Something you’d love to experience? Or a way you dream the world could be? 


Do you believe it’s possible that “wishing on a star” could make that dream come true?


Many of us have abandoned these types of innocent, “childhood notions” at this point…

But if there was ever a time to rekindle the hope that it could possibly be true, NOW is that time! 


Next week’s Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces conjunction is a once-in-a-lifetime astrological configuration FULL of benevolent possibilities. 


It hasn’t happened in our lifetime and it won’t happen again. 


This astrological configuration offers a benevolent moment to access the highest frequency of your dream, “download” a new vision for this planet, or receive the burst of faith, hope and confidence you need to bring your existing dreams into reality.


But you have to be extremely diligent about WHERE you’re placing your attention right now! Jupiter is an expanding energy, so whatever you focus on WILL grow!


That’s why we’ve created a special event designed to help you stay focused on the pure potential, the most beautiful possibilities, and the role you’re here to play in the creation of your reality, and the co-creation of our world. 


The event is called, The Jupiter-Neptune Jubilee and you’re invited! 


On Thursday, April 7 @ 4:00 Pacific/7:00 Eastern/11:00 GMT  we’ll be gathering to hear ABOUT the Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces opportunity, shadow, and possibilities in a panel discussion with astrologers Divine Harmony, Linda Byrd, and Becca Tarnas. (everything is recorded and available within 24 hours). 


We’ll follow this Premium Panel event with a Guided Community Experience on the day of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, April 12 @ 4:00 Pacific/7:00 Eastern/11:00 GMT. 


Because it’s so important that we ALL contribute our vision to the collective at this time, this is a “give as you wish” event… enabling you the power of choice to gift what you would like to (or can!) in exchange for your ticket. 


Click here to reserve your seat NOW! 


We had several podcast episodes this week devoted to the energy, opportunity and details of the event that you can check out below.


And make sure you catch the special episode I did with Traditional Astrologer, Musician and Astrology Hub Team Member, Joe G! 


We discuss altar building for Jupiter/Neptune, astrological magic and the community musical talisman you’ll be invited to make when you join the event.


THANK YOU for wishing upon a star, daring to dream… and knowing YOU have something special to contribute to the planet at this time. 


Can’t wait to see you Thursday! 


In joyful co-creation with you,

CEO & Founder


P.S. This is a community event and we’d like ALL the dreamers who are called to join to participate. Therefore, it’s a “give as you wish” event… enabling you to choose your ticket price. Click here to “give as you wish” and join us now!



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