[SEEDS OF LIGHT] Supporting Your Capricorn Child w/ Astrologer Cameron Allen

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In this Seeds of Light episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Cameron Allen and Ana Zaharia discuss…Supporting Your Capricorn Child.

You’ll learn…
  • The highest, most majestic expression of Capricorn.
  • The unique importance of Capricorn energy in the child/parent dynamic.
  • Healthy ways to help your Capricorn child work with their drive to succeed.
  • What to keep in mind for Pluto in Capricorn generation.

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  1. Barbara on January 8, 2022 at 4:35 am

    I raised a Capricorn child born Jan 6 now just turned 39 and he’s wonderful and amazing. If he had said to me “Mom, you don’t need that now” I would have known he had a good reason for that and would ask him perhaps “What if I want it?” … or need it? Why do you think this? And we would have a conversation to find out our different takes and resolve it accordingly. He may be absolutely correct but I may want it anyway for a specific reason that he would understand. When his dad and I got divorced, he wanted to be “the man” to help me out, but I told him that “I am a big person, I’ve had my chance, this is YOUR chance to be just a kid, to play, to enjoy your friends and life, to experience what you want,” at which point he took a deep sigh and said Thank You and ran off to play. Soooo many wonderful experiences we shared, we are close and he has an architecture degree and practices in many fields. I love children and let them be themselves with manners and respect.

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