COSMIC INSIDER: You’re doing better than you think

On the Weekly Weather, we were reminded that this is the perfect week to send someone you care about some encouragement. So I'm sending some for you…


You’re doing better than you think.


Really. To go through this much and to still show up. I'm amazed at your tenacity of spirit.  


Thank you for being here. Thank you for continuing to care. And thank you for spending your precious time investing in a higher perspective.


I'm honored to share this journey with you! And I hope you will take a moment to acknowledge yourself and how far you've come on an undoubtedly rocky and challenging road (and maybe pass some encouragement and love along to someone in your life that you care about).


This week provided so much rich guidance from our astrologers that my offering for you today is a little bit of everything.


Here are some takeaways and gems from each episode so you can get a glimpse of the wisdom and choose the best adventure for you.


In Frank Answers, Frank gave us an inspiring lesson on how to work with retrogrades. With Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune AND Pluto currently retrograde, this couldn’t come at a better time.


And if you have any retrograde planets in your own birth chart, this is an even more relevant teaching. 


Frank has one of the most beautiful takes on retrogrades I’ve ever heard. He says that they are all about second chances and he reminds us that, “It’s never too late to start over and get reconnected with the things that you love to do.”


In Horoscope Highlights, Christopher recounts the poetry of Irish playwright William Butler Yeats to explain how the Mars/Neptune opposition and Venus/Pluto square may be encouraging you to let something go.


In his words: “What the stars are asking you to put aside is your anger, your resentment, your history – the years that have gone into the situation, the blood, sweat and tears that you have spent – and the stars are asking you to renounce that. Because it’s only by renouncing that that you will be free.”


If you are a lover of stories, you won’t want to miss this mythological journey filled with practical queens, crashing seas, supernatural spirits that fish for men’s souls, and more.


We also had very special guest, Barbara Hand Clow, back to share more of her deep and profound wisdom. This time, on the topic of Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini and how this energy is a very real and powerful force.


She discussed the subtle energy (kundalini) that lays dormant in your body and is activated around age 38-44. If you know this is happening and how to work with it, it can be extraordinarily rejuvenating and transformative… and if you don't it can be quite destructive!  


“Right at mid-life crisis, with Uranus opposite Uranus, the old snake coiled at the spine begins rising up the spine whether you like it or not.”


She says that our entire culture is “right in the middle of a gigantic mid-life crisis” so we could all benefit from actively working with this energy.


And of course, our cosmic weatherwoman, Anne always comes in with her signature humor and grounded insights for the Weekly Weather.


She reminds us that everyone is going through a very hard time right now, so making an effort to reach out to someone in your life could go a long way. This is also a time to tune into the music of your heart, partner in love, and come back into alignment with your true purpose here.


And if you feel like you could use a hand, I hope that you can feel mine reached out toward you.


Wherever you are, however you are reading this, I am so grateful to share this space with you.


Together we can look up at the stars and wonder at the beauty that is a part of us all. 


You are truly doing so much better than you think. You are a wonder. Shine on.


Sending my best,


CEO & Founder


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