COSMIC INSIDER: Tap Into Your Inner Nancy Drew 🔎

We can expect to “watch the passions rise” now that Venus is in Scorpio’s domain. And with Venus' square to Saturn on September 17, there are bound to be wild and crazy adventures ahead (as if it wasn't already wild!).


So how do you deal with these sudden intense feelings and the unexpected circumstances you may find yourself in? Stay with me here, but my answer is to…


Tap into your inner Nancy Drew. 


Do you remember the original Nancy Drew stories? If not, I'll catch you up.


She was the teenage detective heroine from a legendary series of books who's first installments began in the 1930's and included book titles like, “The Mystery of Lilac Lane,” and “The Hidden Staircase.”


My girls and I love to listen to this series on audio and I've noticed some key takeaways from Nancy that may help you with the current astrological energies:


  1. There is always more to the story than meets the eye. Don't take anything at face value and don't be afraid to dig deeper.
  2. Ask probing questions and read between the lines.
  3. If you think you know the answer, you probably don't. More will be revealed…


I love that Nancy never shies away from a good mystery and meets every challenge with a sense of adventure, two traits that will really serve all of us now through the end of October.


According to Christopher Renstrom's Weekly Horoscope, “There are crazy adventures that are implied in a Square between Venus in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius, but no matter how this all plays out, and it’s going to play out in a wild and crazy way, everything will be revealed, you will find your answer or your solution to the situation, and you may find yourself exonerated when Venus moves from Square to Sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius on October 28.”


I also love that Nancy never lets naysayers hold her back from pursuing her passion for solving mysteries. As Anne said on the Weekly Weather, “Don't let dream squashers derail you off your path.”


I hope you’ll let your inner Nancy Drew guide you this week, enabling you to dig deep, find your truth, and stay “hot on the trail” of your dreams. 


And maybe you'll find some hidden clues to whatever mysteries you're solving in the offerings we have for you this week!


Sending my best,


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