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“Once in a while you get shown the light / in the strangest of places, if you look at it right.”


That’s a quote from the Grateful Dead that astrologer Henry Seltzer shared with us on the Weekly Astrological Weather – and I think it’s absolutely perfect to describe this week’s themes of deep intuition, revelation and surprise.


This week is bringing some depth, and he encourages you to be open to what surprising revelations you might find in the deeper, darker parts of yourself.


When it comes to the aspects of yourself and your life that you might prefer to avoid, there will be space this week to examine and transform what is hiding in the darkness by getting a new perspective.


Here’s how Henry describes the flow of the week from day to day:


🔥 Monday, February 6th: Take action from your authentic self.

While Mercury is squaring the new planet Eris, identify “what you can’t not do” and let that deep inner drive be the force that guides your actions today.


🚀 Tuesday, February 7th: Stay open to intuition as you launch forward.

Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow while Venus sextiles Uranus, bringing revelations that can help move you forward where you may have been stuck.


💭 Wednesday, February 8th: Take space to process.

This is a quiet day. Use the time off to rest, regroup and process the information that has come in since the Full Moon on Sunday.


🕳️ Thursday, February 9th: Don’t be afraid of the dark.

Today you’ll begin to feel the approaching Mercury-Pluto conjunction, which is inviting you to glimpse into your personal depths and find the gold hidden there.


💡 Friday, February 10th: New awareness emerging.

Both Mercury and the Sun make harmonic aspects (a quintile and a septile, respectively) to Chiron today, bringing in subtle support for shifting your awareness around your flaws, wounds and traumas.


Not all astrologers use harmonic aspects but those who do, like Henry Seltzer, say they bring a transformative depth to their chart-readings that they can’t do without! If you’re to enrich your practice with the magic of quintiles, septiles and other harmonic aspects, sign up for Astrology Foundations Level 3 with Rick Levine! Class starts on February 9th, so this week is your LAST CHANCE!


🌞 Saturday, February 11th: Step into the light.

As Mercury finally leaves Pluto (and Capricorn) behind and moves into Aquarius, your attention can shift from the heavy work of excavating the depths into moving forward with the new information you’ve found.


🌱 Sunday, February 12th: Wisdom from nature.

Jupiter is approaching a conjunction with the new planet Makemake (pronounced mah-kee-mah-kee), which is associated with a deep connection to nature and natural law. Find within yourself those beliefs that are informed by your natural environment, and align your actions with them.


To hear more from Henry on the week ahead, and the exciting new aspects and planets he’s incorporating into his astrology, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


The most important thing he shared this week is to pay attention to synchronicities. Don’t try to push away new information that your intuition is presenting, even if it doesn’t feel aligned right away. 


Who knows what you’ll discover, if you just stay open. 👀


With love,



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