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This week on the Weekly Weather, you might notice that something’s a little different…


No, I didn’t change my hair. 🤭 Actually, I’m very excited to welcome our very own Jamie Magee into the role of Weekly Weather co-host!


Jamie’s done such an incredible job hosting Star Signs, there’s no one else I’d rather pass the baton to on the Weekly Weather.


Don’t worry – I’m not going away! From this week forward, Jamie and I will take turns hosting, so that I can bring you more of the in-depth astrology interviews you love and you get the benefit of more voices every single week.


This week, Taylor Shuler discussed the aftermath of Friday’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Given the intensity of this eclipse season, it’s no surprise that she described the energy of the week as “the calm after the storm.”


With a focus on communication, she offered the following quote from influential social researcher Brené Brown as a piece of guidance:


“Strong back, soft front, wild heart.”


The strong back part is about being willing to stand up for yourself with rock-solid boundaries, while the soft front is how we can meet each other with compassion at the same time. The wild heart is about following your own unique values and internal guidance system, while you navigate the world and relate to others.


I love this, and it’s only the beginning of the wise words you’ll hear from Taylor in the full episode of the Weekly Weather. 


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The Week Ahead:


👩‍💼 Monday, May 8th: Get serious.

While the Moon is in Capricorn, this is a great day to apply some discipline to your goals and manifestations. A new business mentor may appear, or another opportunity to start something new!


💡 Tuesday, May 9th: Innovate!

The Sun conjoins Uranus, burning away the barriers that are holding you back from the major changes on the horizon. Stay open to new & surprising inspiration.


💬 Wednesday, May 10th: A busy day.

The Moon makes several aspects throughout the day, bringing possible differences of opinion to the forefront, followed by a period of daydreaming and a fun evening. If conflict has you worried, go out tonight to blow off steam and laugh it out!


​​❣️ Thursday, May 11th: Speak from the heart.

Keep your communication simple, direct and to-the-point today. With Mercury retrograde sextiling Neprune, there is room for inspiration, but also misunderstanding.


🐚 Friday, May 12th: Devotion.

Two important Venus aspects today point to the potential for deepening intimacy and long-term commitment. Don’t be afraid to say how you feel, especially if you’re ready to take a relationship to the next level.


Saturday, May 13th: Jolt of Insight!

The Moon makes its third-quarter square in Aquarius, bringing potential insights around the issues that arose during eclipse season. With the Sun still conjunct Uranus, these revelations may feel a bit shocking, but ultimately they will help you to resolve the more challenging aspects of this lunar cycle.


🎉 Sunday, May 14th: You did it!

Mercury stations direct today. Hooray! This pulls focus, once again, to communication, but that doesn’t mean it’s full speed ahead. It takes Mercury a little while to recover after a retrograde, so continue to move slowly and deliberately as you go about your daily business.


With love,



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