What Have You Been Putting Off?

Cosmic Insider | What Have You Been Putting Off


It’s always a treat to have Georgia Stathis on the Weekly Weather, I consider her to be one of the real wisdom keepers and legends in astrology.


And as a person who embodies Saturnian mastery, she is the perfect guide to take us through this motivating week to commit to paths of discipline and mastery.


The highlight of the week is Saturn’s connection with the Sun in Aquarius since it’s the last time this happens for a while (30 years!)


This brings you an opportunity to “clear off your desk” and make some decisions you’ve been considering for the last two years…


And you have planetary support to do it too!


The last few months, it’s been very difficult to get things done, but now that Mars is direct and beginning to pick up speed, it’s time to finish things you’ve been putting off.


It’s a significant week and here’s what Georgia says you can expect day to day:


🦋 Monday, February 13th: What are you restless to change?

The Moon in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus which could have you feeling emotional, anxious, and restless. It brings up the issues of personal isolation that have been building over the last few years and kicks off a transformative 7 days.


❤️ Tuesday, February 14th: Fall in love with your imagination.

Venus and Neptune move closer together (their alignment perfects early tomorrow morning) which is great energy for romance and imagination. Georgia recommends you get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and enjoy the arts.


🏇 Wednesday, February 15th: Get back in the saddle.

Jupiter returns to 8° Aries where it went retrograde in late July of 2022. Were there ideas that came up then? Or something you wanted to finish or join? Now is the time to get back in the saddle and go for it.


🪐 Thursday, February 16th: What have you been mastering?

Today is the day of the Saturn Cazimi (Saturn in the heart of the Sun) which is a decision and mastery alignment. Find out where this lands in your chart and how you can work with it in the amazing handout Georgia made which you can get here!


🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Friday, February 17th: Talk it out with those closest to you.

The Moon connects Pluto in Capricorn which may bring up emotional issues that need to be spoken about in family or personal situations.


💞 Saturday, February 18th: Get nurturing from friends or community.

Then the Moon connects with Mercury in Aquarius which makes for a great time to talk to friends or connect with supportive communities.


💡 Sunday, February 19th: Step forward into the new light.

Finally, the Moon connects with Saturn (before the New Moon tomorrow) and this is a moment of seeing the light. What have you been putting off? Time to step forward.


To hear more from Georgia and see her incredible visual presentation on the week ahead, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


Georgia is also our Inner Circle Astrologer Guide for April/May (and she’s teaching an exclusive class on Planetary Rulerships!). So if you want to learn more astrology from this master teacher, join the waitlist now!


She says that this week offers you a big opportunity to look at the life path you’ve been considering since 2020 and commit to it.


What mastery are you ready to step into?


With love,



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