Letting the Energy Move…

Cosmic Insider | Letting the Energy Move…


How’d it go last week?


That first solar eclipse in Aries was no joke! I hope that, as Clarissa Dolphin suggested, you were able to connect with joy as the energy reached its peak.


This week is a little calmer, and on the Weekly Weather, astrologer and herbalist Cameron Allen gave excellent advice on grounding and integrating the lessons of the eclipse in preparation for the next step forward.


My biggest takeaway? Make sure you’re nourishing and taking care of your body.


Cameron always has such incredible embodied wisdom to share with us, but I think it’s especially important during times when the energy is heightened and you’re experiencing a lot of change – even if it’s positive!


The body needs time and space to catch up and integrate that energy. After all, your body is the vehicle that moves you from the past into the future!


Here’s how to do it, day by day:


🎤 Monday, April 24th: The Voice.

The Moon in Gemini squaring Neptune draws attention to self-expression through the voice. Use mantras or sing (even if you don’t think you’re “good” at singing!) to connect with a spiritual energy larger than yourself.


🤢 Tuesday, April 25th: Sensitive Stomach.

The Moon is now in Cancer and, squaring Chiron, brings up sensitivities and insecurities from the past. Remember the tools that have helped you in the past.


🕺 Wednesday, April 26th: Move your body.

The Moon in Cancer squares the point of last week’s solar eclipse. If you’re feeling the dynamic tension of being in the midst of a big change, try moving your body to music that sounds like how you feel. It’ll help.


​​🦁 Thursday, April 27th: From the heart.

The Moon moves into Leo, prompting heart-centered reflections. Consider the relationship between your heart and your feet. Are your emotional expressions grounded? Stomp your feet to connect with the Earth.


🌱 Friday, April 28th: Feet on the ground.

Still in Leo, the Moon squares Uranus and today’s focus is on caring for the nervous system. If you can, put your feet on the Earth and your hands in soil to ground your energy.


🥘 Saturday, April 29th: Nourishment.

The Moon moves into Virgo and opposes Saturn, drawing attention to how you’re supporting your body with nourishment. The Moon also trines Vesta, inviting you to get organized around whatever vision you’re most devoted to right now.


😌 Sunday, April 30th: Calm it down.

The Sun and Mercury meet up in Taurus and receive a trine from the Moon. If either your digestion or your nervous system is tied up in knots, place a hand or another weight on your stomach to calm it down. 


To learn more about the coming week and Cameron’s recommendations for moving through it with care, watch the full episode of the Weekly Weather.


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I love talking to Cameron because he provides such a grounded perspective and advice on, not only working with the energy, but taking care of yourself while you do.


When you work with the stars, it can be easy to forget that we live in the body – but Cameron reminds us that it’s all connected, and that’s where the real magic happens. ✨


Enjoy this week’s episode of the Weekly Weather! We’ll see you next time.


With love,



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