Goddesses & Other Asteroids in Astrology w/ Anne Ortelee

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In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Anne Ortelee and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss: Goddesses & Other Asteroids in Astrology

Tune in and learn…

  • How knowing the stories associated with the Goddesses and Asteroids helps you understand the power of their influence.
  • Insights into the different layers and perspectives you can gain by discovering where the Goddesses and Asteroids are in your chart.
  • Details about what Goddesses and Asteroids Anne will teach about in her upcoming workshop series Goddesses & Other Asteroids in Astrology, and how you can sign up to be part of this experience.

Goddesses & Other Asteroids in Astrology

💫 Are you fascinated with the “Goddess Asteroids” and other Asteroids in Astrology? Do you want to learn more about their meaning and significance in your chart?


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