A Week of Possibilities

Cosmic Insider | A Week of Possibilities


This week invites you to entertain the possibilities and imagine what if


And our current Inner Circle Astrologer, Sam Reynolds (making his Weekly Weather debut) joined me to talk about why he’s so excited about the days ahead.


As the Sun continues to shine in Aries, we’re building momentum toward a powerful Aries Full Moon, and there’s an opportunity to stoke the fires that light you up.


This is the time to follow the sparks of your curiosity and intuition, be adventurous, and have the courage to try new things.


Sam encourages you to remember that “if” is in the middle of “life” so don’t be afraid to step boldly into the unknown.


Here are Sam’s tips for navigating the astrology of the week ahead:


😶‍🌫️ Monday, March 27th: Take it slow & be clear.

This is a relatively slow day. The Moon squares Neptune which can cause miscommunication and lack of clarity, so if something is unclear, ask questions.


🌓 Tuesday, March 28th: Hit the drawing board.

The 1st Quarter Moon invites you to take what you initiated from the New Moon and bring it more to light. This is a great time for really fostering ideas and brainstorming. 


🗺️ Wednesday, March 29th: Explore your inner worlds

You’ll still be feeling the Mercury and Jupiter conjunction that perfected yesterday. This energy invites you to entertain possibilities and can be a little more social, restorative, and healing.


🕺 Thursday, March 30th: Let your freak flag fly

Venus conjuncts Uranus making it a good time to try something new or unusual. The Moon in Leo encourages you to be bold, be you, and enjoy yourself.


🌷 Friday, March 31st: A chill Venus day

The momentum from Thursday spills into Friday, so you could use that intentionally and set things up Thursday for you to enjoy today. 


🪩 Saturday, April 1st: Reflect on what excites you

The Moon squares Uranus then trines Jupiter allowing you to reflect on what you enjoyed about the week. What thoughts really captured your imagination? How might you bring those ideas to fulfillment next week as we move toward the Full Moon?


🪐 Sunday, April 2nd: Prioritize & plan 

The Moon opposes Saturn inviting you to take a pause and think clearly about what the next steps are. What do you want to do? What are the things you can do this week to bring things to a new stage of development?


Learn what else Sam has to say about how to tap into the exciting and powerful energies this week by tuning into the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


He says this week is all about entertaining the possibilities…


And hopefully one of the possibilities you’re entertaining is the idea of joining the Inner Circle!


We only open a couple of times a year and we are open RIGHT NOW (plus the amazing Sam Reynolds our current Inner Circle teacher)!


When you join, you not only get immediate access to the Mastery Class that Sam is teaching, you’ll be able to join his Full Moon Forecast AND participate in our special workshop with Tracy Cooke to create “treasure maps” for the second Aries New Moon.


It’s a really exciting time to join so if you want to stoke your curiosity, you can take a peek inside and learn more here!


But whatever it is that sparks your imagination this week, I hope that you open yourself to the possibility and enter the world of what if…


In gratitude,



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