More is Not Always Better w/ Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh & Ana Zaharia

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In this podcast episode, Ana and Amanda discuss the importance of integrating astrology into our everyday lives.

They emphasize the practicality of astrology, encouraging listeners to use it as a tool to help them live better lives and get more in alignment with their path. They also talk about the importance of understanding the cycles of the universe, such as the lunar cycle, and how we can use them to inform our intentions and visioning. Amanda and Ana share personal examples of how they use astrology in their lives, such as witnessing archetypes in their children and using astrology to understand their loved ones better.

The conversation also touches on the idea of overwhelm and burnout, and how astrology can help us avoid these pitfalls by teaching us to live in alignment with our natural cycles. Ana and Amanda emphasize the joy of learning and the importance of taking things at our own pace, rather than trying to learn everything all at once. They encourage listeners to find ways to integrate astrology into their lives and to allow themselves moments of rest and reflection, rather than constantly trying to live in a state of high energy productivity.

On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…

🌑 How experienced astrology students deal with feeling overwhelmed with astro-speak.
🌒 A few strategies to support your astrology learning.
🌓 The differences between overwhelm and burnout.

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