COSMIC INSIDER: This part of the chart is often overlooked…

One of the things I am most proud of is how all of our astrologers clearly and succinctly explain archetypal energy.


As students of astrology, we’re all familiar with the archetypal energy of the main planets…


But some of the most powerful energies in your chart are also some of the most misunderstood (or even overlooked!).


These energies can give you a deeper understanding into your relationships, your health, and even your life’s purpose.


So what are they?


They’re the Goddess asteroids, and they can completely change how you view your chart.


I sat down last week with Astrology Hub favorite, Anne Ortelee for the very first time (which felt crazy considering how beloved she is by our community!)


Among many other things, we talked all about the power of understanding the influence of the asteroids in your chart, and she shared some fascinating things.


Things like…


The asteroids (mostly named after Goddesses) only began to be discovered in the 1800s, right around when the women’s suffrage movement began


The placement of the asteroid Vesta in your chart can help you know when it’s time to sell a house, move, or stay put (as always, take predictive astrology with a grain of salt)


Understanding which asteroids are closely connected to which planets in your chart helps give you a deeper, more nuanced understanding of how that planet influences your life 


Obviously, asteroids offer a ton of insight into your chart that is often overlooked!


But no longer.


Anne is offering a special two-part workshop on the Goddesses and Other Asteroids, which is now open for enrollment.


I am especially looking forward to this class because Anne is weaving in the mythology of the Goddesses to explain how they impact and influence your chart.


She is such a masterful storyteller, and stories can add a depth of understanding that no other medium can.


I hope you’ll join us, and please enjoy all of the other updates we have for you this week below!


Sending my best,


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