When Lightning Strikes

Cosmic Insider | When Lightning Strikes


How much do you know about lightning?


To prepare you for a week of unpredictable energy & change, Master Astrologer Rick Levine offered some valuable meteorological perspective on the Weekly Astrological Weather.


Here are a few facts that could help you navigate the upcoming “metaphysical storm.” 


⚡Lightning strikes when tension has built up between positive and negative forces. This isn’t meant to be a value judgment, just to say that it takes a long conflict between equal and opposite forces to create energetic discharge.


⚡Wet air conducts electricity better than dry air. Where there is water – or the things that water represents in astrology, like emotional and psychic connectivity – in the air, we are more likely to experience storms and lightning.


 ⚡Communication doesn’t always lead to resolution. This one’s not a science fact but a human one. Sometimes, talking about a sensitive issue can clear the air, but sometimes it just makes things worse.


Finally, Rick urges you to work actively with the issues being brought up this week. Even if it feels intimidating, you have the power to harness this lightning as a creative force! All you have to do is use it.


Here are Rick’s tips for making the most of this powerful week, day by day…


🐝 Monday, January 30th: Get ready for change.

Mercury will be coming off a trine with Uranus, still buzzing with ground-breaking ideas. Meanwhile, the Moon and Mars conjoin in Gemini, pulling focus to the lessons learned during Mars retrograde.


😌 Tuesday, January 31st: Enjoy the calm before the storm.

This is a quiet day when you might feel a subtle tension between your Venusian values and Jupiterian desire for expansion. It’s not a big deal; conserve your energy.


🧘 Wednesday, February 1st: Go quiet & process internally.

This is when the wind starts to pick up. The Sun sextiles Chiron, giving you perspective on what needs healing in your life, but the Moon in Cancer is introspective – it’s not time for action yet.


⚠️ Thursday, February 2nd: Early warning: pay attention!

Today, the Moon sextiles Uranus, drawing your attention to the energy building up toward tomorrow’s Sun-Uranus square. Now’s the time to get ahead of the wave.


🌩️ Friday, February 3rd: Be the Change.

This is it! There’s something you need to do and if you don’t, “it’s gonna do you,” as Rick says. Take charge and BE the storm – that’s the best way to keep from getting hit.


🦁 Saturday, February 4th: Express Yourself

The Moon moves into Leo and it’s time to express what has been bubbling internally. You might feel annoyed or irritable in love due to Venus squaring Mars but a Sun-Jupiter septile presents uncanny opportunities.  


By the way, if you just thought “what the heck is a septile?!” – I’d highly recommend checking out our new Astrology Foundations Level 3 with Rick. This game-changing class will teach you everything you need to know about harmonic aspects to bring your chart-reading abilities to a whole new level!


🌕 Sunday, February 5th: Now what?

The full moon in Leo activates the Sun-Uranus square, exciting the circuit of change that’s been crackling all week. Notice what’s changed since the New Moon – it shouldn’t be hard.


For more of Rick’s insights on the busy week ahead (and find out which signs may feel it the most), check out the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


Excitement and fear can sometimes feel similar. It’s okay to be intimidated by the coming storm, but remember: you have the power to use this energy however you want! 


You’ve got this. 🔥


With love,



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