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In the ancient world, people developed a fear of eclipses…


Which makes sense if you think about it. It’s a little unsettling when the ever-present Sun or Moon just disappears from the sky, especially if you weren’t expecting it and don’t understand why.


You might wonder: Is it coming back? What could the Universe be telling us?


On the Weekly Weather, master astrologer Christopher Renstrom unpacked some of the historical associations with eclipses and how they’ve evolved from ancient times to today. 


Now, we know that we don’t need to be afraid that the Sun or Moon won’t come back. But we may still experience intense transformations and emotions around eclipses… so “chasing the demons away” by banging on pots and pans in the yard is still a valid strategy. 😉


Underworld-dwelling Pluto is the master of ceremonies this week, ruling over the Scorpio lunar eclipse from his position on the threshold between Capricorn and Aquarius.


It’s an uncertain time. There are major forces at play but with Pluto stationing retrograde, you might be questioning some of the things you felt sure about just a couple of weeks ago.


Don’t panic! Let the eclipse move through your life before making any major decisions. It’s likely that you’ll feel a LOT more clear on the other side.


Here’s the day to day:


🌀 Monday, May 1st: Turning back.

Pluto stations retrograde while Mercury conjoins the Sun at the heart of its retrograde cycle. Expect to wrap up any old loose ends before committing to your fresh start, especially if you have major placements in the late degrees of Capricorn or early Aquarius. Revelations about what’s not working (and why) are possible for all.


🤧 Tuesday, May 2nd: Health Matters.

With the Moon in Virgo, this is a good day to pay attention to any small physical health issues that arise. Take care of your body – it’s the only one you’ve got!


Wednesday, May 3rd: Double check.

Today, the Moon is in Libra and if you’re signing any contracts or agreements (formal or informal), make sure you look over the fine print! Make sure everything is in order before you commit to avoid surprises.


​​🌹 Thursday, May 4th: True Desire.

As the Moon builds toward the eclipse in Scorpio, Venus squares Neptune then sextiles Jupiter. If you feel ambivalent about a relationship, expect clarity later in the day.


🦂 Friday, May 5th: Eclipsed!

During a lunar eclipse, it was once believed that the spirits of the underworld had easier access to the surface, where we live. If you feel overtaken by a strong emotion, understand that it’s not necessarily permanent. Let it pass.


👁️ Saturday, May 6th: Assess.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the other side. Now’s the time to take stock. What’s changed? What’s clear now that was confusing before? You can expect these realizations to stick, and start taking action on them.


🍯 Sunday, May 7th: Take a break.

It’s been quite a week. With Venus entering Cancer, today’s the perfect day to give yourself the rest, nourishment, care and sweetness you need to feel refreshed and move forward in your full power.


To hear Christopher and I discuss this powerful week in more detail, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather!


By the way, Christopher is teaching a new workshop with us! It’s called Ruling Planets for Unruly Times and enrollment is open now!


In this workshop, Christopher will be telling the full stories of each of the planets in your birth chart, showing you how to identify your ruling planet – which is like your guardian angel, den mother, and life coach all rolled into one!


He’ll also go through each planet in all twelve zodiac signs, so that you can work directly with your ruling planet most effectively, based on its specific role in your chart and life!


Christopher is an incredible storyteller and teacher. The way he weaves history, art, literature and astrology together is truly unique, and not only enlightening – but fun!


I can’t recommend his work enough. Start with the Weekly Weather – and if you like his style, take the class!


With love,



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